13 Ways To Get Period Blood Out Of Sheet Without Parents Knowing

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Waking up and noticing bloodstain on your sheets can be annoying – it just doesn’t look good, especially if someone else sees it. If you live with your parents, you might wonder if it’s possible to get the dried period blood out of the sheets without them knowing, not because you are ashamed of the blood but due to the concern of what they might think if they see the blood.

To get dried period blood out of the sheet without parents knowing, you can use contact lenses solution, a mixture of salt and water, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, white wine, coke, spit, shampoo, meat tenderizer, and aspirin.

This article discusses how to wash period blood out of a sheet without taking them off. Make sure you read all the options available and then try the best option for you. The color of your sheets will be the main factor that determines the best option since there are some options that you cannot use with light colors.

1. Use The Contact Lenses Solution

If you wear contact lenses, you must have a contact lenses solution that you use to rinse, store, and keep your lenses. The solution is made of hydrogen peroxide and polyaminopropyl biguanide. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a disinfectant, while according to Health Line, polyaminopropyl biguanide cleans and disinfects your lenses.

The contact lenses solution is saline, and when the saline solution comes into contact with the bloodstain, it works on the stain and reverses the congealing of the blood cells on the sheets, thus removing the period stains.

Apply the contact lenses solution to the specific spot of the bedsheet with the period bloodstain. Next, use a piece of clothing or a paper towel to rub the solution on the stain. As you continue rubbing, you will notice that the period blood starts coming off. Continue to rub until the blood is entirely off.

2. Use A Mixture Of Salt And Water

If you don’t wear lenses, you won’t have access to the contact lenses solution. Besides, if your parents wear lenses, you cannot use their contact lenses solution since they might suspect what you want to do with the solution, and they will find out that you were cleaning period blood from your sheets while you didn’t want them to find out.

You can mix salt and water to create a saline solution. Apply the solution to the bedsheet and gradually rub the stain with a cloth soaked with the solution. Rub the stain for a few minutes, and you will be able to get the period blood out.

3. Apply Lemon Juice On The Period Blood Stain

Lemon juice has a high percentage of citric acid as lemons have an acidic ph. Indeed, a lemon’s pH is approximately 2 – 3, implying that lemon juice is highly acidic. The acidity of lemon juice will dissolve blood cells on your bed sheet, thus removing the period blood stains on your bedsheet.

Wet a cloth with lemon juice and use the damp cloth to rub on the period bloodstain. Gently rub the stain until the blood is entirely removed. Note that this option should not be used on dark-colored sheets as you might experience color loss.

4. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide On The Blood Stain

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the go-to solutions to fix some issues. For example, if you have run out of toothpaste, you can use hydrogen peroxide to brush your teeth while we also use it to remove grout from newly installed tiles. Besides, hydrogen peroxide is also used to prevent skin infections from cuts and burns.

There is a high chance you have hydrogen peroxide in your house, and you can use it to get period blood stains out of your bed sheet without your parents knowing since even if they saw you walking around with hydrogen peroxide on your hands, they cannot be concerned as it is versatile and used in various ways.

Apply hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and gently rub it on the period bloodstain. Continue rubbing hydrogen peroxide on the spot until you completely remove blood stains. If you are using hydrogen peroxide on dark sheets, make sure that you first test out hydrogen peroxide on a small area and only continue after you have confirmed that hydrogen peroxide will not affect the color of your sheets.

5. Use White Wine

You might have probably heard that white wine is ideal for removing red wine stains on clothes. White wine is a good remover of red wine stains since it has an enzyme capable of neutralizing the stain and thus making it easy to remove the stain.

To use white wine to remove period blood from the sheet, you can pour white wine on the spot with a bloodstain. Then, using a damp cloth, you will blot the stain lightly until all the blood has been removed.

6. Use Coke

You have some coke in your house, and no one will suspect that you want to wash period blood stains when you pour some cola on a glass. Cola has phosphoric and carbonic acid, and the two chemicals can be ideal for removing blood stains on your bedsheet.

Pour some coke on the period stain and let the coke rest on the sheet until the bloodstain is gone – between 1 – 2 hours. Then, with a damp cloth or sponge, blot the blood. You must make sure you blot and not rub since if you rub, you could spread the bloodstain to other parts of the fabric.

