How To Keep Seat Belt From Wrinkling Shirt

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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Imagine this; you leave your house wearing a crisp shirt. You drive to work or to wherever you are going. You realize that the seat belt wrinkled your shirt when alighting the car. You start pondering what you need to do to stop the seat belt from wrinkling the shirt.

To keep the seat belt from wrinkling the shirt, use a seat belt cover, wear an undershirt, tuck your shirt into your trousers, and wear a shirt made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as polyester and wool. You can also use dryer sheets, anti-wrinkle spray, hang your shirt on the back seat and wear the shirt at the destination.

This article is for you if your shirt or clothes are wrinkled or ruined by a car seat belt. The article discusses different ways you can use to fix the problem of having your shirt wrinkled by a seat belt.

How To Keep Seat Belt From Wrinkling Shirt – 7 Ways

Wrinkles on clothes make us look unkempt. So we always have to make sure that our clothes have no wrinkles. However, even after ironing the clothes and ensuring that they are wrinkle-free, the clothes can be wrinkled after a few hours.

When driving in a car and wearing a seat belt, the seat belt tends to wrinkle shirts and other clothes worn as an outer layer. Since you cannot drive without wearing a seat belt, you have to use different methods to ensure that the seat belt does not wrinkle your shirt.

Here are different methods that you can use to ensure that the seat belt does not wrinkle your shirt.

1. Seat Belt Cover

You have a seat belt wrinkling your shirt due to the friction taking place between the seat belt and the shirt. Thus, if you can reduce the friction, you will be able to protect the shirt from being wrinkled by the seat belt.

One of the ways to reduce the friction between the shirt and the seat belt is to use a seat belt cover. The seat belt covers are mainly made from a comfortable material.

Thus, when your seat belt has a cover, the cover will come into contact with your shirt and ensure that there will be minimal friction with the shirt, thus minimizing the chances of your shirt being wrinkled by the seat belt.

2. Undershirt

An undershirt might be worn to safeguard the body from a stiff or itchy fabric. Moreover, the undershirt can make the shirt less transparent and, as a result, reduce the sweat that is absorbed by the fabric of the shirt.

Wearing an undershirt helps reduce wear on the outer layers of clothing as the clothes do not directly contact the body. In addition, an undershirt can also be used to decrease the wrinkling of the shirt by the seat belt.

The ensuing friction between your shirt and the seat belt makes the shirt wrinkle. When you wear an undershirt, the friction between the shirt and the seat belt is reduced since the extra layer added by the undershirt implies that it won’t be easy for the seat belt to wrinkle the shirt’s fabric.

3. Tuck Your Shirt Into your Trousers

If you drive with your shirt untucked, the shirt will dangle freely. When you fasten your seat belt over the shirt, dangling freely, the seat belts will leave your shirt wrinkled.

Ensure your shirt is well tucked into your trousers before fastening the seat belt to avoid wrinkles. The seatbelt is less likely to wrinkle your shirt when the shirt is tucked as there will be no excess fabric.

4. Wear shirts made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics

When buying your shirt, you should ensure that you buy shirts made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics since the seat belt will never wrinkle these shirts.

Most synthetic fabrics such as polyester, spandex, lyocell, and nylon are wrinkle-resistant. For natural fabrics, wool is one of the wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

5. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets decrease static, deposit scents, and make the fabric softer. Unknown to many, dryer sheets can also prevent your shirt from wrinkles. By reducing static that can result in wrinkling, dryer sheets help reduce the creases.

By rubbing a dryer sheet on the shirt’s fabric, you will protect your shirt from creasing with a seat belt. A standard dryer sheet should be fine. You don’t have to spend extra money buying a special dryer sheet.

6. Anti-Wrinkle Spray

The anti-wrinkle spray is specially formulated to protect clothes from wrinkles. However, it is essential to point out that the spray is intended to be used on wrinkled fabrics.

Thus, you will remove wrinkles already on your shirt for this method. Then, spray anti-wrinkle spray on the shirt’s fabric; the spray will relax the wrinkles by lubricating the fibers. These fibers will then fall flat, and the wrinkles will be gone.

The anti-wrinkle spray is available in many stores and is not expensive.

7. Wear Shirt At Destination

Since it’s impossible to remain stationary when driving in the car, your shirt will get wrinkled no matter how much you try. One of the obvious and effective fixes to the problem is just hanging the shirt at the back of your car and wearing it once you get to your destination.  


No one wants to wear a wrinkled shirt. If the seat belt wrinkles your shirt, I have discussed seven methods you can use to fix the issue. I usually hang my shirts at the back of the car and wear the shirt once I arrive at my destination. That is the method that I have found to be most effective.

Which method did you use, and was it effective? Feel free to share the article with other friends who have the same issue.