What You Must Know About Heming Jeans

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

If you checked out all the closets in the USA, one of the standard pieces of clothing you are likely to find is a pair of jeans. This is because jeans last longer than other fabrics used to make trousers while they are also ideal for many occasions. However, at times, we hurriedly purchase jeans and buy longer jeans.

At other times, we aren’t sure whether the jeans we are wearing are fitting or whether they should be slightly hemmed. It is thus common to have different questions focusing on jean sizing, such as; costs to hem jeans, how jeans should fit on the waist, how jeans should fit when wearing shoes, and how jeans should fit when not wearing shoes.

I hope that you will find this article informative. Read the entire article, and you will be in a better position to know what to do if you need to hem your jeans.

How Much Does It Cost To Hem Jeans?

Even if you can hem jeans on your own and save some money, you might prefer to have the jeans hemmed by a professional, especially if you are not good at hemming.

Tailors, together with sewists, are well qualified and experienced in hemming. If you enlist their service to hem jeans, you can expect to pay anything between $20 – $35, depending on the nature of your jeans. However, you should note that it can take a few days to a whole week to get your jeans hemmed.

Some tailors and sewists might be offering express services. When you opt for express service, you can get your jeans hemmed the same day. However, you will be required to pay higher fees for the premium service. For express hemming service, expect to pay anything between $35 – $50.

Before having your jeans hemmed by a tailor or seamstress, you should know that if you want the jeans hemmed within a short period, the tailor might not be able to do that. That is the case because tailors are most of the time busy. Thus, even if they agree to hem your jeans, you have to be patient as hemming can take a few days.

Even without experience, you can hem jeans on your own as long as you are dedicated and committed to the task. Surprisingly, if you decide to hem your jeans, it can take you a couple of minutes or two hours to hem your jeans. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can hem your jeans by hand and save between $20 – and $35, which you would have paid the tailor.

How Long To Hem Jeans?

Various factors have to be considered to determine the exact time it will take you to hem your jeans. If you hem the jeans personally and are not an experienced sewer, hemming jeans can take you at least one hour. For experienced sewers, 20-25 minutes should be enough to complete the task.

For professional tailors and sewists, hemming jeans can take 10 minutes. The tailor and seamstress are professionals and probably hem jeans daily. Thus, since they are experienced in hemming, the professionals can hem jeans in a few minutes.

If you want to minimize the time it takes you to hem jeans, you can practice hemming with worn-out pants or other practice fabrics. With a few hemming practice sessions, you will be able to improve your hemming speed drastically.

What Do Hemmed Jeans Look Like?

Hemming entails the finishing customarily done on the edge of any piece of clothing. Usually, hemming ensures that an article of clothing is prevented from tattering or disentanglement over time.

Hemmed jeans will be fitting. The hemmed jeans will appear as if they were custom-tailored for you. To make sure that your hemmed jeans look as if nothing was done on them, you should always hem the jeans using either the original or existing hem.

When you hem your jeans, you will mainly modify the length of your jeans. Usually, when you hem, you fold the ends of your jeans over, and then you proceed to sew the ends so that they stay in place. Therefore, when your new pair of jeans appears long, hemming is ideal for minimizing the length of your jeans.

How Long Should Jeans Be Without Shoes?

You probably want to make sure that you are wearing your jeans the right way. As such, you could be wondering, how long are my jeans supposed to be without the shoes so that when I put on your shoes, the jeans will be perfectly fit?

When wearing jeans, jeans need to be long enough to touch the top of your feet. However, it would help if you also made sure that the hems of the jeans don’t touch the ground. One of the main features of jeans is that they depict an image of being casual and relaxed. Thus, even without shoes, your jeans should be able to convey that message.

If your jeans are either too short or are too long when you don’t have your shoes, it might appear as if the jeans aren’t yours or you hurriedly bought them without confirming they are of reasonable length. Therefore, you must always ensure that your jeans are good length when purchasing new pairs. If your jeans touch the ground at your heel or are just above the heel, the length should be acceptable.

How Long Should Jeans Be With Shoes?

If your jeans are too long, you will have unnecessary fabric heaping at the ankle as jeans fabric gets to fold itself numerous times. Moreover, your jeans are too long if your hem has contact with the ground when you have your shoes on. Finally, when you step on your jeans with your shoes as you walk, the jeans will fray.

Unless you are wearing skinny jeans, when you have your shoes, your jeans should be long enough so that the hem of your jeans has considerable contact with the shoes. As a result, the jeans will have an elegant-looking ripple in the section above the hem. In addition, the socks and the opening of your shoes shouldn’t be visible when you wear jeans with shoes.

How Long Should Jeans Be With Boots?

Your taste and preference will determine how long your jeans should be with boots. Jeans need to be long enough to have a slight or complete break with the shoes. That way, your jeans, and boots will both look polished and sharper. If your jeans are too long, have them hemmed to get the relaxed look you need.

How Long Should Jeans Be With Cowboy Boots?

Jeans need to be long enough so that your legs are well protected and the shaft of cowboy’s boots is well covered. Nevertheless, you must make sure that jeans are not very long such that you have to drag them on the ground when walking or you step on them.

Pragmatically, jeans need to rest slightly above the heel of your cowboy boots by no more than half an inch. If you prefer to have your cowboy boots seen when wearing your jeans, then the jean length should break above the boot’s instep.

How Long Should Jeans Be When Sitting

Your jeans need to be long enough to ensure that when you sit down, you feel comfortable. Specifically, the legs have to be long enough to break at the hem. The hem, in this case, should lightly touch the top of your foot.

The inseam should be close to the thigh, even though jeans should not pull your knee when you sit down. It would be best if you also felt comfortable with your jeans when sitting down. If that is not the case, you should not wear those jeans.

How Tight Should Jeans Be At The Waist

When buying jeans, you have to make sure that you buy jeans fitting to wear without requiring a belt. However, jeans should not be tight so that you feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

To confirm that jeans will be a tight fit, you should be able to fit two fingers in the waistline when wearing your jeans. However, for stretchy jeans, you should be able to fit at least four fingers.

If your jeans’ waist is significant, you can have it resized so that your jeans fit you perfectly. However, if the waist is small, I believe that it is better to buy a fitting pair of jeans instead of enlarging the waist. Indeed, even if the waist can be practically enlarged, it will be a lot of work, and the outcome might not be the best.


There are different types of jeans and styles. Thus, one can challenge determining the ideal length for each type of jeans. I have discussed how much it can cost you to have your jeans hemmed in this article.

In addition, the ideal lengths of jeans without shoes, with shoes, and with boots have been discussed. Make sure that you always wear the length of jeans that you feel comfortable with.