Is Nylon Good Material For Bags

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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When looking to buy a bag, there are different factors that you have to take into consideration. For example, you have to consider the size of the bag, the durability of the bag, and course, the price. In addition, to determine whether the bag is ideal for the purpose you are buying, you have to choose the material used to make the bag. So, is nylon a good material for bags?

Nylon is a good material for bags since it has all the essential features of a bag. Specifically, nylon is durable, lightweight, stretchy, easy to dye, easy to clean, water-resistant, and UV resistant.

This article looks at nylon bags in detail and discovers whether nylon bags and handbags are better. In addition, we also find out whether nylon bags are durable and whether nylon is a good material for backpacks.

Is Nylon A Suitable Material For Bags

A bag is a container made of a specific material used to carry or store items. Some of the different types of bags comprise; standard bags include handbags, backpacks, school bags, and shopping bags.

The bag’s purpose will determine whether a specific material is ideal for the bag. For example, a 100% cotton backpack would not be suitable since the high absorbency of cotton implies that if it rains when one is outside, the cotton fabric would soak up the rain and wet the items inside the backpack.

To determine whether nylon is a perfect material for bags, we need to consider different bags and their uses and consider whether the different properties of nylon make nylon a suitable material for bags.

In the table below, different types of bags, their uses, and properties of nylon fabrics are considered to determine whether nylon is a suitable material for different kinds of bags.

Different types of bags and how nylon material is suitable for the bags

As seen from the table above, nylon is suitable for all bags. An ideal fabric for making bags should be durable, lightweight, stretchy, easy to dye, water-resistant, and UV resistant. Nylon has all the essential qualities needed in a bag. As such, nylon is a good material for bags.

Are Nylon Handbags Good

To determine whether nylon handbags are good, it is essential to understand what makes a good handbag. Here are the main features of a good handbag;


A handbag has to be made from a durable fabric. Since handbags are exposed to many abrasions, an ideal handbag should be made from a material that can resist abrasion. Moreover, the fabric should also be strong enough to withstand the weight of the items without tearing.

As far as the durability of nylon is concerned, it can be pointed out that nylon is very durable. Thus, given the handbag’s durability, a nylon handbag would be as durable as any other handbag.

Price Of The Handbag

When purchasing a handbag, the price of the handbag is a significant factor that determines whether you will go ahead and purchase the bag. As a synthetic fabric that is mass-produced, nylon is cheaper when compared to other natural fabrics.

You can buy a quality nylon handbag at an affordable price since Nylon is generally a cheaper fabric. However, the low-priced handbag does not imply that the handbag is of low quality since nylon handbags are a cheaper version of high-end silk handbags.

Easy To Care

A quality handbag has to be easy to care for. Specifically, the fabric used to make the handbag has to be stain resistant. Moreover, even when the handbag’s fabric is not stain resistant, any stains on the handbag should be easy to remove.

Even if nylon absorbs water, it has poor absorbency compared to other natural fabrics such as cotton. Thus, when a nylon handbag is stained, the stains will stay at the surface of the handbag’s fabric before they are absorbed and become hard to clean.

Thus, cleaning a nylon handbag will be easy than cleaning a handbag made of cotton, silk, or other fabrics.

Nylon handbags are good as they are easy to clean, cheap, last a long time, lightweight, stretchy, and stiff enough to stand up for putting and removing items on the handbags.

Why Are Nylon Bags Better?

When contemplating buying a bag, a nylon bag is one that you are likely to consider buying. However, if you haven’t used a nylon bag before, you might ponder why nylon bags are better.

Here are the different reasons why nylon bags are better.

1. Durability

Nylon fibers used to make nylon bags have superior strength. Indeed, the tensile strength of nylon is considered to be greater when compared to the tensile strength of a steel filament of similar weight.

The tensile strength, in this case, implies the pressure nylon fibers can withstand before breaking. Thus, impressive tensile strength makes it possible for nylon bags to carry heavy loads and not tear or wear down quickly.

Moreover, nylon is elastic fabric. Thus, even when you have an irregular load, you can still fit in on the nylon bag since the bag will stretch to accommodate the load. However, it would help if you did not overstretch your bag since overstretching it can ruin it.

2. Water-Resistant

Nylon is made from plastic. Thus, nylon fabric can resist water even though nylon bags are not waterproof. The fact that nylon bags are water-resistant means that they can be used outside when it’s still raining or snowing and keep the items inside dry.

Since there is always a chance that you can get rained on when outside, a water-resistant bag is always a good choice as it guarantees you that documents or any other items inside the bag would not be ruined even if it was to rain or snow when you are outside.

3. Mildew And Chemical Resistance

Similar to all synthetic fabrics, nylon is resistant to mildew. This property makes it easy to care for nylon bags as they are easy to clean. Indeed, you don’t have to bleach or use special chemicals to clean nylon bags since most of the dirt in the bag can be removed with soap and water.

Moreover, even if it does not matter whether you need to bleach your nylon bag, nylon has the best resistance to chemicals since it even has a higher chemical tolerance than polyester. Even if the nylon bag was exposed to oil, grease, and other chemicals, they could not ruin the bag. Moreover, oil, fat, and other stains on nylon bags can be easily removed.

4. Weather Resistant

Nylon is resistant to weather hence the reason it is used to make most outdoor gear. Nylon is resistant to mold, UV, water, and mildew. The fabric is also resistant to abrasion; hence it is the perfect fabric to use in conditions with extreme weather.

Moreover, when humidity levels increase during the hotter months, nylon copes well with humidity, precisely when the nylon threads are loosely woven. Thus, a nylon bag will ensure that the items inside the bag are safe throughout the year as the fabric can be used all year round.

5. Comfort

Nylon fabric has a smooth feeling similar to that of silk. When the material comes into contact with the skin, it offers excellent comfort. Thus, a nylon bag on your shoulders or on your back will feel comfortable.

6. Affordable

Similar to other natural fabrics, nylon is a low-cost fabric even though slightly more expensive than polyester.

If you compare the prices of a nylon bag with the prices of bags made from other fabrics, you will realize that nylon bags are cheaper. Moreover, considering that nylon bags have different advantages over other bags made from other materials, the price paid for a nylon bag is always good value for money.

Nylon bags are better since they are affordable, durable, comfortable, water-resistant, weather-resistant, and resist mildew and other chemicals.

Is Nylon A Good Material For Backpacks?

As an adventure, backpacking mixes hiking with backcountry camping. Backpackers can widen their horizons and have a more immersive outdoor experience through backpacking.

A day hiking bag is different from a backpack. The day hike bag can be small since you use it to carry items you need during your day hiking. On the other hand, a backpack is more significant since it has to take all the items required during the backpacking adventure.

Nylon is a good material for backpacks since it is water-resistant, stretchable, durable, resistant to stains, abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean


When buying a bag, the material used to make the bag will determine whether the bag will be ideal for the purpose that you want to use it for or not. Therefore, you need to consider the bag’s fabric before buying a backpack.

In general, bags made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are ideal since they are durable and easy to maintain. The bags are also cheaper compared to bags made with other materials.