Why Are My Lululemon Leggings Itchy and How To Fix

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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Picture this! You have for some time wanted to buy Lululemon leggings. You probably heard how comfortable the leggings are and went ahead to buy a pair of Lulu leggings. However, after wearing your leggings, you find that they are itchy. So the next thing in your mind is to find out why the leggings are itchy and how you can stop them from being itchy.

Some of the reasons why Lululemon leggings are itchy are; they are new and still have chemicals and dyes used in the fabric manufacturing process, your skin is dry, your skin is allergic to the synthetic fibers used to make the leggings, and the washing detergent used to clean the leggings has irritating chemicals.

This article discusses what makes Lululemon leggings itchy and what you can do to stop the itchiness.

6 Reasons Why Your Lululemon Leggings Itchy

There are various reasons why you feel itchy after wearing leggings. Here are some of the main reasons your leggings are irritating your skin. By understanding why the leggings are itchy, it is easy to find out measures that can be taken to minimize the itchiness or altogether remove the itchiness.  

1. Your Leggings Are New

At times, new Lululemon leggings can make you feel itchy. Since the leggings are new, they have not been washed. As a result, the leggings could contain residues of dyes and chemicals used in the fabric manufacturing process.

Thus, when your skin comes into contact with these dyes and chemicals, there will be a reaction that results in itchiness.

2. The Nature Of Fabrics Used

The fabric fibers used to make any piece of clothing can react with your skin and make you feel itchy. According to Newman, who writes for Web Md, any fiber can make your skin itchy. However, you are more likely to feel itchy from clothes made with synthetic fabrics such as nylon, spandex, rayon, Lycra, and polyester, among others.

Lululemon leggings are made from a blend of nylon, lycra, and elastane at different proportions. All these fabrics are synthetic, and the chemicals, dyes, and glues used in the manufacture of the fabrics and purposed at making these fabrics wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and stretchy can be why you feel itchy when you wear leggings made from a blend of synthetic fabrics.

3. Washing Detergent Used To Wash Leggings

According to Health Line, even though washing detergents might wash dirt from your clothes and make them smell fresh, some of the detergents are packed with different toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Indeed, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals present in laundry detergents are known to cause itchiness. The itchiness, in this case, can develop either the first time you wash your clothes with a specific detergent or after washing the clothes with a particular detergent for some time.

The chemical in your washing detergent can thus be a reason why your Lululemon leggings are itchy. It is common for people to experience an itchy reaction with their clothes due to the ingredients present in most common washing detergents.

4. Dry Skin

Even if you might think that Lululemon leggings cause skin itchiness, there is a chance that the itchiness is caused by dry skin.

Dry skin can make the skin feel and look rough, itchy, flaky, or scaly. Thus, before you say that the leggings cause itchiness, it is essential that you first confirm that your skin is not dry.

5. Not Rinsing The Leggings Well

When washing the leggings, if you don’t rinse them well, there is a high chance that washing detergent could be left on the leggings, especially when you overload the washer.

Since chemicals in washing detergent can cause skin irritation, any washing detergent that could remain in your leggings after the washing process can result in skin irritation.

6.  Hairy Legs

If your legs are hairy and you wear leggings, the ancillary hair might cause itchiness. Specifically, the fibers of the leggings will compress ancillary hair and also rub the hair as you walk around with the leggings. As the hair is rubbed, itching can ensue.

How Do I Stop My Lululemon Leggings From Itching?

As we have already found out, there are different reasons why your Lulu leggings are itchy. However, the good news is that you can stop the itchiness from the leggings by taking various measures.

Let’s look at how to stop Lulu’s leggings from being itchy.

Wash New Leggings Before Wearing Them

To ensure that any chemicals and dyes that could have been left on your leggings and cause irritation are removed from the fabric, make sure that you wash the leggings when they are new before wearing them.

Wash your leggings on a normal wash cycle. If you are not sure about the best wash cycle for your leggings, you can use a gentle or delicate cycle to wash and dry the leggings.

Ensure that the washer is not overloaded since if you overload the washer, there is a chance that the washing detergent might not be well rinsed from the leggings, and that might make the leggings itchy when you wear them.

Use Hypoallergenic Detergent

To ensure that the detergent you use to wash your leggings with will not cause any itchiness on your skin, you should use washing detergent that is clearly labeled as hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic detergent has minimal allergens (allergy-causing substances) in it. Thus, when you wash the leggings with this detergent, no allergy-causing substances from the detergent will be left on your leggings.

Handwash Lululemon Leggings With Dish Soap

To ensure that you have removed some of the chemicals and dyes that could be left on your new Lulu leggings, you can handwash the leggings with a soap dish.

Dish Soap has unique cleaning ingredients capable of removing stains and other dirt on the surface being cleaned. Thus, by handwashing your new leggings with dish soap, you will be able to get rid of any chemicals on your leggings that might be causing the itchiness.

Ensure That Leggings Are Well Rinsed When Washed

When you wash your leggings, you must ensure that leggings are well rinsed. This is because washing detergents have chemicals that can cause skin itchiness if they remain on the leggings’ fabrics.

Thus, to avoid itchiness, you must ensure that your leggings are adequately rinsed during the wash process so that no chemicals from the washing detergent remain after the leggings have been washed.

Always Wash Your Leggings After Use

Sweat and dirt accumulation on your Lulu leggings can cause skin irritation. This is because oils and dander trapped in the leggings will remain there until you have washed the leggings.

If you wear dirty leggings, the bacteria from the dirty leggings will contact your skin, which can irritate you. Thus, it would help wash your leggings after using them and only wear them when dry.

Wear Leggings With Underwear

If the itchiness caused by the leggings is in the crotch area, you can wear your Lulu leggings with underwear, and the itchiness will stop.

However, make sure that you wear moisture-wicking underwear, which is also highly breathable. You don’t want sweat accumulating on your private parts since if that happens for a long time, you could feel itchiness in the area.

Shave Ancillary Hair

If ancillary hair is making you itchy when you wear leggings, you should shave the hair. However, you need to be careful when shaving since if you develop razor bumps, you might have itching as your hair regrows.

Moisturize Your Skin Before Wearing The Leggings

Dry skin could be why you feel itchy when you wear Lulu leggings. If you can see scalps or whitish dust when you take your leggings off, you have dry skin since the white stuff is dead skin cells.

To avoid itchiness, you will need to moisturize your skin to not dry. You can buy special moisturizers from stores and apply to your skin to moisturize it.

Wear Leggings Made From Natural Fabrics

Suppose your skin is allergic to synthetic fabrics such as Lycra, nylon, and elastane used to make some of the most popular leggings by Lululemon. If that is the case, you should avoid leggings made from synthetic fabrics.

Lululemon has pants made from natural fibers, and the pants can be ideal substitutes for synthetic leggings since your skin will not be allergic to pants made from natural fibers.

Concluding Thoughts

Lululemon leggings are comfortable and durable. However, to some people, the leggings can be itchy. We have looked at why the leggings are itchy and what you can do to stop the itchiness.

Let us know if this article has been beneficial to you. You can also share the article with your friends on social media and help them stop their Lulu leggings from being itchy.