Where Are Frankies Bikinis Made – Is Frankies Bikinis Fast Fashion?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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As summer approaches, you will most likely shop for summer clothes. Indeed, clothes worn during the winter and spring seasons cannot be ideal for summer. If you plan to soak in some sun and probably get a tan, you must consider buying a bikini. If you are considering purchasing a Frankies Bikini, you will most likely have some questions which you will want to be answered before you buy the bikinis.

Frankies Bikinis are designed in Malibu and made in California and Bali, Indonesia. Even if there are some aspects of Frankies Bikinis that makes the company appear as if it is a fast fashion, the company is not fast fashion since it designs its unique designs, sells the products are very high prices and has also put emphasis on using recycled fabrics to make different products.

In this article, we’ll take at various questions that people might have about Frankies Bikinis. Read on to find out more about Frankies Bikinis.

What Is Frankies Bikinis?

Frankies Bikinis entails a global online destination for fashion-forward beachwear that is inspired by Malibu and made in Los Angeles. Frankies Bikinis are loved for their high-end fabrics, fashion-forward shapes, and cheeky bottoms. The company is committed to designing, manufacturing, and marketing quality bikinis hence the reason Frankies Bikinis look astonishing on everyone.

Frankies Bikinis was established in 2012 by Francesca Aiello when still a high school student. Since then, the company has experienced unprecedented growth as the sales have continuously increased every year since its inception.

Even though the company was initially focused on bikinis, it has evolved into a beach lifestyle brand that now offers ready-to-wear clothing and beauty products. Frankies Bikini products can be found in various retail boutiques in the USA. However, for the most extensive collection of the company’s products, you have to shop the products from Frankies Bikinis’ website.

Where are Frankies Bikinis made?

In the past, customers were not mainly interested in knowing where different clothing and apparel were made from. However, with increased competition and exposure to how some fashion brands have been exploiting their workers in overseas factories to make high-profit margins, customers are now concerned about knowing where the products they intend to purchase are made from.

From a different perspective, it can also be noted that by knowing where products are made from, many customers are convinced that they can determine whether the products are of high quality or not.

However, that is not the case in modern-day times. Through elaborate quality control processes, fashion brands have ensured that even when various fashion products are manufactured in countries with low production costs, the products are still of high quality.

Frankies Bikinis are designed in Malibu and made in Los Angeles, California, and Bali, Indonesia. Most of the Frankies Bikinis are true to size. Besides, the bikinis have straps that make it possible to adjust the size so that the bikinis perfectly fit.

When buying Frankies Bikinis, one should buy her normal size instead of sizing up or down. One of the commonly used fabrics in Frankies Bikinis is a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex. The bikinis will thus slightly stretch with time, and loose bikini bottoms will be the last thing you want.

Is Frankies Bikinis Fast Fashion

Due to the popularity of Frankies Bikinis and the unprecedented success that the company has enjoyed since its inception, many people have wondered whether the company is a fast fashion.

Frankies Bikinis is not a fast-fashion. Frankie Bikinis are expensive, unique in design, and do not imitate catwalk trends or high-fashion designs. Indeed, the unique forward-fashion approach used by Frankie Bikinis is contrary to the values of the fast fashion concept, and it has been the main reason why the company has been successful since its inception.

Fast fashion is a phrase used to describe the fashion industry business process of duplicating recent catwalk trends and high-fashion designs, mass-producing the products at minimal costs, and quickly stocking them in fashion retail stores when the demand for these products is still high.

To a great extent, fast fashion can be argued to be focused on maximizing fashion brands’ profits at the expense of other stakeholders. Indeed, fast fashion contributes to the exhaustion of resources, irresponsible waste disposal, child labor, and abuse of employee rights.

Why Frankie Bikinis Is Not Fast Fashion

When you take a closer look at the different strategies used by Frankie Bikinis, there is sufficient evidence to show that the company is not a fast fashion. Let’s look at Franke Bikinis’ operation characteristics that disqualify the company from being a fast fashion.

Frankies Bikinis Products Are Not Cheap

One of the major elements of fast fashion is that it is cheap. Specifically, by copying the latest catwalk trends and high-fashion designs, fast fashion avoids the high costs of researching and designing new products.

