Are Lululemon Leggings Worth It [Will They Be Replaced]

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Whenever you think about buying a pair of leggings, Lululemon leggings will come into your mind. However, Lululemon leggings aren’t cheap, and since you want to make sure that you get good value for your money, you will have a few questions about the leggings.

For example, you might ask whether the high price is justified, whether the leggings are warm, and whether Lululemon will replace them if they have a hole. This article answers some of the common questions asked about Lululemon leggings. Make sure you read the article in full to understand the leggings better.

To write the article, we have interviewed numerous Lululemon leggings owners, read numerous feedback about the leggings, and conducted research to test the leggings. We hope you will find the article informative.

Are Lululemon Leggings Worth It?

The price of Lululemon popular leggings varies between $88 – and $128. To many people, that amount is high considering other cheaper leggings available in the market. However, it is good to find out whether the leggings are worth the high price since Lululemon also has their reason why they sell the leggings at a high price.

We considered durability, comfortability, style, and brand image to determine whether Lululemon leggings are worth the prices.

Considering the quality, durability, comfortability, style, and brand image of Lululemon leggings, the leggings are arguably worth their price.


There are many aspects to consider when determining the quality of leggings. Specifically, quality leggings need to feel good, wash, and wear well while at the same time giving good service. Lululemon leggings score well in all those features, making them high-quality leggings.


Durability in this context refers to service life and the factors that contribute to the leggings becoming unwearable.

Lululemon leggings are made from different fabrics that mainly comprise blends of different fabrics. The five common fabrics used by Lululemon to make leggings are Luon which is 87% nylon and 13% Lycra elastane, Everlux which is 77% nylon and 23% Lycra elastane; Nulux, which is 84% nylon and 16% Lycra elastane; Luxtreme which is 69% nylon and 31% Lycra elastane, and Nulu which has 81% nylon and 19% Lycra elastane.

If you take a closer look at the content of Nulu, Luxtreme, Nulux, Everlux, and Luon, you will find that the fabrics comprise a blend of nylon and Lycra elastane at different percentages. Both nylon and lycra elastane are synthetic fibers, and their molecules are exceptionally strong, thus making the leggings strong.

Due to the nature of the fabrics used to make Lululemon leggings, the leggings are durable. Indeed, 18 out of 20 people (90%) that we asked whether their Lululemon leggings agreed that the leggings are highly durable and can withstand regular use for at least 2 – 3 years.

Due to their durability, Lululemon leggings’ high price is justified. Indeed, it makes no sense to buy leggings after a few months when you can purchase Lululemon leggings that can last you a couple of years.


Comfortability in clothing implies that you feel relaxed when wearing the clothes. From another perspective, clothes can be comfortable if they satisfy.

Psychological, physical, and physiological comfort. Thus, if leggings feel heavy or are not breathable, they cannot be said to be comfortable.

All Lululemon leggings are super comfortable. In an online poll, we asked 150 people who owned the leggings whether the leggings were comfortable, and all of them (100%) agreed that the leggings were very comfortable. The high comfortability of Lululemon leggings can be attributed to the fabric used to make the leggings.

The patented blends of nylon and lycra elastane make the leggings lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, and highly stretchable. Due to those features, wearers feel cool and sleek inside.

The high comfortability of the leggings comes at a price; hence it can be said that they are worth the high price.


Style entails personal style or how people express themselves through aesthetic choices, such as clothing. Lululemon leggings have, over the years, been in style as they have always been styled to be in style.

Some of the ways Lululemon leggings can be styled include pairing them with a camel coat for a chic look, pairing them with a leather jacket and fitted top, pairing them with a bright top, wearing them with a baby top, and wearing them with a hoodie.

Due to their versatility, Lululemon leggings can be said to be worth the high price.

Brand Identity

Brand image is the perception that a customer has of a brand based on the interactions with the brand. For example, Lululemon leggings brand image is that of premium leggings. Indeed, the leggings are purposed to communicate the message that one is wearing the best leggings available.

