Is Sewing An Art? – Yes it is!

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Many people have wondered whether sewing should be considered an art or not. Considering that sewing involves crafting, sewing is indeed an art.

This article discusses five different reasons why sewing should be considered an art.

What Is Sewing?

Sewing is a form of craft that involves joining or bringing together items through stitches made by a thread and a needle. A needle, a thread, and the item or object to be sewed have to be present.

If you were to use fabric glue to fasten or attach pieces of fabric, that could not be said to entail sewing since a needle and a thread have not been used.

What Is An Art?

Art entails different human undertakings involving imaginative thinking purposed at conveying practical expertise, attractiveness, expressive power, and even abstract thoughts.

Some of the commonly known art forms comprise cinema, music, sculpture, painting, acting – films, and poems.

Why Sewing is an art

Sewing Offers The Opportunity To Craft Various Pieces Of Creativity

Through sewing, one can use fabric to use creativity and skills to create lovely work. The fabric that is to be sewed and the threads to be used give us who like sewing a medium to illustrate our art. By sewing, we can express ourselves, and as such, it is thus ok to consider sewing as an art.

When different patterns are sewed on a fabric, the ensuing work is attractive and can be compared to an artwork developed by an artist.

You Need To Practice Sewing To Perfect It

As is case with art, sewing needs practice

To become an expert in any given art, the individual has to practice a lot and probably even undergo some form of training. The same is the case for sewing since for one to sew quality work, one has to practice a lot, while fashion designers have to go to design school. Thus, the fact that one has to practice a lot in sewing, as is the case with art, means that sewing can be considered an art.

Different Types Of Sewing Techniques

In any form of art, different types of techniques are used. For example, there are different types of music in music, such as soul, blues, jazz, hip-hop, and reggae. Likewise, there are different films, such as comedy, thriller, fiction, and documentary.

In sewing, different types of techniques are used. These techniques are discussed below.


This sewing technique involves attaching at least three layers of fabric either by hand sewing or machine sewing. Different types of fabrics can be used when employing the quilting sewing method.


The applique sewing technique entails sewing various fabric types on top of a bigger fabric that acts as a base so that the ensuing pattern is attractive. Normally, this sewing technique is applied to projects whose main goal is to develop decoration pieces.

Stitch and slash

Mainly, various fabrics are overlapped and positioned in two layers of a big fabric. Thereafter, parallel stitches normally positioned with a margin of 1 inch are sewed. The 1inch margin is important in this sewing technique since if the stitches are close to one another, the technique will not be easily noticeable.  

Once stitching is complete, the fabric is cut from the center of the parallel stitches resulting in the inside pieces of the fabric coming out from the cutting. The work is attractive to the eye and fulfilling to feel.


It involves joining various types of fabrics through sewing so that they create a pattern or design. Normally, pieces are sewn with this technique for large-sized coverings such as bedsheets and bed covers.

Sewing Art Pieces

The first place to look for art pieces that have been developed from sewing is the clothes we wear. However, to make sure that your sewing art will be appealing, you must consider the fabric’s color, different sewing techniques to be applied, and the color of thread used.

Sewing Artwork On A Canvas

Just as art is done on canvas, you can sew on canvas. The word canvas art is known almost by anyone since this type of art is common worldwide.

Apart from canvas being used as a support for oil painting, it is also used for sewing, particularly in fashion objects such as shoes and handbags, due to its durability.

It is totally right and achievable if you want to sew on a canvas. However, you have to ensure that you do not sew on a canvas that already has oil paint.

Canvas is known to have primers whose purpose is to safeguard them from the oil that could make them wear out. However, sewing on the canvas has the potential to leave openings that will make the oil come into contact with the canvas that is not protected.

If you plan to have a canvas that incorporates both artwork and sewing, make sure only to use acrylics. That way, you will be sure that you will not have any issue with the sewing needle leaving openings in the canvas.

What Thread Is Used In Sewing A Canvas?

A canvas is stronger when compared to a normal fabric. You thus need to use a sewing thread that is classified as heavy duty. Specifically, wool, polyester, and various sewing threads used in upholstery are perfect for sewing canvas.

Depending on your sewing machine features, you might have to adjust the tension of the bobbin so that you can sew with thicker threads.

What Are The Perfect Needles For Sewing On The Canvas?

The best needles for sewing on the canvas are between 90 to 100 universal or jeans needles.

It is important to note that canvas is a heavy fabric that is closely woven. Thus, to ensure that your work will be attractive, it is recommended that topstitch needles and thread are used.

How Do Use Sewing Machine To Sew Canvas?  

