What You Must Know About Lounge Underwear

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When you want to buy a pair of underwear, various thoughts can come to your mind. For example, if you prefer buying underwear from an ethical brand, you could ask whether the brand you are considering buying is sustainable and ethical. So is Lounge underwear fast fashion, and does it shrink?

Lounge underwear is not fast fashion. The unique original designs, high prices, durability, and irregular new product releases disqualify the company from being considered a fast fashion brand.

This article looks at Lounge underwear and discusses whether it is a fast-fashion brand. In addition, the article also discusses whether Lounge is an ethical brand, whether it is true to size, and whether it shrinks.

Brief History Of Lounge Underwear

Lounge underwear was established in 2015 by Dan Marsden and Mel Paradise. Since the two partners did not have any experience in the fashion industry, they hired a seamstress to help them make the popular Triangle design a reality.

Since then, the company has experienced unprecedented growth. The business operates four online stores in the United Kingdom, European Union, United States of America, and Australia. All the products sold by Lounge Underwear are shipped from the company’s central warehouse in Solihull, UK.

Is Lounge Fast Fashion?

Over the years, fast fashion has been defined differently. However, a review of the different definitions of fast fashion shows certain aspects of the products sold by a fashion brand, and the strategies used by the fashion brand can be used to determine whether a fashion brand is fast-fashion or not.

Fast fashion is a phrase used to describe clothing designs that swiftly move from the catwalk to the stores in order to take advantage of trends. The designs of fast fashion products are based on styles featured at Fashion Week runway shows or designs that have been recently worn by celebrities.

To ensure that fast fashion products are continuously purchased, fast fashion brands use different strategies.

Apart from imitating catwalk designs and designs worn by celebrities, fast fashion brands; sell products at low prices, use synthetic fabrics as they are cheap, and mainly manufacture their products in countries with low production costs.

In addition, fast fashion brands deliberately use materials with low durability so that customers constantly keep buying fashion products from them. On average, fast fashion products can only last 8 – 10 wears before they are worn out and disposed of by their owners.

So, is Lounge Underwear fast fashion?


Fast fashion brands sell their products at low prices. A review of various products sold by Lounge Underwear shows that the company’s products are not cheaply priced.

The fact that most of the products are priced over $50 even after being discounted with a 30% discount shows that as far as the price is concerned, Lounge underwear is not fast fashion.


Fast fashion products last a short time. Lounge Underwear products are meant to last a long time. The products are made from different durable fabrics as the company purposes to give its customers good value for their money.

Considering the durability of Lounge underwear products, the company does not qualify to be classified as a fast fashion.


Fast fashion brands do not spend a lot of money designing new products. Instead, they copy the latest fashion trends from celebrities or catwalks in fashion shows. 

Lounge Underwear has in-house designers who design the eye-catching products sold by the company.

The unique designs of Lounge Underwear differentiate the company from its competitors and are clear evidence that the company is not a fast fashion.

New Product Release

Fast fashion brands release new products after 2-3 weeks. For Lounge Underwear, that is never the case since even if the company can at times release new products every month, there are times when a few months can pass by with the company not releasing any new products.

Manufacturing Location

Fast fashion brands manufacture their products in low-cost countries to be able to sell products at low prices and still make good profit margins.

The only aspect of Lounge Underwear that makes the company appear like a fast-fashion brand is that products are designed at the company’s head office in the UK and then produced in Cambodia/Vietnam and Sri Lank.

However, overseas production does not qualify Lounge Underwear as fast fashion since many other fashion brands, such as Lululemon, have operations in various low-cost countries and are not considered fast fashion.

Lounge Underwear is not fast fashion. The fashion brand designs its unique designs instead of imitating existing designs, sells products at high prices, sells high-quality durable products, and releases products in fewer intervals, contrary to fast fashion.

Is Lounge An Ethical Brand?

An ethical fashion brand is a brand that leaves behind a legacy of values, strategies, and actions which can be considered to be morally and ethically correct.