Since fast fashion does not have high product development costs, it can sell its products at low prices and still make good profits. Frankies Bikinis are not cheap since the starting price of the company’s bikinis is $80.

While you consider that you can buy cheap bikinis from $10 – $15, Frankies Bikinis are not cheap. The high price of the bikinis can, among others, be attributed to the high costs of research and product development and the high costs of production that the company incurs for manufacturing taking place in Los Angeles.

If Frankies Bikinis was a fast fashion, the company would have all its manufacturing taking place in Indonesia. But, at the same time, it would also limit its spending on developing new products to keep the costs low and sell products at lower prices.

Frankies Bikini Has Unique Designs

Fast Fashion designs are not unique since they are copied from existing catwalk trends and high-fashion designs. Frankies Bikini does not copy any of their designs from catwalk trends or high fashion design. Instead, the company designs and develops its unique design.

One of the reasons Frankies Bikini has been successful is the unique designs of the products sold in the market. According to Wightman-Stone, who writes for Fashion United, the company has adopted a fashion-forward approach that has made it endearing to its target customers.

Thus, by developing its unique designs instead of copying existing ones, Frankies Bikinis does not qualify to be categorized as a fast fashion.

Frankies Bikinis Use Recycled Fabrics

In most cases, fast fashion companies are not bothered with their environmental impacts. Indeed, if fast fashion companies were to become environmentally friendly, the prices of the products they design and sell would be considerably high.

The reason for that is because environmentally friendly practices would call for manufacturing, recycling, and disposal of fabrics in an environmentally friendly way.  This would be expensive as fashion brands would have to change their operations processes and how they dispose of their waste.

Despite Frankies Bikinis being aware that environmentally friendly practices are expensive, the company has embraced various environmentally friendly practices. Such a decision by Frankies Bikinis indicates that the company is not fast fashion since it would not make such a decision if it were fast fashion.

The decision by the company to use 80% recycled polyester in all its active wear pieces shows that Frankies Bikinis is committed to ensuring that it minimizes its negative impact on the environment. From that perspective, Frankies Bikini does not qualify to be considered a fast fashion.

Why Frankies Bikinis Is Fast Fashion

Taking a closer look at Frankies Bikinis operations, there are various elements of the company’s operations that make the company look as if it is fast fashion. Let’s take a closer look at these elements.

Marketing Strategies Used

One of the key features of fast fashion is that target customers are made to believe the company offers the latest trend. By successfully doing that, the company can effectively convince customers to purchase new products whenever they are out.

A closer look at the marketing strategies used by Frankies Bikinis shows that the company ‘aggressively’ markets its products on different online platforms with the hope of capturing the imagination of the target customers and eventually convincing the customers to purchase new trendy designs.

Moreover, the company is constantly introducing new products to the already existing product range, showing an element of fast fashion.

The reason why that is the case is that, through marketing, the company hopes that customers will always upgrade their wardrobe with the latest designs. Even if there is nothing wrong with consistently buying new trendy designs, the issue comes with the older designs still in good condition.

Most of the time, the old designs end up being disposed of, and in the long run, they end up in landfills. Thus, the increased rate at which Frankies Bikinis releases new products and at the same time builds anticipation and demand for these products can be said to make the company qualify as a fast fashion.

Frankies Bikinis Are Made In Bali, Indonesia

As already pointed out, fast fashion focuses on the interest of the fashion brands at the expense of others. Indeed, companies that qualify to be referred to as fast fashion will go at any length to make sure that they maximize their profits.

One of the ways through which fast fashion companies ensure they have maximized their profits is to have the manufacturing of their products taking place in countries with low production costs.

When moving production to countries with low production costs, the fashion brands do not even consider the job opportunities lost to their home countries and other negative impacts that the decision to manufacture abroad has on the societies they are based in.

Frankies Bikinis has noted that its products are designed in Malibu and made in Los Angeles, California, and Bali, Indonesia. Even if there could be various reasons why the company has some of its manufacturing taking place in Indonesia, one of the main reasons why that is the case is because Indonesia has low production costs compared to the USA.