If you haven’t sewn on a canvas before, you might find it hard to push the sewing pins into the canvas and, at the same time, ensure that the canvas is sewn in the desired pattern.

To address the challenge and make sure that you get to sew the desired pattern, you should use double-stick tapes and clips. Moreover, the length of the stitch needs to be extended longer so that the sewing machine can easily move the fabric along.

A Detailed Process Of How To Sew With The Sewing Machine


i. Ensure that the pressure placed on the foot pedal is adjusted. Particularly, decrease the pressure since this will ensure that the canvas will slide fast in the sewing machine.

ii. Make sure you have heavy duty sewing threads

iii. To ensure you avoid broken needles, make sure you have a 90 to 100 universal jeans or woven needle

iv. Correct the bobbin tension to the required settings

v. Correct the upper tension

How To Stich A Flat Fell Seam On Canvas

If you wish to have a seam that is not well visible, then a flat fell seam is your best bet.

By using a marker that does not leave a permanent mark on the canvas, mark the seam allowance – it can be anything from 1.5cm to 2.7 cm.

Join the two canvases to be stitched and proceed to pin them so that they are pinned at the top and bottom edges

Using the sewing machine, ensure that you feed the overlapped canvas to the sewing machine.

To create a fold on the seam, fold the canvas over the hem and press down

To work on the front side, you will now flip the canvas

The canvas should now be folded and pressed over the seam

Proceed to stitch the end of the sim and then sew on the edge of the opposite seam

Your seam is ready – don’t forget to cut any loose threads that might be hanging from the canvas

Sewing Boat Canvas By Hand

Sewing can be done on canvas as is the case with art

You will need first to take the measurement of the boat and then ensure that you have the required size of the canvas.

In the project, there will be no fancy stitching. Instead, straight stitches will serve the purpose. If your sewing is not perfect, it is recommended that you practice before proceeding to the actual project.

Select the perfect canvas for the boat before sewing

Since there are different types of canvas, you need to make sure that you select the best type for your boat. The three common choices that you will have are:




Get all the tools required

To sew the boat canvas, you will need:


A strong need will be required as a needle used in the normal fabric will not work. Ideally, the needle you select should at least be 18-inch. However, make sure that you have at least three needles since there is a high chance the needles will break as you start sewing. Universal woven needles, as well as jeans needles, can also be used.


It should be strong enough and different from your normal fabric thread. For boat canvas, V-69 sail-maker’s thread is one of the popularly recommended. However, if you can’t get hold of this specific thread, you can also use an upholstery thread or a thread made of polyester but wrapped in cotton. They will also work fine and serve the purpose.

Pair of pinking shears

Shears should be used to ensure that the canvas is protected from falling off, especially when cutting.


You can use pencil markers or even chalks. It is, however, important to note that from experience, pencil marks tend to last on the fabric for a long time, and these markets are not pleasing to the eye. Just buy white, red, yellow, or chalk of your preferred color.

Basting tape

Canvas is not your normal fabric. Due to its thickness, pushing the sewing pins on it can be challenging. The basting tape will be of great use in this case since it will ensure that the canvas is held in place. However, it would be best to be cautious since you could make the needle sticky.

If you realize that the needle is becoming sticky, you can clean it by wiping it with a piece of cotton wool soaked in spirit, nail polish remover, or alcohol.

Stitch reaper

You will need a stitch reaper to remove some stitches in your canvas.

Can I Sew Boat Canvas By Hand (3 Steps)

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew the canvas by hand.

Here are the three main phases for sewing a boat canvas by hand

Phase 1: Taking The Measurements And Cutting The Canvas

Measure your boat to have a clear understanding of the size of canvas that is needed. Preferably, the canvas should be placed on the boat so that you are sure when cutting the canvas.

Phase 2: Start Sewing The Canvas

Once you have cut the required canvas, it is time to start sewing. You should use a strong thread and needle since the canvas is different from normal fabric. To ensure that you are well protected, wear a thimble on your left hand if you are right-handed and on the left hand if you’re right-handed.

You will need pliers to pull the needle and continue sewing the canvas by hand. The three different seams you can use when sewing the canvas by hand are; overlapping seam, full flat felled seam, and semi-flat felled seam.

Phase 3: Finish Your Sewing

To finish the boat canvas sewing project, there are various hems that you can use. These hems comprise; a single hem, double hem, webbing, and rolled edge. You can opt for the hem that you feel more comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Sewing is an art since you get a chance to express yourself through your sewing when you embark on sewing.

Moreover, the fact that sewing has similar characteristics to art means that it is ok to consider it an art. Therefore, maybe you should embark on a project where you will sew and express yourself.