How To Remove Mold From Louis Vuitton Bag

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To ensure that your bags last a long time, you have to take good care of the bags. For example, overloading your bags will most likely tear them. Likewise, if you keep your bag in a moist place for a long time, the bag will have mold. So, how do you remove mold from the Luis Vuitton bag?

To remove mold from the Luis Vuitton bag, you can use white distilled vinegar, dish soap, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, you can use commercial mold remover for leather to get mold out of your leather bag.

This article looks at why Luis Vuitton’s bag has mold and what you can do to avoid mold in your Luis Vuitton bag. After that, different methods that can be used to remove mold from the Luis Vuitton bag are discussed.

Causes Of Mold On Your Luis Vuitton Bag

Mold is a fungal growth that forms and spreads on different types of damp or decaying matter. Since there are different types of molds, molds are of different colors. The molds can be found outdoors or indoors and exist throughout the year.

Indoor molds require moisture and a carbon source, while outdoor molds mainly survive by using plants and other decaying matter.

Due to the high prices of Luis Vuitton bags, no one wants to see molds developing on their beloved Luis Vuitton bags. Indeed, it is always frustrating to find mold on your Luis Vuitton bag.

Since most Luis Vuitton bags are made of leather, it is essential that you understand the likely causes of mold on the bag and then do your best to protect the bag from being ruined by mold.

Fortunately, if your Luis Vuitton bag has mold on it, there are different methods you can use to remove the mold. First, let’s look at why you have mold in your Luis Vuitton bag and then find out how to remove the mold effectively.

You Stored Your Bag In A Place With Heat

Mold forms on the Luis Vuitton bags when the bags are improperly stored in a place with extreme heat and inadequate airflow. Typically, leather which is the material used to make most Luis Vuitton bags, should be stored in a cool place with good airflow.

If you store your Luis Vuitton bag in a plastic bag or in places where heat is trapped, mold will develop.

You Have Left The Bag Unused For A Long Time

If you store your Luis Vuitton for a long time before using it, the bag can develop mold. Indeed, when you use your Luis Vuitton bag, it comes into contact with body oils, preventing mold and mildew.

Nevertheless, when your Luis Vuitton bag is not used for a long time, there are high chances that the mold will form on the bag since the bag does not get enough exposure to fresh air to prevent mold from forming.

You Cleaned The Bag Incorrectly  

The type of water that you use to clean your Luis Vuitton bag can cause mold in the bag. For example, if you wipe the bag with chlorinated or tap water, there is a likelihood that the bag could develop mold.

To clean your bag the correct way and avoid any mold forming on the bag, you should always use distilled water to wipe the bag. Moreover, you should also ensure that the bag has been completely dried before storing it.

How To Get Mold Out OF Luis Vuitton Bag

Before you commence removing mold from your Luis Vuitton bag, you must understand that you need to be careful with the products and tools used to remove the mold so that you don’t damage the bags.

As you will find in the article, you can use various household items that you might already have in your house to remove mold from your bag or buy special cleaning products from the stores to get out the mold from your bag.

While removing mold from your Luis Vuitton bag, make sure that you do not use detergent and that you don’t wash the bag in the washer. In addition, before using a specific product to clean your bag, spot test the product on a tiny area so that you are confident that the cleaning product will not ruin your bag.

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is one of the most effective mold removers. Once the alcohol comes into contact with mold on your bag, it penetrates the cellular membrane of the fungus that is causing the mold and destroys their cells, thus killing the fungus.

However, do not use 100% rubbing alcohol to remove mold since pure rubbing alcohol can damage the bag. Here is how you use rubbing alcohol to clean mold from your Luis Vuitton bag:

1. Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol with two parts water in a mixing bowl. Use tongs to mix water and rubbing alcohol.

2. Soak a cotton ball or the tip of a clean washcloth in the solution.

3. Gently scrub the area with mold until it starts to lighten.

4. Continue scrubbing the mold until all of it has been removed.

Since your Luis Vuitton bag is made of leather, you will notice that the leather might look dark as you scrub the mold. Ensure that you remove the mold in intervals so that the leather gets to dry during the intervals.

Once you have removed mold with rubbing alcohol, ensure that you apply moisturizer to protect the leather surface of your bag.

2. Dish soap

The surfactants present in dish soap are potent and effective in removing mold from Luis Vuitton bags. In addition, the disinfecting properties of the dish soap are also capable of killing mold spores and leaving your bag free from mold.

You can use any dish soap that you already have in the house.

Here is the procedure to use to remove and kill mold on your Luis Vuitton bag effectively:

1) In a mixing bowl, mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water.

2) Soak a clean washcloth with the dish soap solution. Ensure that the washcloth you are using is clean since you don’t want to transfer any dirt or stain from the washcloth to your bag.

