How To Get Crystal Light Out Of Clothes?

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Fruit juice is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world. Unfortunately, when enjoying different types of fruit juice, the juices can accidentally spill on our clothes. For example, if you had Crystal Light juice and it splashed on your clothes, you are likely to ask how you would get the Crystal Light out of your clothes.

To get Crystal Light out of your clothes, you should soak the stained clothes with oxygen-based bleach or pre-treat the stain with vinegar and dish soap mixture before washing the clothes in the washer. If the Crystal Light stain is fresh and has not been set in your clothes, wash the cloth with an enzyme-based laundry detergent or dish soap.

In this article, you will learn why Crystal Light stains are hard to remove. In addition, you will also discover seven different methods to remove Crystal Light from your clothes. Lastly, you will learn how to get Crystal Light out of white or colored clothes.

Does Crystal Light Stain Clothes?    

Crystal Light stains clothing badly since it contains artificial colors. The artificial colors used in Crystal Light comprise Yellow 5, Red 40, and Blue 1.

However, artificial colors in Crystal Light should not be a concern since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already classified the food color in Crystal Light as safe for human consumption.

The Yellow 5, Red 40, and Blue 1 food coloring is found in Crystal Light colorfast stain on fabrics. Hence the stains are always a challenge to remove. Colorfast in this perspective implies that Crystal Light stains will not quickly fade away or wash out.

Thus, if you spill some Crystal Light on your clothes, you will find it challenging to remove the stains. Therefore, to effectively remove Crystal Light stains, you should always remove the stains immediately after your clothes are stained since once the stains are set in your fabric, it will be hard to get them out.

Does Crystal Light Come Out Of Clothes?

In most cases, you can get Crystal Light stains out of clothes. However, old and dry Crystal Light stains might permanently set in your clothes and become tough to remove. Crystal Light stains in wool, silk, cotton, and other natural fabrics might also be tough to remove than is the case with stains on a synthetic fabric such as polyester.

Crystal Light stains on clothes will not be removed by washing clothes in the washer. First, you have to treat the stain and remove it before washing the clothes in the washer.  

When treating the Crystal Light stains, you need to be careful since you could spread the stains to other parts of the clothes and increase the scope of work at hand.

When you want to remove Crystal Light stains on clothes, you must note that different stains are removed with varying stain removers. Just like taco stains, Crystal Light stains are food color-based stains. Thus, to effectively remove the stains, you need to use stain removers capable of breaking down the food color deposits on your clothing.

Some of the best home remedies for Crystal Light stains comprise various acidic products such as vinegar and lemon juice. The reason acids are most effective in removing stains is that they modify the chemical charge between the molecular bonds in the stains. Due to that, stain molecules are attracted to the chemical charge in the acids and make it possible for the stains to lift themselves away from the away.

In addition, Crystal Light stains also react well to different products with oxidizing agents as the oxidizing ability of the products transforms colorful parts of the Crystal Light stains.

How To Get Crystal Light Out Of Clothes – 7 Methods

You can get Crystal Light stains out of clothes by using various home remedies or commercial stain removers specifically formulated to oxidize the stains. Some household products that can remove Crystal Light stains include white vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, meat tenderizer, and lemon juice. The commercial stain removers that can remove Crystal Light through bleaching and oxidizing comprise Tide OxiClean stain remover.

Irrespective of the stain remover you opt to use, you will have the best result when you remove the stain immediately after you notice it. For example, to remove a fresh Crystal Light stain, you should promptly blot it with a clean paper towel or a clean cloth.

If you were wearing a piece of clothing when Crystal Light spilled on it, take out the clothing and hold it under running water. Food color dissolves in water. Thus, the running water should take out most of the stain.

If you can’t remove the clothing, you should use a paper towel to blot out Crystal Light as much as possible. In case you notice the stain when it has already dried, don’t worry; you can use any of the seven methods discussed in this article to remove the stain.

Before you use any of the seven methods discussed, it is essential that you first read the clothing’s care label to confirm whether the method you want to use can be used with your clothing.

1. Baking Soda

Even if using baking soda to remove Crystal Light stains will take a long time, it is one of the most effective methods to remove Crystal Light stains on clothing. This is because baking soda can absorb most of the stains, and in that process, it gets out the stain from the fabric.

How to use baking soda to remove Crystal Light stains from clothes:

1. To freshen the stain, wet the stained part of the garment with cold water. Then, you can hold the stained part directly under running water.

2. Place the garment on a flat surface so that the stained part will be on the top.

3. Mix baking soda with water to create a thick paste.

4. Apply the paste directly into the stain so that the stain will be fully covered with the paste.

5. Leave the paste to sit in for at least 10 hours.

6. Remove the paste and check whether the stain is gone.

2. Laundry Detergent

This is one of the simplest methods to remove fresh Crystal Light stains from your clothes. It would help to wet the stain and then dab laundry detergent directly on the stain.

Even if the stain might not completely come off, it should get away when you wash the stained clothing in the washer. However, it is essential to point out that you must first pre-treat the stain with laundry detergent for this method to work. Washing the stained cloth in the washer without treating the stain first will not be successful.

Here is the process on how to use laundry detergent to remove Crystal Light stain:

1. Put hot water in a cap or a bowl. To avoid getting burned, ensure that the water temperature is hot to the temperatures you can comfortably work with.

2. Pour the hot water directly into the stained part of the clothing. This will ensure that if there were some Crystal Light that had not been set in the fabric, it would be washed away.

