How Much Does It Cost To Tailor Jeans

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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To ensure we look smart, we might sometimes have to wear custom-tailored clothes as these perfectly fit us. What if you buy a pair of jeans only to realize they are not perfectly fitting? A good tailor can alter the jeans to ensure the pants fit perfectly. The alteration will, however, cost you some money; hence, you must know how much you are likely to pay for modifications before asking the tailor to shorten or adjust the size of your jeans.

The price you pay to tailor a pair of jeans varies on the clothing alteration to be undertaken. Jeans can be altered in different ways, from basic fixes such as fixing buttons to advanced fixes such as modifying the rise of your jeans pants. A basic fix or alteration might cost you anything from $5 – $15, while complicated fixes might cost you more than $25. 

Once you take your jeans to the tailor, he will be in a better position to inform you of the modifications to get the perfect fit you desire when wearing your jeans. However, it is important you know that various alterations may be needed so that your jeans will fit you well. Continue reading this article, and we will describe different alterations that can be made to your jeans and what they are likely to cost.

What Types Of Alterations Can Be Made To Jeans?

Due to the nature of jeans fabric, many people believe that jeans might not be easy to tailor. As a result, when jeans don’t fit well, some might either give them to a friend or wear them while they are not perfectly fitting.

With the expertise of a skilled tailor, your jeans pants can be altered so that they fit you as you desire. The tailors have a lot of experience modifying jeans, and they can adjust the pants in different ways to ensure they perfectly fit you as you want.

An experienced tailor should be capable of altering the waistband of your jeans. That can be done by either minimizing the waist size or enlarging it if the waist is tight fitting. Likewise, if you don’t want to have belt loops on the jeans, the tailor can also remove them.

If your jeans pants need to be repaired, the tailor will make all the required repairs so that the jeans can be worn. For example, the tailor can fix broken zippers or replace buttons, as those two are common issues with jeans. Moreover, if your jeans have holes or need some patches sewn on them, the tailor can offer that service.

When you take your jeans to the tailor, the work to be done to ensure the jeans fit you will be determined by your body shape and what you prefer. You will thus see the tailor using a tape measure to take your measurements so that he knows the extra fabric to be removed or added to the jeans to fit you well.

Jeans Alterations Price Chart

The price you pay to have your jeans altered will differ from one tailor to another. I contacted different tailors in various states and found that the following are the average prices you are likely to pay for having your jeans modified:

Modification to be madeOverview of the alterationAverage Price
Leg openings taperingThe jeans will be modified to have a slimmer fit from the knee to the leg opening at the bottom$15 – $30
Fixing zippersThe tailor will fix the zipper by removing the broken zipper and sewing in a new one.$15 – $20
Adjusting waistbandIf the waistband is small, the tailor will let it out to make it bigger. If it’s big, the tailor will reduce the size.$10 – $20
Hemming jeans legThe tailor will reduce the length of the jeans leg.$15 – $25
Modifying riseIncreasing or reducing the rise of the jeans pants close to the base of the zipper.$20 – $35
Replacing ButtonThe tailor will add mission buttons. In some cases, the tailor could be required to remove buttons and replace them with other buttons as preferred by the customer.$ 10
Removing belt loopsRemoving belt loops on the jeans. The decision to remove the belt loops could be due to the waistband being smaller.$10
Tapering leg openings/ Taking in the legsThis alteration will involve the tailor making the jeans legs have a slimmer fit from the leg opening at the bottom up to the knee.$20
Jeans alterations average prices

How Much Does It Cost To Tailor Jeans

The actual price you pay to have your jeans tailored will be determined by different factors. The first factor is the type of jeans you have. If you have a pair of designer jeans, they will likely cost more to alter than a pair from a cheaper brand. The next factor is the type of alteration you need. If you need a simple hem, that will be less expensive than if you need more extensive alterations. The tailor you choose will also determine the price you pay since some tailors, especially the experienced ones who are busy, will charge a higher fee than new, less experienced tailors.

