Know About Calvin Klein Underwear [Do they Shrink]

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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If you love quality underwear, you either have some Calvin Klein or are considering buying. But do Calvin Kelin underwear shrink, last long, or run small or big?

Calvin Klein underwear shrinks when washed and dried in a high-temperature setting. You can also shrink the underwear by soaking them in boiling water for 3 – 5 minutes.

This article discusses essential points about Calvin Klein underwear so that you can discover how to take good care of the underwear.

Does Calvin Klein Underwear Shrink

Shrinking in underwear entails how underwear changes in measurement during the washing process.

There are three main factors in determining whether Calvin Klein underwear can shrink. The factors are fabric used to make the underwear, additional moisture, and heat and agitation in the washing machine.

For the type of fabric, natural fabrics shrink faster than synthetic fabric. Therefore, when underwear is made of natural fabric such as cotton, linen, or silk, there is a high chance that the underwear will shrink in the wash.

If the underwear is made of synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon, the underwear is less likely to shrink since synthetic fabrics are resistant to shrinking.

For additional moisture, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are susceptible to relaxation shrinkage. As the fibers absorb water, their fibers swell, resulting in the overall size of the underwear to reduce.

For heat and agitation, it involves ensuring agitation in the washer and dryer combined with high temperatures. The conditions cause shrinkage in garments they are washed and dried in high temperatures.

Calvin Klein has 100% cotton underwear, while the Micro Modal collection is made from 90% modal and 10% lycra elastane.

Calvin Klein underwear made from 100% cotton will shrink in the washer if washed with hot water. The Micro Modal collection will not shrink in the wash since modal and lycra elastane is synthetic fabrics resistant to shrinking.

To avoid your Calvin Klein underwear shrinking, always ensure that you wash the underwear in the right water setting. The water temperature in the washer should never exceed 130 Fahrenheit since cotton fibers start to shrink at any temperature above 130 Fahrenheit.

Whenever you wash your Calving Klein underwear, ensure you wash the underwear in cotton or a delicate wash cycle.

How To Shrink Calvin Klein Underwear

When shrinking Calvin Kelin underwear, the underwear made with 100% cotton will be easy to shrink. The modal collection will be challenging to shrink since the underwear is made from natural fabrics resistant to shrinking.

With determination and persistence, the modal collection of Calvin Klein underwear can shrink between 3 – 5%. The 100% cotton underwear can shrink up to 20% when the underwear is not pre-shrunk.

Older Calvin Kelin underwear that has been worn and washed for some time will be easier to shrink than the new underwear. The pre-shrunk feature in older underwear will have become less effective, thus making it easy to shrink the underwear.

To shrink Calvin Kelin underwear, you can wash the underwear with hot water and dry it in hot temperatures. The other method to shrink the underwear involves boiling it in hot water.

If you have new Calvin Kelin underwear that you have not worn and are in good condition, you should consider returning the underwear and getting your correct size instead of shrinking them.

If you have already worn the underwear, you cannot return them as the store you bought them from won’t accept the return. Shrinking the underwear will be your best option in this case.

Shrinking Calvin Kelin Underwear With Washer And A Dryer

1. Put on Calvin Kelin underwear to find out how loose the underwear is. You will find that you will shrink your Calvin Kelin underwear to a fitted size.

For instance, if the underwear you have is a large size but runs big, you will be able to shrink the underwear to a fitted large.

2. Read the care tag on the underwear to find out the material of your Calvin Kelin underwear.

Underwear made with 100% cotton will shrink easier than underwear made with synthetic fabrics such as modal and lycra elastane.

Take note that synthetic fabrics will not shrink a lot. If you are not careful, the underwear made with synthetic fabrics could be damaged when you use very high temperatures in an attempt to shrink them.

3. Load your underwear into the washing machine. Ensure that you only load the underwear you want to shrink. If you load other garments in the washer, they will also be shrunk during the wash cycle.

Natural and synthetic fabrics do not shrink at the same temperature. You should shrink cotton and modal underwear on different occasions. Do not shrink the different fabrics together.

4. Set the water temperature to hot. Add washing detergent and set the wash cycle to last 20 minutes. The wash cycle should last 30 minutes for underwear made from synthetic fabrics.

5. After the wash cycle is completed, remove the underwear from the washing machine and put them in the dryer. Dry the underwear for 20 minutes under the highest temperature.

6. After drying, try on the underwear to confirm that you have shrunk them to the desired fit. If not, you can repeat the process.

If you have clean, dry Calvin Kelin underwear that does not need to be cleaned, you can dampen the underwear with water before shrinking them in the dryer.