3. Squeeze a few droplets of the liquid detergent directly into the Crystal Light stain.

4. Using your finders, soft sponge, or a soft-bristle brush, work the detergent till it gives a lather.

5. Rinse the detergent with warm running water.

6. Check the garment to confirm that the stain is gone.

7. Wash the garment in the washer.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has different types of acid, which can effectively get Crystal Light out of clothes. However, when using this method, you must ensure that you do not leave lemon juice on your clothing for an extended period since, if left for a long time, the citric acid in the lemon could bleach your clothing.

You can use fresh lemons for this method, squeeze the juice directly into the stain, or use lemon juice bought from the stores.

1. Cut the lemon into two halves and squeeze enough lemon juice onto the Crystal Light stain so that the stain will be soaked with lemon juice.

2. Allow the lemon juice to sit in the fabric for one minute.

3. Rinse the lemon juice with running water.

4. If the stain is not entirely removed, repeat the process.

4. Oxidizing Stain Remover

Commercial stain removers are specially formulated to remove different types of stains from the clothes effectively. However, other commercial stain removers aim to remove various kinds of stains. Thus, to effectively remove Crystal Light stains, you must ensure you are using the correct type of stain remover.

The type of stain remover that will effectively remove Crystal Light stain is a stain remover capable of oxidizing the stain. OxiClean has, over the years, been used to remove different types of stains similar to Crystal Light stains, and as such, it will be the best stain remover for you to use.

To use OxiClean or other commercial stain removers to remove Crystal Light stains, you need to adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the packaging of the commercial stain remover that you are using.

5. Vinegar 

Vinegar is a good stain remover since it has strong acid in it. Indeed, vinegar can be used to remove different stains since the acid in the vinegar breaks up the stain molecules, lifting them from the fabric’s fibers.

When using vinegar to get Crystal Light out of clothes, use white distilled vinegar. Brown vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and other types of vinegar should not be used since other vinegar could discolor your clothes and leave you with the challenge of finding out how to fix the discoloration.

1. If the Crystal Light stain you are removing is old and has already dried, wet the stained spot under running water. The water will be essential in washing away some water-soluble Crystal Light on your clothing.

2. Place the stained garment on a flat surface. The flat surface can be a craft table, iron board, or a clean floor.

3. Pour vinegar on top of the Crystal Light stain so that the stain will be soaked with vinegar.

4. Leave the vinegar to sit on the stain for 30 minutes. If you have a bigger Crystal Light stain, mix water with vinegar on a bucket and soak the clothing in the solution for 30 minutes.

5. Use running water to rinse vinegar.

6. Wash the clothing in the washer using the washing setting you usually use.

7. Repeat the process if needed.

6. Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizer effectively removes food-based stains since the enzymes in the tenderizer break down the stain molecules and make it easy to wash away the stain. Any brand of meat tenderizer would be effective in removing Crystal Light from your clothes.

1. Place the stained clothing on a flat surface.

2. Wet the section stained by Crystal Light with warm water.

3. Apply meat tenderizer directly to the stain so that the tenderizer will fully cover the stain.

4. Leave the meat tenderizer to sit in the stain for one hour.

5. Shake the garment to remove the meat tenderizer from the fabric.

6. Wash the garment in the washer.

7. Check the spot with the stains to confirm that the stain has been removed.

7. Dish Soap

Dish soap is one of the most potent stain removers since it has various grease bursting properties that cut through the fat, oil, and other stains common in dirty dishes to clean the dishes effectively.

When used to remove Crystal Light stains on clothes, the dish soap breaks down the Crystal Light stain molecules and removes them from the garment. You can use any brand of dish soap that you might have in your household.

1. Place your stained garment on a flat surface.

2. Squeeze a few droplets of the dish soap directly into the stain.

3. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the dish soap into the stain until the stain is removed.

4. Rinse dish soap with running water.

5. Wash the clothes in the washer.

How To Remove Crystal Light From White Clothes

You can bleach the stains away for most white clothes stained by Crystal Light. However, if the stained clothing is made of delicate fabric such as wool or silk, you might not be able to bleach the clothes.

If the clothes stained by Crystal Light are non-washable, you should take the clothes to a professional dry-cleaner. The dry cleaners are experienced in removing different stains and will effectively remove Crystal Light stains for you.

To remove Crystal Light stains on white clothes, you can use chlorine breach or oxygen breach, even though oxygen bleach would be the safest option.

How To Remove Crystal Light From Carpet

Distilled white vinegar is the ideal solution for removing Crystal Light from the carpet. However, the fact that you cannot take the carpet to the washbasin means removing stains from carpets is always a challenge.

Here is how you should remove Crystal Light from the carpet using distilled white vinegar.

1. Mix water and distilled vinegar in a bucket.

2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. If you don’t have a spray bottle, a clean piece of clothing will be fine.

3. Spray the mixture on the stain till the stain is soaked with the mixture. If you don’t have a spray bottle, use a piece of cloth to soak the stain with the mixture of water and vinegar.

4. Using a clean piece of clothing, blot out the stain until it is entirely removed.

5. Lastly, use a damp piece of clothing or rag to remove the vinegar altogether.


I hope you have found my tips for removing Crystal Light helpful. Crystal Light stains can be hard to remove. Thus, treating them quickly is very important. Once you have noticed the stains, remove the stains immediately. If you wait and the stains set in your clothes, they will be hard to remove.