10 Reasons Why Skinny Jeans Slide Down [How To Fix]

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Skinny jeans fit perfectly to match all the body’s curves. Skinny jeans have been in the fashion industry for many years, yet they are always on the spot for different reasons. As they are fashionable, people prefer to wear skinny jeans. However, when worn, one of the most common issues with skinny jeans is that they can slide down due to different reasons.

In this article, the different reasons why skinny jeans fall are discussed. In addition, the article also discusses what you need to do to ensure that your skinny jeans do not slide down.

Why Skinny Jeans Slide Down

To stop skinny jeans from sliding down, it is common for people to wear additional layers so that the jeans fit correctly to the body. But wearing an extra layer isn’t the best thing since the added layers might be seen from the outside. In this article, we look at why skinny jeans slide down and how to stop skinny jeans from falling.

1. Sizing Of Jeans

The most common reason skinny jeans slide down is due to the jeans being tight-fitting in the hip and butt regions but yet have loose waist sizing. The waistline sizing for every skinny jeans may vary with each manufacturer and various types of jeans among the same manufacturers.

Perfect fit in jeans is hard to match as there are various sizes around the waist, hip, and butt. To make skinny jeans that fit different people, jeans manufacturers offer different sizes of skinny jeans. However, since different people have different sizes specific to them, the standard size of skinny jeans ends up sliding on some people.

2. Tight Fit To Body

Skinny jeans are tight-fitting, and this can make the jeans slide down. For example, when you bend down, the jeans can slide down since the jeans are tight-fitting perfectly in the leg and butt sections but not in the waist section. When jeans are tight-fitting to the legs and butt section, they will stick to the body parts they tightly fit in even though the waistband would not stay in place.

3. Not Having The Right Measurements

Just like how the measurements of the skinny jeans play a role in ensuring the jeans fit perfectly without sliding down, our body measurements play an equal role in holding the jeans in place.

Supermodels have precision tools to measure their exact sizes, while ordinary people might not access such tools. As such, ordinary people might find it hard to choose the perfect fit skinny jeans which do not slide down since they do not have their exact measurements.

4. Styling Of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans fit our body, but the jeans are styled differently to make them more fashionable and show the body’s curves. As is the case with fitting, the way skinny jeans are styled plays a significant role in determining whether the jeans will slide down or not.

Specifically, some styling like fitting skinny jeans with boots to make the legs look even slimmer or more prolonged might cause the jeans to slide down since the boots will constantly pull the jeans downwards.

5. Problem With Low-rise Skinny Jeans:

Low-rise skinny jeans are a fashion as they help emphasize the waistline since there is no fabric around the waist region. When jeans are worn to sit lower around the waistline, there is always room for the jeans to slide down since no support is given in the waistband.

Thus, you have low-rise skinny jeans; there is always a high chance that the jeans will slide down.

6. Shrinking of Skinny Jeans

It is usual for any garment to shrink during the first few washes. Even if most skinny jeans are pre-shrunk during manufacturing, they will still shrink in the wash, especially if you wash them in the wrong settings.

When skinny jeans, initially tight-fitting, shrink, they become a little tighter. But, unfortunately, that tightness can make the jeans start sliding down.

7. Stretchiness Of Jeans Fabric

Even if skinny jeans are made from different fabrics, cotton is the main fabric in the cotton blend used to make most skinny jeans.

Since cotton stretches over time, the cotton in the skinny jeans will make the jeans easily fall once they have stretched out.

8. Content Of The Cotton Blend Used In Skinny Jeans

Jeans are made of denim. Denim is a twill of cotton, which is a natural fiber. Sometimes cotton is blended along with elastane and polystyrene, which are synthetic fibers, with the proportions of each fabric varying among different jeans manufacturers.

Elastane is required for the waistband to hold the jeans in position. When the elastane around skinny jeans’ waistline is of lower proportion or the waistband is made of other fabric, the jean may not withstand any stretching in the waistline. As such, the skinny jeans will end up sliding down.

9. Quality Of The Skinny Jeans

When your skinny jeans are of low quality, it is only a matter of time before your jeans start sliding down. Low-quality jeans are cheap. However, you might pay dearly for the affordable price as the jeans will eventually prove that they are of low quality.