An ethical fashion brand cannot hurt people, animals, and the environment it operates in. Instead, the brand has a positive impact on society and the environment.

Lounge Underwear is an ethical brand. The company is 100% carbon neutral. In addition, Lounge has always been on the lookout for how to enhance the sustainability of its products.

To positively impact the communities that Lounge Underwear operates in, the company has invested in various sustainability projects. For example, the company has funded renewable energy in China and afforestation projects in India.

Where Does Lounge Underwear Ship From?

Once Lounge products have been manufactured in various countries such as Vietnam and Sri Lanka, the products are shipped to Lounge Underwear’s central warehouse in the UK.

Lounge customers then place their orders online, and the order is shipped from the company’s central warehouse in Solihull, UK. Thus, whether you are in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, or Europe, the products you buy from Lounge are shipped from Solihull, UK.

Where Is Lounge Underwear Manufactured?

Lounge Underwear is manufactured in various countries with low production costs. As can be seen from the screenshot below of an online chat I had with one of the company’s online representatives, Lounge Underwear products are mainly manufactured in Cambodia/Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Screenshot of a chat with Lounge customer rep who confirmed that manufacturing is done in low-cost countries

Lounge Underwear is among the few companies that have operated ethically while still manufacturing its products in countries with low production costs. The company has signed contracts that require overseas manufacturers to adhere to an agreed code of ethics.

To ensure that the manufacturers adhere to the code of ethics, Lounge Underwear conducts regular audits in the factories.

Is Lounge Underwear True To Size?

True to size implies that the size of the garment is as specified by the manufacturer. When a garment is true to size, it is easy to find the size that will perfectly fit you since you need to take your measurements and then use the size guide given by the garment manufacturer to determine your correct size.

Lounge Underwear is true to size. Thus, you can buy your standard size and be assured that the products you buy from the company will fit you. The fabric used to make most Lounge products is a blend that has a stretchy fabric in it implies that most Lounge products will perfectly fit you.

You don’t need to up or down a size when buying Lounge Underwear products.

Does Lounge Underwear Shrink?

The fabric used to make any fabric and the conditions that the fabric is exposed to determine whether a fabric will shrink. For example, when cotton is washed in boiling water. However, washing polyester in hot water might not shrink the fabric.

Most Lounge Underwear lingerie is made of 88% recycled Polyamide and 12% Elastane. The two fabrics are synthetic, and as is the case with most synthetic fabrics, you will need very high temperatures to shrink the polyamide elastane blend.

Lounge Underwear can shrink when washed in a hot water setting for a long cycle. To ensure that you don’t shrink Lounge Underwear in the wash, always wash the underwear in a cold or warm water setting. The water temperature for washing Lounge Underwear should never exceed 30 degrees centigrade.

After you have washed your Lounge Underwear with a washing machine, you should never dry the lingerie with a dryer. Most lingerie has a mesh fabric, and this fabric will be damaged when dried in the dryer. Always air dry Lounge Underwear products in a place away from sunlight to avoid sun fading.

Can You Return Lounge Underwear?

As a customer-centric company, Lounge Underwear accepts customer returns. However, in order for the company to process your returns, there are various conditions that have to be met. You can read the company’s return policy on the website. Here are some of the points to consider when returning items to Lounge Underwear

– You have to return the products purchased within 45 days after the date of dispatch.

– The returned items have to be in the conditions that they were in when the company sent them to you. If you have already removed tags on the item or the items are dirty, the return will not be accepted.

– If you return items that are not in the conditions that they were in when sent out to you, the company will reship the items back to you.

– For swim set, the hygiene strip has to be attached as was the case when it was shipped to you. If you already removed the strip, you should not return it since it will not be accepted.

– When processing the refund, the shipping costs are not refunded.

When you receive your items from Lounge Underwear, handle them with care so that in case you need to return or exchange any of the items, the return will be successful.


Lounge Underwear is not a fast fashion. The company offers quality products that are designed by its in-house design team. Moreover, Lounge Underwear products are not cheap. Thus, sufficient evidence shows that Lounge is not a fast-fashion brand.



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