Akubra Hats –Things You Should Know

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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Hats are pleasurable and offer a stylish to make any outfit stand out. However, when the hats are either too small or too big, they can be frustrating. If your hat is too small or too big, you might be able to either shrink or stretch it and have a perfectly fitting hat.

This article discusses different things to do with an Akubra hat. I hope that you will find this article informative and interesting.

What is Akubra?

Akubra is a brand of hat made by an Australian-based company that operates under the Akubra name. Even if Akubra is a type of hat made by the Akubra company, it is essential to point out that it also makes other hats. The Akubra hat is one of the most popular hats produced and marketed by the Akubra company.

According to the Akubra company, Akubra hats are made in 9 steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Blending and cleaning the rabbit fur that is used in making Akubra

Step 2: The fur is sucked onto a large revolving cone, forming a cone.

Step 3: The cone, which is fragile felt, is wrapped in cloth and then placed between rollers so that it can shrink.

Step 4: The hats are dyed in a vat that can hold 200 hats.

Step 5: At this stage, the body of the Akubra hat is finished. The caps are then stretched and blocked.

Step 6: Once the hats have been blocked and brimmed, they are wetted.

Step 7: The hats are pounced as they are now in the finishing phase

Step 8: The caps are placed in a rubber mold and left to set.

Step 9: Final touches are made on the hats before they are packed and sent to customers. Sweatbands, bows, and even silk linings are put on the hats in this phase.

How Many Rabbits In An Akubra Hat?

Akubra hats are made from rabbit skins. While compared to other fabrics, rabbit skin is soft and tactile while also having a warm and cozy finish. Moreover, rabbit skins are soft and are not susceptible to malting.

However, it is essential to note that it does not last long, even if rabbit skin can be warm. For that reason, rabbit skins are mainly used to make accessories such as hats since these accessories are not worn daily.

To make a single Akubra hat, 12 rabbit skins are used. In the past, Akubra sourced the skin from the Australian market, and the rabbit skins were mainly from wild rabbits. However, with the number of wild rabbits in Australia diminishing, the company imported rabbit skins from various countries.

Presently, Akubra imports rabbit skins from France, Ukraine, and Belgium. However, the company’s directors have made it clear that even if the company would prefer to source all the rabbit skin from Australia, diminishing supplies have left them with no option apart from importing it from Europe (Edwards 2014).  

Even if animal activists have accused Akubra of supporting animal cruelty, the company has countered the claims by arguing that rabbit skins used in making Akubra hats are sourced from rabbits that are slaughtered for meat purposes.

How Do I Clean My Akubra Hat?

To make sure that you take good care of your Akubra hat, the hat must be cleaned the right way. Even though Akubra recommends that a hat specialist clean your hat, you can also clean your hat on your own as long as you have the required tools.

Let’s now look at different methods that you can use to clean your Akubra hat. First, it is essential to point out that nearly everything you need to clean your Akubra cap is most likely in your house. However, if you don’t have some items, you can quickly get the items from your local store.

Cleaning Akubra Hat By Using A Packing Tape

In this method, you will clean lint on your Akubra hat using packing tape.
You will take a packing tape and use the sticky side to pick up any lint on your Akubra hat. Using the sticky side, pick dust and bits and pieces, such as dog hair and dirt, on your Akubra hat.

Cleaning Akubra Hat By Using A Paint Brush

Use the paintbrush to dust off any dust on your Akubra hat. You might need to use a stiffer brush to ensure that you get the dirt out of your Akubra. Even though you can brush the Akubra hat either way or another, I prefer to brush the cap in an anticlockwise direction.

Cleaning Stains From Akubra Hat By Using A Sandpaper

If your Akubra hat has some stains, you can remove the stains in the Akubra hat using sandpaper. First, however, you need to make sure that you are using fine-grit sandpaper. Then, with the sandpaper, gently rub the stain. However, be careful since you will damage your hat if you apply more pressure to the sandpaper.

If your Akubra hat has grease or water stains, you should apply cornstarch, baking soda, baby powder, or talcum powder on the top of the stain.

However, never apply cornstarch or talcum powder if the Akubra hat is wet since if you do that, you will make the stain bigger.

Once you have applied cornstarch, let the powder rest on the hat for a couple of hours (at least 6 hours). After that, brush away cornstarch with a soft brush. You might have to repeat the process to remove the stain if need be.

How Do You Get Sweat Stains Out Of Akubra Hats?

As much as you love to keep your Akubra hat clean, you might occasionally have the inside of your hat stained from sweat. Thankfully, you can clean the sweat stains from your Akubra hats without enlisting a professional hat cleaner.

To clean sweat stains from your Akubra hat, soak a white microfiber cloth in mild, soapy water. You mustn’t use a colored microfiber cloth since if the cloth is bleeding, you could damage your hat.

