How To Clean Prada Nylon Bag

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Designer bags such as Prada are known for their excellence, luxury, and a famous name. However, the bags don’t come cheap. They are an investment, and as such, once you have bought one, you need to maintain it well so that the bag is always in superb condition. But how do you clean a Prada nylon bag?

To clean a Prada nylon bag, you can hand wash the bag with dish soap or shampoo. Alternatively, you can wash the Prada nylon bag with a washing machine if the care tag shows that the bag is machine washable. To remove stains on the bag, you can use dish soap, shampoo, baking soda, and vinegar to pre-treat the stains before washing the bag.

This article looks at different methods we can use to clean Prada nylon bags. In addition, the article also highlights care tips that can be used to ensure that Prada nylon bags stay in good condition for a long time.

Do Prada Nylon Bags Get Dirty?

Prada nylon bags are made of nylon which is a synthetic fabric. During nylon manufacturing, the nylon fibers are dyed. The finished nylon fabric used to make Prada nylon bags is colorfast and resistant to fading, stains, and water.

However, nylon bags get dirty since the nylon fibers used to make the Prada nylon bags are, to some extent, soft and silky. Thus, because of how the nylon fibers used to make the bags are made, nylon Prada bags get dirty.

Cleaning A Prada Nylon Bag

Nylon is a synthetic fabric. Thus, bags made from nylon fabric are durable, water-resistant, and resistant to different chemicals.

However, even if nylon fabric is durable, nylon bags have to be correctly cleaned to last a long time. Indeed, if you wrongly clean your bag, you might damage it and make it lose its value. You can handwash your bag or clean it with a washing machine.

Alternatively, if only a specific section of the Prada nylon bag is stained or dirty, you can spot clean the bag instead of cleaning the entire bag.

Handwashing Prada Nylon Bag

One of the best ways to clean your Prada nylon bag is to handwash it. To effectively hand wash the bag, you should use dish soap and water. The size of the bag will determine the amount of dish soap solution needed to clean the bag – the smaller the size, the lesser the dish soap you will need.

Dish soap is ideal for cleaning Prada nylon bags since it has powerful chemicals known as surfactants.

These surfactants make it possible for the cleaning agents in the dish soap to mix with water, thus aiding the cleaning agents in removing dirt and stains from the bag’s fabric. Without the surfactants, dish soap cannot mix with water and would therefore not be able to remove dirt.

Here is how you can wash your Prada nylon bag without a washing machine;

1. Empty the bag and ensure that there is nothing left in the bag.

2. Mix dish soap with water to a ratio of one to eight. For example, to clean a standard Prada nylon bag, you should mix two ounces of dish soap with sixteen ounces of cold or warm water.

Do not use hot water since the hot water will push the dirt further into the bag’s fabric and make the dirt tough to remove.

3. Dip a soft sponge, a soft-bristled brush, or a toothbrush in the solution. Hold the bag with one hand, and use the other hand to scrub the bag. Ensure that you only scrub small sections of the bag at a time.

Scrub the bag in a circular motion so that any dirt or stain on the bag is bright up.

As you continue to scrub, you should notice some lather forming. Continue scrubbing until the bag is thoroughly cleaned. If you have some stubborn stains on the bag, continue scrubbing until the stain is removed.

Ensure that you only scrub the fabric on your Prada nylon bag. Zippers, the Prada logo, and other hardware in the bag should not be scrubbed.

4. Take another clean cloth and soak it with clean water. Use the clean wet cloth to wipe the area you just scrubbed in the previous step. You should wipe the bag’s fabric until you confirm that the soap dish has been removed from the bag’s surface. If needed, you might have to rinse the cloth a few times.

5. Dry Prada nylon bag by blotting. Since nylon is water-resistant, you should use a dry cloth to blot the Prada bag dry. However, note that the straps on the Prada nylon bag will take a long time to dry. To dry the inside of the bag, hand the bag upside down.

If you don’t have dish soap or you don’t want to use it to hand wash your nylon bag, you can use shampoo instead of dish soap. To remove most stains on your Prada nylon bag, you can blot the stains with dish soap or shampoo. For heavy, stubborn stains on the nylon bag, use enzymatic or heavy-duty liquid detergent to pre-treat the stain before washing the bag.

Washing Prada Nylon Bag With A Washing Machine

Since nylon is machine washable, you can also clean your Prada nylon bag with a washing machine. However, before washing the bag with a washer, read the care tag and confirm that you can wash it in the washing machine.

Specifically, if the care tag has the letter W, it implies that you can wash the Prada bag with a washing machine.

To avoid the Prada bag being tossed around the washing machine, you can wash the bag together with other garments. However, you need to ensure that the clothes washed together with the bag are dark colors.

To ensure that your Prada nylon bag will not be damaged in the wash, you can put your bag in a laundry bag before washing it in the washing machine.

1. Put your bag in a laundry bag. Take note that this is optional. If you don’t have a laundry bag but have already confirmed that your bag is machine washable, you can load the bag in the washer without a laundry bag.

2. Set your washer’s water temperature to cold or cool water. Even if you can wash nylon in a hot water setting, you should avoid washing the bag in a hot water setting since if some stains in the bag do not come out during the wash cycle, the stains will not set in.

3. Add washing detergent to the washer’s detergent compartment. You don’t need to buy a special detergent to wash your Prada nylon bag in the washing machine. If you are washing the bag with no other garments, use determent for minimal loads.

4. Set the washing machine to a regular or delicate wash cycle and then turn it on.

5. Air dry the bag by hanging it upside down in an area with no direct sunlight to avoid the bag being faded by the sun. Since nylon is moisture-wicking, the spin cycles in the washing will wick most of the water. However, to dry the straps and other fabrics that are not nylon, you will need to air dry the bag.

How To Care For Your Nylon Prada Bag

Always Clean The Areas Of The Nylon Prada Bag That Are Always Exposed

There are certain areas of your Prada bag that are constantly exposed to dirt. For example, the handles and corners of the bag are constantly exposed to dirt. To avoid dirt accumulating in these areas, you can wipe the areas with baby wipes or a wet cloth whenever you use the bag.

To clean stains or marks on your nylon Prada bag, you can dab the stain with dish soap or laundry detergent. Do not use any detergent with bleach since it can damage the bag.

Avoid Washing The Bag On Regular Basis

As with clothes, whenever you wash your nylon Prada bag, you reduce the bag’s lifespan since the washing process wears down the fibers of the nylon fabric that make up your bag.

Instead of washing the entire bag, you should consider spot cleaning the specific areas of the dirty bag. If you have dust on the bag, you can use compressed air to blow off the dust from the bag. You can also use a lint roller to pick any lint inside the nylon Prada bag.

Always Use The Right Settings On The Washing Machine

When washing your nylon Prada bag with a washing machine, you must always wash the bag with the correct settings on the washing machine. When the wrong settings are used, the bag can be damaged.

The water temperature should be cold or warm, while the wash cycle should be regular or delicate. Once your bag has been washed in the washer, you should never dry the bag in the dryer. Always air dry the bag in a place away from direct sunlight.


If you have a Prada nylon bag and want to clean it, you can hand wash it with soap dish or shampoo. If you don’t want to handwash the bag, you can wash it in a regular wash cycle using a cold or warm water setting. After cleaning the bag, you should air dry it instead of drying it in the dryer.