Ironing Clothes – What You Must Know

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Most of the clothes need to be ironed after being washed to remove any creases in the clothes. However, despite ironing clothes for a long time, people still ask different questions about ironing.

For example, when your clothes haven’t dried up completely, you could be wondering whether it is OK to iron clothes. In this article, we will look at different commonly asked questions about ironing. By reading the entire post, you will better understand how to iron your clothes.

Can You Iron Wet Clothes?

Yes, you can iron wet clothes. Indeed, wet clothes are easier to iron and remove creases.

Many people believe that clothes should be ironed when they are dry. However, it is easier to iron clothes when they are wet in some cases. Think about it, modern iron generates steam and has the option to spray way water on the fabric to soften it and make it easy to iron the fabric.

Indeed, whenever you leave your clothes to dry completely, you most of the time realize that you need to spray some water on the clothes before you can iron them. When the iron does not have a spray feature, it’s ok to sprinkle water with your hands to make the clothes damp and easy to iron.

However, if you are ironing fragile fabrics, you need to be careful since you could damage the clothes.

Is It Better To Iron Or Steam Clothes?

Both ironing and steaming clothes are used to get creases out of clothes, mainly after washing. However, ironing and steaming have their pros and cons, and for that reason, many people tend to wonder which one is better between ironing and steaming clothes.

When comparing iron and steam, iron is better than steam to a great extent. That is the case because even if ironing requires a lot of time, it offers a high-quality polish that cannot match what steam provides.

However, it is essential to note that you should not dismiss steam since anyone can use a steamer, while the steamer is also ideal for fragile fabrics.

Is Steam Iron Good For Clothes?

Yes, a steam iron is good for clothes. When you use a steam iron, you have the option to steam specific sections of the fabric that have been ironed. When you press the steam in your steam iron, creases are softened and quickly ironed out.

It is also important to note that apart from the creases being ironed out, the steam also kills bacteria common in fabric and causes the smell, meaning that clothes ironed with a steam iron can stay fresh for a long time. Thus, for dresses that aren’t worn regularly, a steam iron is the best for these clothes.

Can You Iron Wet Clothes To Dry Them?

Yes, you can iron wet clothes to dry them. When you iron wet clothes, the clothes will dry quickly even though the clothes will not be dry. If you iron wet clothes so that they can dry, you must leave the clothes on the drying line so that they can air dry once you finish ironing.

Process Of Dying Clothes With An Iron

Step 1: Once your clothes have been washed, you will pick them up from the washing machine. It would help if you ensured that the clothes have gone through the wash machine’s drier process so that they do not have a lot of water.

Step 2: From the collection of clothes you have washed with the washing machine, select the clothes that can be dried with an iron. These clothes will comprise jeans, t-shirts, blouses, and even skirts in most cases. Once you have selected these clothes, it will be time to get the iron board.

Step 3: Position the iron board where you want to dry your clothes with iron and turn on your iron board. At this point, you need to ensure that you are not ironing the clothes at high temperatures.

Step 4: Start ironing the clothes as you usually iron your dry clothes. However, you might realize that you will need to iron different clothes patches and then go back and iron again as the water on the clothes dries up.

Step 5: If you have time, you can leave the clothes on the drying line so that they get to air dry. Indeed, the fact that you iron dry clothes means that even if the clothes get to dry, there is a high chance that the clothes are not 100% dry. Thus, by hanging the clothes in a dry line for some time, the clothes will become dry.

Step 6: Once the clothes are dry, you can hand them in a hanger and put them in the wardrobe or fold them and put them where you usually put your clothes.

How To Dry Clothes With A Hair Dryer

You probably want to dry your wet clothes, but you are wondering what you need to do since they are pretty wet and you cannot use an iron. If that’s the case, you can use a hair drier to dry your clothes. However, to make sure that you dry your clothes well with the hair drier, you first need to put the clothes on a hanger.

By putting the clothes on the hanger, you will ensure that you won’t get your hands burnt. Moreover, you will be able to direct the hot air from the hair drier to the clothing. Turn on the hair drier and let the hot air contact the wet clothes.

Once you have dried the dresses with the hair drier, remember to hang them for some time so that they can air dry. However, do not leave them in the sun for long as they might fade from the sun.

What Happens If You Iron Wet Clothes?

When you iron wet clothes, the clothes will dry quickly, unlike what would be the case if you were to wait for the clothes to dry on their own. In addition, as the wet clothes are damp, wrinkles will be quickly ironed out. However, clothes that are ironed when wet are not completely dry. Therefore, you will need to leave these clothes on the clothing line so that they can air dry.

Final Thoughts

As is evident from the article, you can use iron to dry wet clothes. However, you must use the correct iron temperature for every fabric you would be drying with the iron. If hot temperatures are used, you could end up burning your clothes. Also, remember that even after drying the wet clothes with iron, you will need to hang the clothes for some time so that you air dry them.