Thus, by having some of its manufacturing in Indonesia, Frankies Bikinis can be argued to have some elements of fast fashion.

Mainly Uses Synthetic Fabrics

One of the main characteristics of fast fashion is that it uses synthetic fabric. Fast fashion prefers synthetic fabrics because they are cheap and can be specifically blended to ensure that they have the desired values.

For example, a bikini made from natural materials might not be lightweight, poor in breathability, and not stretch. However, by blending nylon, polyester, and spandex, bikini manufacturers have a fabric with all the desired values.

Even if there is nothing wrong with using synthetic fabric, developing synthetic materials has devastating impacts on the environment while recycling the fabrics is also a significant problem.

Considering that fast fashion contributes to environmental degradation mainly due to synthetic fibers, Frankies Bikinis’ use of synthetic fibers can be argued to make the company have an element of fast fashion.

Frankies Bikinis is not fast fashion. Even if manufacturing in Indonesia, regular release of new products, and use of synthetic fabrics make Frankies Bikinis look like a fast fashion, the company is not fast fashion. Frankies Bikinis still manufactures some of its products in the USA.

Moreover, the company spends a lot of money designing and developing unique designs and does not copy any catwalk or high street designs as is common with fast fashion.

Is Frankies Bikinis Worth It?

Frankies Bikinis can be expensive, especially when comparing the price with other bikinis. However, it is always good to ask whether the bikinis are worth it so that you can access your options and make an informed decision on whether you will buy the bikinis or not.

Frankies Bikinis are worth it since they are of superior quality, are unique in design, have a strong brand image enhanced by having many celebrities wear the bikinis, and are highly durable.

To determine whether Frankies Bikinis are worth it, you must consider the bikinis’ quality, durability, design, and brand image. After that, you need to consider how the bikinis compare with other bikinis available on the market.


The fabric used to make a bikini will be the main factor determining whether a bikini is of high quality. By touching and feeling a bikini, you can evaluate the quality. A high-quality bikini will be soft and thick, while a cheap bikini feels rough.

Frankies Bikinis are made from a blend of synthetic fabrics. The blends used have features required in a swimsuit since they are durable, water-resistant, and dry quick drying.

I love my Frankies Bikinis since they are figure-flattering, lightweight, feel soft, and have lasted a long time. Even though I initially feared that the bikinis were see-through due to their thinness, I confirmed they were not see-through.


Durability is the lifeline of the swimsuit. When you plan to spend $80 on a bikini, you would want to be assured that the swimsuit will last you a long time. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a product that would last a short period.

Frankies Bikinis are made from synthetic fabrics that are highly durable. I have had my Frankies bikini for the last 9 months, and they still look like new. I also have friends who have Frankies Bikinis, and they are all of the views that the bikinis are durable.


A highly-priced bikini should be unique such as when you wear one, you stand out from others. If the design of your bikini is not unique and you don’t get compliments from others, the bikinis are not worth their price.

Frankies Bikinis have unique designs that are flattering. The uniqueness of the bikinis has made them a preferred choice for many people. I find the bikinis well designed and unique in their way.

Brand Image

Brand image is the picture that comes to one’s mind when a specific brand name is mentioned. Frankies Bikinis has a strong brand image linked to the increased number of celebrities who wear bikinis.

Some celebrities who wear Frankies Bikinis comprise; Adele, Amita Suman, Billie Eilish, Candice King, Carey Mulligan, Chrishell Stause, Claire Holt, and Coral Simanovich.

By having many celebrities wear the Frankies Bikinis, the bikinis have been positioned as one of the best bikini brands in the market. Moreover, celebrities are not expected to wear cheap bikinis. As such, Frankies Bikinis can be worth the high price.

Considering the brand image, durability, unique designs, and the superior quality of the Frankies Bikini, the bikinis are worth the prices.

Concluding Thoughts

Frankies Bikinis have experienced great success since they were introduced in the market. The high success can be linked to the unique designs and the high-quality bikinis.

Frankies Bikinis feature new trendy designs that the company is not created and not copied. Thus, Frankies Bikinis is not fast fashion.