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When making a purchase decision, different thoughts come to our minds. At times we even have questions that we need answered so that we can make informed purchase decisions. When you want to purchase some fashion items from YesStyle, one of the questions likely to come up in your mind is whether YesStyle is fast fashion.

YesStyle is a fast-fashion brand since it sells trendy products at low prices, imitates the latest designs from celebrities and fashion shows, uses synthetic fabrics in making clothing products, has production in countries with low production costs, releases new products regularly, and the fashion products sold do not last a long time.

In this article, we discover whether YesStyle is fast fashion or not. In addition, the article also explains whether YesStyle is Shein and whether the clothes sold by YesStyle are of good quality. The article also looks at whether YesStyle clothes run small.

Is YesStyle Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a phrase used to describe a business model used in the fashion industry. The model entails imitating the latest catwalk trends and high-fashion designs, mass-producing the designs at low costs, and quickly stocking them in the stores when the demand is still high.

Everything about fast fashion is quickly executed. The designs are quickly copied and quickly produced in countries with low production costs, such as China, Turkey, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh.

Once the clothes have been manufactured, they are quickly shipped to the fashion brand’s warehouse for dispatch to various stores. It takes two weeks for most fast fashion brands to copy, manufacture, ship, and stock new designs for different stores owned by fast fashion brands.

Clothes and accessories classified as fast fashion quickly wear out as they are only intended to be used for a short period (14 times).

But fast fashion products are cheap and good for the customers, right? Well, even if customers might think that they are getting good value for their money, that is never the case most of the time.

A critical review of the fast fashion model shows that the fast fashion brands might be benefitting at the expense of other stakeholders.

For the customers, fast fashion increases their impulse buying while they don’t necessarily get good value for their money since the products last a short time before they are worn out.

For workers working in various garment factories located in low-cost countries, they are paid meager wages while they also work in inhuman conditions.

For the environment, fast fashion dramatically contributes to global carbon emissions through the production and transportation processes. Moreover, it has also been reported that 3 out of 5 fast fashion garments end up in landfills.

YesStyle is a fast-fashion product due to various reasons, as explained below:

Low prices

YesStyle products are cheaply priced. For example, you can buy a high waist cut-out miniskirt from YesStyle for about $10, while a long-sleeve seam-trim mini dress costs around $13. These prices are considerably lower since similar products sold by other fashion brands that are not fast fashion, like Lululemon and Lounge Underwear, cost more than $50.

Regular product releases

YesStyle persistently introduces new products in the market. The company releases new products every week, thus making it a fast-fashion brand.

Clothes are not durable

Most of the clothing sold by YesStyle does not last a long time. However, most of the company’s customers do not have an issue with the poor durability of the clothes since they believe that the low prices are good value for their money.

The poor durability of YesStyle clothes is a clear indicator that the company is a fast-fashion brand. To replace the worn-out clothes, YesStyle customers keep buying new clothes from the company.

Clothes made in different countries

Fast-fashion brands produce their clothes in different countries mainly with low production costs.

The main reason fast fashion brands produce products in countries with low production costs is that they have to keep the production costs low so that they can sell the product at low prices and still make profits.

YesStyle manufactures its products in different countries, and as such, the company qualifies to be classified as a fast-fashion brand. China, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong are among the countries where the company produces its products.

Use of synthetic fabrics

The majority of the clothes sold by YesStyle are made with synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, spandex, and elastane.

Even if the different properties of the different fabrics used to make different YesStyle clothing items can be said to be why the company uses synthetic fabrics, it could be pointed out that the affordability of the synthetic fabrics is the main reason the company uses synthetic fabrics.

Thus, the extensive use of synthetic fabrics by YesStyle is another reason why the company qualifies to be considered a fast fashion.

Imitated designs

YesStyle products are trendy since they are imitated from the fashion shows or designs worn by celebrities.

By imitating designs instead of developing its unique designs, YesStyle has proved that it is fast fashion.

Considering the prices charged, the durability of the clothing, the rate at which new designs are released, the use of synthetic fabrics, production in low-cost countries, and imitation of designs, YesStyle is, without a doubt, a fast-fashion brand.

Is YesStyle A Chinese Company?

Yes, YesStyle is a Chinese company. The company is based in Hong Kong, where all its products are shipped from.

YesStyle is a subsidiary of YesAsia Holding Limited, a publicly listed company that owns and operates a few online retail platforms such as asianbeautywholesale.com and yesasia.com.

Is YesStyle Like Shein?

YesStyle and Shein are two different entities. However, the businesses have various similarities, hence why people tend to consider the same.

One of the similarities is that they are both based in Asia. However, while YesStyle is based in Hong Kong, Shein is based in China.

Another similarity between YesStyle and Shein is that the two are fast fashion brands. Indeed, the two businesses sell trendy products whose designs have been imitated from the latest catwalk designs at low prices.

Another notable similarity between the two businesses is that they don’t have any physical stores. Customers who want to buy from the companies have to purchase online.

However, it can be pointed out that for Shein, the company occasionally hosts pop-ups in different cities so that customers who can’t buy online can buy from the pop-up stores that last a few days.

Is YesStyle Clothes Good Quality?

When determining the quality of clothes, price, durability, and designs are some factors to consider.

As already pointed out, YesStyle is a fast fashion brand that sells trendy clothes at low prices. However, the fact that the clothes are sold at low prices means that they cannot last a long time, implying that despite the clothes being trendy, they are not of good quality.

YesStyle clothes are not of good quality. The clothes are not durable as they wear out within a short time. However, considering the low prices paid for the clothes, some shoppers who show at YesStyle regularly have argued that the company offers them good value for their money.

Do YesStyle Clothes Run Small

For Western customers, YesStyle clothes can run small. This can be explained as the case because Asian sizing slightly differs from Western sizing. For American customers, it is recommended to order at least one size up.

If you buy your regular size from YesStyle, the clothes might run slightly small.


It’s perfectly fine for you to have some questions about YesStyle if you consider buying some clothing from the company. As I have detailed in the article, YesStyle is a fast-fashion brand.

When buying from a fast fashion brand, you can expect to pay low prices for different trendy products. However, be aware that the products might not last long since fast fashion clothes are meant to be worn about ten times.



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