Clean a small section of the hat to confirm that the soapy water will not ruin your Akubra hat. Once you have assured that the soapy water will not damage the Akubra hat, lightly scrub the sweat stain with a damp microfiber cloth until the stain is completely removed.

Once you have removed the stain, place the Akubra hat on the hat stand or rack for it to dry. Ensure that you do not rest the cap on its brim as that could damage the hat’s shape.

If you cannot remove the sweat stain on your Akubra hat, steam can be used to remove the stains. However, to make sure that your Akubra hat is not damaged, I suggest you take the hat to a professional hat cleaner to remove the stain.

Can Akubra Hats Be Stretched? 

For any clothing or accessory, the main factor determining whether the item will stretch or not is the material used to make the item. Thus, if the material used to make the item can stretch, then the item will stretch. However, if the material used to make the item cannot stretch, that item will not stretch.

Akubra hats are made from rabbit skins. The rabbit skins are a form of leather, and leather is known to stretch over time naturally. Thus, Akubra hats can be stretched under specific settings.

How To Stretch Akubra Hats

It is common for most fur felt hats to shrink over time. This can be frustrating, considering that you paid a lot of money for the hat. However, exposing your hat to hot temperatures or maybe leaving the Akubra hat in the car during a hot day will shrink the hat. Moreover, sweat and perspiration will also make your Akubra hat shrink with time.

As the Akubra hat shrinks, it will become tight and uncomfortable for you. In extreme cases, when you wear a tight Akubra hat, you could have marks on your head.

To stretch your Akubra hatband, you need a hat jack that can be purchased from various stores that sell hats. Place your Akubra hat upside down and use the hat jack to stretch your hat. Make sure that the hat jack does not push far into the hat. It has to be positioned on edge.

There is a wire around the hand band in the Akubra hat, and if you push the hatband far inside the hat, the wire could pop over, and the results would not be good. So take note that you need to leave the hat hack in the Akubra for a few days and probably even repeat the process a few times so that the Akubra stretches to your desired fit.

Do Akubra Hats Shrink?

Akubra hats are made from rabbit skin, and as such, the hats can shrink under specific conditions. For example, when exposed to heat, such as leaving the Akubra in the car on a sunny day or wearing the hat when constantly sweating, the Akubra hat will shrink.

If you deliberately shrink your Akubra hat, you can shrink the hat by 5 – 8%. However, it would help if you were careful as you could damage the hat during the shrinking process. I prefer to return the hat and get the correct size rather than risk shrinking the cap and damaging it.

How To Shrink Akubra Hat

If your Akubra hat is loose and you can’t return it to the shop where you bought it, you can shrink the hat.

To shrink an Akubra hat, you will need a steam generator. Expose the hat to the steam for about 20 minutes and then leave it to dry. If you need your Akubra hat to shrink further, you repeat the process.

Even though you could be advised to shrink the Akubra hat in a washing machine or a dryer, you should never consider shrinking the hat using such methods. The agitation and heat in the washing machine are likely to damage your Akubra hat.

How To Soften An Akubra Hat

If your new Akubra hat feels stiff, there is nothing to worry about, as the hat will soften with time as you wear it.

To soften the Akubra, place your fingers in the crown and the thumb around the brim. You will then gently squeeze like you are curling the brim. If you do this for some time, your will notice that your Akubra hat is softening.

How Tight Should An Akubra Hat Be?

The best fit for your Akubra hat is a fit where the hat is not too tight and is not too loose on your head. Indeed, when wearing the Akubra, it is essential that even when the wind pushes it, it does not fall.

Take note that if your hat is new, it might feel as if it is too tight. However, as you wear the hat, stretching that happens with time will make the hat fit you well. It is, however, important that the hat sits contentedly mid-forehead above your eyebrows while at the same time not blocking your view.

As for the sweatband, it should not be tight. Instead, it should have a snug fit. Thus, when purchasing an Akubra hat and the hat you try on is too tight to the extent that it makes some marks on your forehead, just up the size.

Are Akubra Hats Waterproof?

Akubra hats are waterproof as they are made from waterproof leather. However, it is essential to highlight that even if a waterproofing solution is added to Akubra during the manufacturing process, the hat can lose its waterproofing ability as it wears out.

How To Store An Akubra Hat

Akubra hats can stretch and even shrink if not stored properly. Therefore, you must make sure your Akubra hats are kept well.

Ideally, you should keep your Akubra hats on a flat surface such as a table or cupboard. Make sure that the hat is stored when the crown is upside down. You can also hang the Akubra using a hat peg.


Edwards, A. (2014). Rabbit shortage forces Akubra to look offshore for raw hat materials