What You Must Know About Saxx Underwear

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Once in a while, fashion brands develop new products that have unique features. When Saxx Underwear introduced unique underwear based on the 3D concept, many people had many questions about underwear. One of the questions commonly asked was whether the underwear worked and whether it was shrinking in the wash.

Saxx Underwear can shrink when washed wrongly. To prevent the underwear from shrinking, always wash the underwear in cold or warm water settings and in a delicate or cotton wash cycle. To shrink the underwear, wash and dry them at high temperatures.

This article discusses Saxx Underwear at great length. Specifically, in the article, you will discover whether Saxx Underwear shrinks, last long, have a fly, ride up, and run small. In addition, the procedure for washing the underwear is also discussed.

What Saxx Is Underwear?

Saxx Underwear is an underwear brand that has various unique features. The underwear is made with an innovative patented internal ballpark pouch that offers superior comfort.

The company that makes Saxx Underwear is convinced of the outstanding performance of the underwear it markets to the extent that it guarantees to refund orders when customers are unsatisfied with the underwear.

My husband bought three pairs of Saxx Underwear, and from what I have heard from him, the underwear is genuinely exceptional.

In particular, the underwear is very comfortable since even if one sweats when wearing them, they are not uncomfortable as is the case with other types of underwear.

Do Saxx Underwear Shrink?

When shrinking any garment, the garment’s fabric, heat, and moisture will all play a significant role in determining whether the garment will shrink.

For example, if you have a garment made of a delicate fabric such as linen, the garment will not shrink in cold water. But if the garment is put in hot water, it might be ruined.

Fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton are more susceptible to shrinking than fabrics with synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibers are mostly made from plastic and capable of resisting shrinking.

Saxx Underwear is made from premium modal, cotton, and spandex fabric. Modal is a synthetic fiber made from natural materials and is 100% biodegradable. It is highly breathable and comfortable for tight-fitting intimate wear.

The blended fabric used in the underwear does not trap sweat and odors. When wearing modal, cotton, and spandex clothing and you sweat, the clothes do not feel sweaty or cling to the skin.

Saxx Underwear can shrink since modal, cotton, and spandex fibers are susceptible to shrinking. However, the modal fibers will resist shrinking more than cotton.

To shrink Saxx Underwear, you can wash the underwear in a high-water temperature setting and dry them in a high heat cycle.

When Saxx Underwear fibers come into contact with heat, the heat will make the fibers contract resulting in shrinking.

To avoid Saxx Underwear shrinking, you should always wash the underwear in the correct setting. Specifically, you should use a gentle or cotton wash cycle in the washing machine. In the dryer, use a delicate or cool drying cycle.

To shrink Saxx Underwear, wash the underwear in the hottest water temperature setting. After that, dry the underwear with the hottest dryer setting for 20 minutes.

You can also shrink Saxx Underwear by soaking the underwear in hot boiling water for 5 minutes. After that, you should air-dry the underwear to avoid further shrinking in the dryer.

How To Wash Saxx Underwear

When you want to wash Saxx Underwear, you can handwash the underwear or wash them in a washing machine.

Handwashing Saxx Underwear

If you want to ensure that your Saxx Underwear does not shrink or get damaged in the washing machine, you should handwash the underwear.

Whenever you handwash your Saxx Underwear, you extend the underwear’s lifespan since handwashing has minimal agitation. Handwashing is also a sustainable practice since less amount of water is used.

Here is how you should handwash your Saxx Underwear:

1. Pour water into a wash basin.

2. Add laundry detergent or soap to the water.

3. Use your hands to mix water and soap to have a good bath.

4. Submerge your Saxx Underwear into the water and soak the underwear for 5 – 10 minutes.

5. Using your hands, agitate the underwear in the soap and water solution for a few minutes.

6. Use cold or warm water to rinse the underwear. Once you notice that the soapy water is gone, wring out water from the underwear.

7.  Air dry your underwear in a location away from sunlight. If you dry the underwear in direct sunlight, it might be faded by the sun.

Washing Saxx Underwear With Washing Machine

Unless you have many pairs of underwear, you should never wash Saxx Underwear only in the washer. But if your underwear can add up to a good load in the washer, you can wash them alone in the washer.

1. Load the underwear in the washer with other garments of the same color.

2. Choose the correct wash cycle, which is delicate or cotton wash cycle.

3. Put washing detergent in the detergent compartment

4. Set the water temperature to cold or warm. Ensure you have set the proper water temperature. If the wrong temperature is set, your Saxx Underwear could shrink.

5. Turn the washer on.

6. Wait for the wash cycle to complete.

7. Take the underwear and other garments out of the washer and load them into the dryer. If you don’t want to dry your underwear in the dryer, you can air dry them.

8. Set the dryer to cool or delicate cycle and leave the garments to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

How Long Do Saxx Underwear Last?

Modal, cotton, and spandex fabrics used to make Saxx Underwear are very strong.

The fibers of the blended fabric are long and tightly woven. Saxx Underwear is durable and can last 3 – 5 years, depending on how often you wear the underwear.

However, health experts advise that underwear needs to be changed every 6-12 months.

Do Saxx Underwear Have A Fly?

Some people don’t see the need for a fly in modern-day underwear, while others consider the fly an essential feature in their underwear. The fly in the underwear is mainly used when men want to pee with their underwear on.

Most Saxx Underwear have a frontal for swift and easy access. However, some models, such as Saxx vibe, don’t have a fly.

Do Saxx Underwear Ride Up?

If you get your correct size, Saxx Underwear. Moreover, the underwear does not run small or big. The spandex fibers in the underwear fabric stretches out as needed to give the perfect fit.

When buying Saxx Underwear, you should always buy your true size, and the underwear will perfectly fit you.

If you don’t know your underwear size, you can use a tape measure and then the Saxx Underwear sizing chart to find your perfect fit size.

How Do Saxx Underwear Work?

Saxx Underwear is uniquely designed to give you exceptional comfortability that other underwear cannot match.

The ballpark pouch in the underwear ensures that your private parts are always kept separated from any side of the legs. From that separation, you avoid any itchiness and any comfortability issues that could arise from sweating.  

What’s The Difference Between Saxx Vibe And Ultra?

When shopping for Saxx Underwear, you might mistakenly consider Saxx Vibe and Saxx Ultra to be the same. Even if the two models have various similarities, they also have differences.

Saxx Vibe does not have a fly and has a slimmer fit. On the other hand, Saxx Ultra has a vertical fly and a relaxed fit.

The similarities between Saxx Vibe and Saxx Ultra are that they are made of the same fabric, have similar mesh pouches, and can be worn daily.


Saxx Underwear is of good quality and functions well to offer men comfortable underwear. To ensure that the underwear lasts a long time, you must always wash it in the correct setting.

If possible, you should handwash the underwear instead of washing in the washer. If you have to wash your underwear with the washing machine, always wash the underwear in cotton or a delicate wash cycle.