3) Use the washcloth soaked with the dish soap solution to wipe the moldy areas of the Luis Vuitton bag.

4) Leave the solution to sit in the moldy area for three to five minutes.

5) Using a clean damp washcloth, rinse the spots you wiped before.

6) Repeat the process till all the mold is completely removed.

7) After removing the mold, you should use a leather conditioner so that the natural oils of leather are restored.

3. Baking Soda

As an alkali with high absorbent properties, baking soda will ‘pull out’ the mold fungi on your bag and kill it.

To remove mold on your bag with baking soda:

1. In a mixing bowl, mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water.

2. Using a sponge, soft-bristled brush, or a spare toothbrush, apply the solution to areas of the bag infested with mold.

3. Leave the baking soda sitting in the solution for a few hours (At least 5 hours).

4. After a few hours, use a wet sponge or washcloth to wipe the area clean.

5. Repeat the process if necessary.

6. Once the mold has been completely removed, apply a leather conditioner to restore the leather.

4. Vinegar

The acidic nature of vinegar makes it an effective disinfectant that can kill and remove mold on your bag and leave it free of mold.

When using vinegar to remove mold from the bag, ensure that you only use distilled white vinegar. Even if other vinegar such as brown vinegar or apple cider vinegar could be used, the dye in these types of vinegar could stain your bag.

1. Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar with warm water in a mixing bowl.

2. Soak a clean washcloth or a soft sponge with the solution.

3. Using the washcloth or sponge soaked with the solution, wipe the areas of your bag infested with the mold.

4. Leave the vinegar solution sitting on the moldy spots for at least 25 minutes.

5. After 25 minutes, use a clean damp cloth to wipe off vinegar solution and any mold on the bag’s surface.

6. Use a clean towel to dry the bag’s surface that you just wiped with a damp cloth.

7. Repeat the process until the mold is completely removed.

8. Apply a leather conditioner to prevent the mold from coming back.

5. Commercial Mold Removers

If you don’t want to use any household products to remove mold on your Luis Vuitton bag, you can use different commercial mold removers available from the stores. When buying a mold remover, ensure that you buy a remover specifically made to remove mold on leather.

Since there are different mold removers, you have to use a mold remover meant for leather surfaces. You could ruin your bag by using a mold remover not meant for leather surfaces.

Using a commercial mold remover should be easy since the instructions on using the product are provided on the packaging of the commercial mold remover you will be using.

One of the best commercial mold removers to use on the Luis Vuitton bag is the Apple leather cleaner. The cleaner is ideal to use on both colored and natural leather.

How To Prevent Mold On Luis Vuitton Bag

After you have killed and removed mold on your bag, you need to put measures to ensure that the bag will not have mold again. Here is what you can do to prevent mold from growing again on your Luis Vuitton bag:

1. When there are any spills on your Luis Vuitton bag, ensure that the spills are immediately cleaned and the bag’s surface cleaned. If the bag is left uncleaned, the spills can provide the moisture needed for mold to grow.

2. Ensure that you always keep your Luis Vuitton bag clean and free of dirt and debris.

3. To keep the leather of your Luis Vuitton bag hydrated and thus reduce the risk of mold, apply leather conditioner on the bag regularly.

4. Ensure that the bag is always stored in a clean, dry place. If you are not sure whether the place you are keeping your bag is dry and free of humidity, ensure that the area is sufficiently ventilated.

5. If your bag is wet, ensure that you dry it as soon as possible. You increase the chances of mold growing on your bag if you leave it wet for a long time.

Never Use Saddle Soap To Remove Mold On Your Bag

Due to the popularity of saddle soap, you might be tempted to use the soap to remove mold on your Luis Vuitton bag. However, you should never use saddle soap to remove mold since it has no disinfectant that is needed to kill the mold.

Apart from failing to kill the mold, saddle soap will make things worse for you. Specifically, the soap will leave a moist environment in your bag, and since mold multiplies in such an environment, you could enhance growth mold growth in your bag.

Therefore, you should always use the right products to remove and kill mold on your bag. If you remove but don’t kill the mold, mold infestation on the bag will increase.


Mold on your Luis Vuitton bag can be a nuisance. Specifically, it can be discouraging to wipe the mold, and then the mold reappears again. The best way to remove the mold is by killing it. If you wipe the mold and do not kill it, it will reappear.

To remove mold on your Luis Vuitton leather bag, you can use baking soda, rubbing alcohol, white distilled vinegar, dish soap, and commercial mold removers for leather. Alternatively, you can use professional cleaning experts to clean your bag.

If you have vomit stains on your Luis Vuitton bag, you can use the procedure specified in this article to remove the stains.