Removing Belt Loops

Belt loops are a standard feature on jeans but are not always necessary. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to remove them:

  1. Belt loops can make it challenging to get a good fit if you wear a belt.
  2. They can add bulk and weight to the jeans, making them less comfortable.
  3. They can create a “puffy” look that some people prefer to avoid.

Since removing your jeans belt loop is a simple fix, the price you will be charged will be low. Most tailors will charge you a maximum of $10 to have the belt loops on your jeans removed.

Replacing Buttons

Buttons on jeans are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The constant friction from being pulled and tugged can cause the buttons to become loose or break entirely. Additionally, the denim fabric can stretch and fray over time, making it more difficult for the buttons to stay secure. Replacing the buttons on jeans is a way to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking their best when worn.

Replacing the buttons of your jeans is a simple fix. Thus, many tailors will charge you $10 to replace the buttons. However, if you have a specific tailor who repairs your clothes regularly, the tailor can charge you $5. In addition, if the buttons on your jeans are basic, you can replace the buttons by yourself.

Adjusting Waistband

The fit of a garment is essential for both comfort and style. For example, if a jeans waistband is too tight, it can be uncomfortable to wear and may cause the fabric to stretch out of shape. On the other hand, if the waistband is too loose, it may cause the jeans to sag or slip down during wear. To adjust the fit of a jeans waistband, you can either loosen or tighten the band.

To have the waistband of your jeans adjusted, you can take your jeans to your local tailor and have your measurement taken so that the tailor can determine the extent to which the size needs to be adjusted. In most cases, the price charged will vary from $10 to $20.

If you want the waist to be slightly adjusted, you might consider shrinking the waist of your jeans. This can be done by washing the waits in hot water or using a hot setting on the dryer. Be sure to check the care instructions on the label first, as some jeans are made with shrink-resistant fabric and will not respond well to this treatment. If you can successfully shrink your jeans, they should fit more snugly and comfortably around the waist.

Adjusting The Rise

The rise of your jeans is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. The higher the rise, the longer the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.

The rise of a pair of jeans affects how the jeans fit and how comfortable they are to wear. If the rise is too low, the jeans may be uncomfortable or difficult to wear. On the other hand, if the rise is too high, the jeans may not fit properly or look flattering.

To adjust the rise, the tailor must first determine how much longer or shorter the jeans need to be. They will then make the appropriate adjustments to the pattern before cutting and sewing. Since this alteration is complicated, tailors will charge $20 – $35. 

Fixing Zippers

One common reason jeans zippers break is that they are made of weaker materials. The teeth on the zipper are usually made of brass or aluminum, which can break easily if bent too much. The fabric around the zipper can also tear easily, especially if it is thin or stretched. Another reason why jeans zippers break is that they are not appropriately lubricated. The teeth on the zipper can become dry and brittle over time, which makes them more susceptible to breaking.

Since fixing zippers involves removing the old zipper and replacing it with a new one, you can pay between $15 – $20 to have the zippers of your jeans fixed. If you don’t want zippers on your jeans, you can ask the tailor to replace the zipper with buttons for a price between $10 – $20.

Hemming Jeans Legs

Hemming jeans is a popular way to alter the look and feel of the garment. By changing the length of the jeans, people can create a more customized look that better suits their personal style. In addition, hemming can also be used to repair frayed or damaged hems.

Unless you are good at sewing, you should find a good tailor to hem your jeans. Jeans are typically made of denim, which is a sturdy cotton twill fabric. As such, it is difficult to cut and sew denim without the proper tools and equipment, so it is best left to professionals. In addition, different seams on jeans are often sewn with unique stitching that helps to reinforce the fabric and prevent it from fraying, and since you might not be able to replicate the special stitching once you have hemmed your jeans, it’s better to leave the task to an expert.

Since hemming is not complicated, your tailor will likely charge you $15 – $25.

Tapering Leg Opening

Tapering the leg opening of jeans helps to create a slimming effect. The legs of the jeans are tapered so that they become narrower towards the bottom hem. This gives the illusion of a slimmer and more streamlined look. The tapering leg opening can also help to elongate the leg, making the wearer appear taller and more slender.