7. Use Spit

Yes, I know you wonder how to spit and clean period blood stains from your sheets and probably think this is a mistake. But it’s not; you can spit on your bedsheet and use the spit to get period blood out of the sheets without anyone knowing.

The saliva that you spit out contains enzymes capable of breaking down the proteins in the bloodstains, which leaves the stain removed. However, it is essential to point out that you will not use this method if the blood stain is big since you can’t produce enough saliva to clean the large bloodstain on your bedsheet.

To use your saliva, spit on the blood stain and let the spit rest on the stain for some time. You can then use a sponge or a cloth to dab the stain and remove blood from your sheets.

9. Use Shampoo

The shampoo has various chemicals that can break up the protein in the bloodstain and make it possible to wash off the stains.

To clean period blood out of the sheet, you can pour some shampoo on the spot with the bloodstain. Then, using cold water, wet the stain and scrub off the stain with a piece of cloth or a sponge until you completely lift all the blood from the sheet.

10. Use Meat Tenderizer

I know, this sounds weird and almost impossible. However, there have been numerous studies on the issue in the past, and all the studies have affirmed that meat tenderizers can be used to remove blood stains from fabrics.

One of these studies entails the study by Neuberger that found that even though meat tenderizers can take more extended periods to remove blood stains from clothes, tenderizers are highly effective in removing blood stains from clothes.

The enzymes present in the tenderizer usually break down proteins on the meat, thus making the meat soft to chew. The same effect is applied to the bloodstains since once the meat tenderizer comes into contact with the bloodstains, it breaks up the protein in the stain, making it possible to remove the bloodstain. 

To use a meat tenderizer to remove period stains on your bed sheet, you will apply enough tenderizer on the stain and make sure that the stain is fully covered. Then, let the tenderizer sit on the stain for at least one hour. After that, you will remove the meat tenderizer from the sheets and wash the sheets as usual.

When the sheets come out from the washing machine, the period stain will be washed off.

11. Use Aspirin

Besides treating headaches, aspirins can also get period blood out of sheets that your parents won’t know.

According to McGill, when aspirin tablets are broken down and mixed with water, the ensuing solution has salicylic acid. When this acid comes into contact with bloodstains, it breaks down the proteins in the bloodstains, thus making it possible to get period blood out of the sheet.

To use aspirin to clean period blood from your clothes, you need to break down two tablets and mix the ensuing powder with water to create a paste. You will then apply the mixture to the bloodstain and leave it for an hour.

After one hour, wash the bedsheet as you would normally do.

12. Use Enzyme-Based Detergent

Enzyme-based detergent has enzymes that can break down the bloodstains on the sheet and effectively remove them. However, take note that the detergent will work best if you remove the blood before it has dried. Moreover, to ensure that you have good results, you need to confirm that you are using enzyme-based detergent by reading the packaging of the detergent and confirming that the detergent you want to use is enzyme-based.

Start by wetting the stain with running water. By using running water, any bloodstain that is yet to be set on the sheets will be washed away. Afte that, apply a few drops of the laundry detergent to the stain. Use your fingers or an old toothbrush to work the detergent onto the stain. Continue working the detergent until the stain is removed.

13. Dish Soap

Dish soap is one of the most effective stain removers in our houses. The soap has special chemicals that among others comprise surfactants. These chemicals break up the stain molecules lifting them from the surface and leaving them floating in the water so that they are washed away during rinsing.

To use dish soap to remove the blood stain on your sheet, wet the stain with running water. You then apply a few drops of dish soap to the stain. Use a sift bristle brush or your fingers to work the stain till it is removed. You should then rinse the sheet with running water.

Final Thoughts

The article has discussed different methods that can be used to clean period blood out of your sheets without your parents knowing. However, most of the techniques discussed use substances you already have in the house.

You must note that if the bloodstains do not come off the first time you try, you should keep trying as they will eventually come off. Once you have cleaned the period bloodstain from the sheet, you should wash your bed sheets with a washing machine and freshen them up. If your sheets are white, you should consider sun breaching after you have washed them.