Hi, I’m Tiffany Peris.

I launched this site out of my love for fabrics, fashion, and sewing. I started the website so that I can share my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on fabrics, fashion, and sewing.

My aim is to make the website a great resource for anyone having questions to do with fabrics, sewing, and fashion.

Whether you want to get out a stubborn stain from your garments, hem your pants, or are not sure if you can wear corduroy in summer, the site answers such questions.

Thanks for visiting the site. Feel free to share any of the article’s URL with your friends.

So How Did I Fall In Love With Fabrics, Fabric Care, Sewing, and Fashion?

Well, it’s a long story – but I will keep it short. I learned sewing from my mum. By the time I was 12 years old, I could comfortably sew with a sewing machine.

When I started university, I needed more money. So I secured a part-time job in the laundry department of a five-star hotel. When working in this department, I repaired clothes for the guests and cleaned the sheets and guests’ clothes.

I occasionally had to remove different stains on bed sheets, mattresses, and guests’ clothes. From this experience, I learned how to remove different stains on different fabrics – I have shared those tips on my blog.

I have also sold clothes and other fashion accessories on eBay for two years. I used to source the clothes and accessories from China, and I interacted with different sellers in the process. In addition, I have visited garment factories in Konya, Turkey, and gained first-hand experience of how most fast-fashion brands manufacture their clothes in countries with low production costs.

On the right is a random photo of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul that I took on my visit to Turkey.