When tapering the openings of jeans, the tailor first decides how much of a taper they want to create. Next, they measure the leg from the knee to the ankle and mark this measurement on the fabric. They then cut the fabric along this line, making sure to leave enough fabric at the ankle for hemming. Once the fabric is cut, the tailor tries on the jeans to check the fit. Finally, they finish the hem and ensure you enjoy their perfectly tapered jeans!

In most cases, tailors will charge a maximum of $20 to taper leg openings.

Taking In The Legs

One reason people might want to take in the legs of their jeans is for aesthetic reasons. Jeans that are too baggy or wide-legged can look sloppy, so tapering the legs can create a cleaner, more polished look. Additionally, altering the jeans’ shape can help flatter and balance different body types. For example, if someone has wider hips, narrowing their jeans’ legs can help create a more proportionate silhouette.

Depending on the scope of work, your tailor can ask you to pay $20 for taking in the legs of your jeans.

How Long Does It Take To Tailor Jeans?

Depending on the alterations needed, it can take a few minutes to a few hours to tailor jeans. For example, if you’re having the hemline adjusted, that can be done quickly – a few minutes. But if you’re making major adjustments – such as taking in the waist or thighs – it will take a few hours.

Even if the tailor can make the alterations in a few minutes, you should always give the tailor sufficient time to alter your pair of jeans pants. Indeed, tailors often take a long time to alter clothes, even if the work can be done in a few minutes. This is because tailors want to ensure that the alterations are done correctly and that the clothing fits the customer well. Moreover, tailors often have a lot of customers and may not be able to get to everyone right away.

If you want your jeans instantly altered, you might be requested to pay an extra charge for the express service. If you don’t want to pay the additional costs, always ensure that you take your jeans weeks ahead of the specific day you plan to wear the jeans.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Formal Pants Tailored?

Several factors can impact the cost of getting formal pants tailored. These can include the type of fabric used, the pants’ style, and the desired level of customization. For example, basic fixes like repairing a buttonhole or replacing buttons can cost $10a – $20. However, for complicated fixes, you can be charged $20 – $50.

If the price quoted by the tailor is high, you should consider buying new pants. This is because if the cost of having trousers fixed by a tailor is more expensive than simply buying new ones, there is no need to pay for the alterations. Additionally, buying new pants eliminates the hassle and time commitment associated with taking clothes to a tailor and picking them up after they have been altered.

Can A Tailor Taper Jeans?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to taper their jeans. One reason is that it can create the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette. This is especially helpful if you are on the shorter side and want to appear taller. Tapering can also be used to balance out proportions. For example, if you have wider hips, tapering your jeans can help to create a more hourglass-shaped appearance. Additionally, tapering can simply be a matter of personal preference.

A tailor can taper jeans upon request by a customer. The process involves tapering the leg from the knee down to the ankle, which gives the jeans a more fitted look. This is typically done with a pair of scissors and a measuring tape, and it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of detail involved. The price asked by the tailor will be determined by the scope of work.

Is It Worth It To Tailor Jeans?

Tailoring jeans usually involves various things. For example, it can include taking in the waist, hips, and sometimes the thighs to get a better fit. Moreover, it can also involve shortening the length of the jeans. You will need a sewing machine and some basic sewing supplies to tailor jeans. Alternatively, you can have the jeans tailored by a tailor for a fee.

It is occasionally beneficial to alter jeans to suit one’s needs better. This can be done by adding or removing elements like pockets, stitching, or tags. Doing so can create a unique look and may also increase the comfort and functionality of the jeans.

Whether it is worth it to tailor jeans depends on personal preferences. On the one hand, tailoring jeans can ensure a better fit; on the other hand, it can be expensive and time-consuming. Ultimately, whether or not to tailor jeans depends on the individual’s needs and preferences.

If the price quoted for tailoring jeans is higher than buying new pair of jeans, you might consider buying new pair of jeans as you can fit the jeans and buy a perfectly fitting pair of jeans.


I hope you now have a good idea of how much it is likely to cost to tailor your jeans. As I have discussed, the cost of having jeans tailored will depend on the tailor, the amount of work needed, and the materials used. Generally, it will cost between $5 and $30 to have jeans tailored.