For example, cheap skinny jeans will have a poor grade of elastane on the waistline. Thus, as you wear and remove your skinny jeans, the fibers of the poor-quality elastane used in the waistline will break down, leaving you with a loose waistline.

As a result, when you wear your skinny jeans, they will end up sliding down as the waistline continuously falls.

10. You lost Some Weight

If you have been on a diet or started to exercise, your waistline will most likely decrease in size. As a result, the skinny jeans that used to fit you perfectly will not fit you the same way.

You need to either shrink the waist of the skinny jeans or buy a new pair of skinny jeans since if you wear jeans with a bigger waistline, the jeans will fall.

How To Stop Skinny Jeans From Sliding Down

If your skinny jeans are falling, there are things you can do to ensure that the jeans will not slide down. Here is how to fix the issue of skinny jeans falling:

Buy Perfect fit Skinny Jeans

Since measurements of skinny jeans vary with each manufacturer or with different types of jeans sold by a manufacturer, perfect-fit skinny jeans can at times be hard to find.

However, if you don’t want your skinny jean to slide down, you need to do your best to ensure that you buy the best fitting skinny jeans. To buy the best-fit skinny jeans, make sure that you try them before buying them.

If you are buying jeans from online stores, ensure that the store has a clear return policy to easily return the jeans and get a replacement if the size is not perfectly fitting.

Alter The Waist Of Your Skinny Jeans

The fit of your skinny jeans around the waist region should fit perfectly to ensure the jeans do not slide down.

If the waist does not fit perfectly, you can have the waist altered by your tailor or seamstress. Alternatively, if you are good at alterations, you can adjust the waistline.  

Use A Belt

One of the common solutions for jeans sliding down problems entails adding a belt and tightening the waistband to ensure the jeans will not move down from the waistline.

Sometimes, the belt might seem as if it is an odd addition since the belt might pop up in the waist section. Moreover, skinny jeans with a belt might not be visually appealing as skinny jeans are fitted to the body, and a big belt might not be so fashionable.

However, if the shirt is tucked into the skinny jeans, the belt can create good separation between the top and the other half. Nevertheless, you need to note that you can’t wear belts with some skinny jeans.

Change to Mid-rise or High-rise skinny jeans

The section where the jeans sit in the body plays a significant role in determining if the jeans would stay in place or slide down. For example, Low-rise skinny jeans sit below the hip line, which would not hold the jeans once the jeans slide down.

Trying mid-rise or skinny high-rise jeans would help ensure that the jeans are held with the body and do not slide down.

Style Your Jeans Better

Some styling of the skinny jeans pulls the jeans down. For example, if you tuck the ankles of jeans into boots, your jeans will be pulled down.

On the other hand, other styles can help hold the jean in place. For example, when you wear your skinny jeans with a belt, the belt ensures that the jeans cannot slide down.

Thus, to avoid your jeans sliding down, you can style jeans in a way that they will not slide down.

Opt For Stretchy Skinny Jeans

Any comfortable jeans will have some stretchiness to allow movement within the body. However, a lot of stretchiness means that the jeans would stretch with each moment, and as the jeans stretch, they would slide down with every movement.

Thus, it is essential to check for elastane percentage in skinny jeans when purchasing to make sure you buy skinny jeans that can stretch to a certain percentage.  

Suspenders With Skinny Jeans

Suspenders can be worn with skinny jeans to send a fashion statement while at the same time ensuring that the skinny jeans do not fall.  

When styling suspenders with skinny jeans, make sure you wear a perfectly fitting shirt that will be fully tucked in.

Minimize The Number Of Washes  

This might sound a little bit weird. But the less you wash your jeans, the lesser the chances of your jeans shrinking and stretching.

When jeans are exposed to hot water and heat, the jeans might either shrink or stretch. Thus, you do not want our skinny jeans unless it is a must for you to wash them.  


Skinny jeans are supposed to be tight-fitting. However, it can be frustrating to buy skinny jeans only to find them sliding down. The first step to making sure that your skinny jeans do not slide down is to ensure that you buy perfectly fitting skinny jeans.

After that, you should make sure that you take good care of your skinny jeans. If you style your skinny jeans well and wash them in the correct setting, so they do not stretch out or shrink, the chances of your skinny jeans sliding down are minimal.