To shrink the damp underwear with a dryer, put it in the dryer and dry it for at least 20 minutes with the highest temperature setting.  

Shrinking Calvin Kelin Underwear With Boiling Water

If you don’t have a washing machine or only want to shrink one piece of underwear, boiling the underwear in hot water is the best method to shrink the underwear.

It makes no sense to wash and dry only one pair of underwear in the washer or the dryer.

1. In a cooking pot, bring water to a boil. Ensure you boil enough water to submerge the underwear in the water entirely.

2. After the water has boiled (you should see bubbles forming in the water), carefully put the water in a bucket or a wash basin.

3. Using a wooden spoon or metal tongs, put the underwear in hot water and ensure that they are submerged in hot water.

4. Leave the underwear submerged in hot water for five minutes.

Submerge the underwear when water is still boiling on the stove for underwear made with synthetic fabrics.

5. After five minutes, remove the underwear from the water and use a towel to wring out extra water from the underwear.

6. Air dry the underwear on a clothesline.

7. Once dry, try Calvin Kelin underwear to confirm that you have the desired shrink size. If you need to shrink the underwear further, repeat the process.

Do Calvin Klein Underwear Run Small

Underwear needs to fit perfectly. When they are small, they can ride up and make you uncomfortable. Oversized underwear can have wedges that are always embarrassing to pull. Therefore, when buying underwear, you have to buy the perfect fit.

Calvin Klein underwear is true to size. If you want to buy Calvin Klein underwear but are not sure what size you should buy, you should always use the sizing chart provided by the fashion brand. The measurements provided in the chart are accurate and a good starting point for determining the best underwear size for you.

Start by taking your measurement using a tape measure. After that, review the sizing chart and select the size that matches your measurement. That way, you will purchase Calvin Klein underwear that is perfectly fitting.

How Long Do Calvin Klein Boxers Last?

There are different factors determining how long Calvin Klein underwear last. The frequency at which you wear the underwear and the fabric used to make the underwear are the two main factors determining how long your underwear can last.  

Underwear made from delicate fabrics will last less than underwear made from synthetic fabric.

Calvin Klein underwear can last a few years (about 5 – 7 years). However, health experts advise that underwear should be replaced every 6 – 12 months.

Calvin Klein underwear should only be worn for a day. However, if unable to change the underwear daily, the underwear should never be worn consecutively for more than two days.

Do Calvin Klein Boxers Run Big?

Calvin Klein boxers are true to size. You should buy your regular size without going up or down the size. If the perfectly fitting size of your boxer is large, you should buy large-sized Calving Klein boxers.

If you are not sure what the correct size Calvin Klein boxer is, you should use the sizing chart provided by the company on its website. Use a tape measure to find your measurements.

Once you have taken your measurement, you can use the sizing chart to fund out the boxers that will perfectly fit you.

Are Calvin Klein Underwear Worth It?

To determine whether Calvin Klein underwear is worth it, the durability of the underwear, comfortability, and brand value has to be considered.

Durable underwear has to last a long time. Calvin Klein underwear is made with durable fabrics such as cotton, modal, lycra, and elastane. You can expect the underwear to last a long time.

The materials that make Calvin Klein underwear have a smooth texture and are always comfortable to the skin. In addition, the fabrics are also breathable making the underwear comfortable even when you are sweating.

Calvin Klein has a high brand value, as can be attested by the fact that the brand’s underwear is popular for photo ops. It can be argued that people wearing Calvin Klein underwear are successful in life as the brand has been positioned to create an image of success.

Considering Calvin Klein underwear’s brand value, durability, and comfortability, the underwear is worth it.

Can You Put Calvin Klein Underwear In The Dryer?

Any fabric can be put in the dryer. However, some fabrics will come out of the dryer damaged. The properties of the fabric you put in the dryer and the temperature inside the dryer will determine whether the garment will be ruined in the dryer or not.

Calvin Klein underwear can be put in the dryer and not be damaged if the proper dryer settings are used. If you don’t want to shrink or damage your Calvin Klein underwear, you should always dry the underwear with a delicate or gentle cycle.

To shrink Calvin Klein underwear in the dryer, set the dryer to its highest temperature and throw the underwear in the dryer for 20 minutes.


Calvin Klein underwear is among the best underwear. Since the underwear can shrink as it is made from shrinkable fabrics, it always has to be washed with the right temperature setting.

Gentle or delicate wash and dry cycles should be used when washing and drying Calvin Klein underwear. Cleaning the underwear in the wrong settings will shrink or even damage the underwear.