Moreover, celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Ashley Graham. And Hailey Bieber, among others, has been spotted wearing Lululemon leggings. By being popular with celebrities, Lululemon leggings have been poisoned in a manner that they are for people who have achieved most of their goals in life.

Thus, considering the brand image of Lululemon leggings, the high price of the leggings can be argued to be justified.

Are Lululemon Leggings Warm?

The main factor determining whether Lululemon leggings are warm is the fabric used to make the leggings. Usually, the leggings are made from nylon and lycra elastane blend.

Nylon is not a warm material in nature. However, nylon fibers are ideal for keeping you dry. Nylon is durable and can be used in either rainy or snow conditions. When nylon is worn as an outer layer, one is assured of staying dry.

Lycra elastane is a synthetic fabric that is highly stretchable. In addition, the fabric has superb moisture management properties that are automatically triggered when the body heats up to ensure that the body is always warm or cool.

Lululemon has different types of leggings for various conditions. Some leggings are ideal for cold weather, while others are ideal for warm and hot weather. Thus, Lululemon has leggings that can keep you warm during the cold season.

Lululemon has specific warm leggings that are purposed to be used during cold weather. These leggings have a great fit and are warm. The leggings are lined with fleece to keep the wearers warm. Some of these leggings comprise of; Base Pace High-Rise Fleece Running Tight 28’’, Wunder Lounge Super-High Rise Tight 28’’ and Base Pace High-Rise Fleece Tight 25’’.

Are Lululemon Leggings Guaranteed For Life?

Lululemon Quality Promise (Source: Lululemon)

There is a common perception that Lululemon leggings are guaranteed for life due to their high price. However, that is not the case. Lululemon leggings are not guaranteed for life.

On Lulumelon’s quality promise page, the company has specified that:

While we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting gear, our quality promise does not cover usage beyond a practical lifetime. As a result, our Quality Promise cannot be applied to any item purchased through Like New.

As you can see from the quality promise, the company guarantees that it will cover usage within a practical lifetime. This means that if your leggings were to get damaged within their practical lifetime (usually 5 years), the company will happily repair or replace them.

Even though some of us might not like it that Lululemon does not offer a lifetime guarantee for their leggings, the company offers a 5 years guarantee. Indeed, Lululemon guarantees to repair, exchange, or refund all eligible leggings for 5 years. That can be argued to be a clear indicator that the company has complete trust in the quality of its leggings.  

Will Lululemon Replace Leggings With A Hole In Them?

Lululemon leggings are highly-priced. As such, many people tend to wonder whether these leggings come with a warranty so that if they get damaged, they can either be repaired or replaced.

Lululemon spends a lot of money on research and product development which has been a key reason why the company’s products are consistently among the best in the market. The leggings are made from different innovative fabrics that are patented by Lulumelon.

Specifically, the different innovative fabrics used to make Lululemon leggings comprise Luon, Everlux, Nulux, Luxtreme, And Nulu. These fabrics include a blend of nylon and lycra elastane fibers at different percentages. Nylon and lycra elastane are durable synthetic fibers with high abrasion-resistant values. For that reason, the company is happy to replace or repair leggings with a hole.

Lululemon promises to repair or replace leggings that have holes in them. You don’t even have to produce a receipt or a tag to approve the repair. Instead, just contact the company through live chat or the phone to brief them about the hole in your leggings. Lululemon attendants will be happy to help you.

Does Lululemon Fix Holes In Leggings?

Yes, Lululemon fixes holes in the leggings free of charge. You do not even need to produce a receipt for the leggings to be fixed. By having the holes in your leggings fixed, you can extend the lifetime of your Lululemon leggings rather than throw them away.

For Lululemon to fix your leggings with holes, you must contact the company. I recommend that you contact Lululemon through the online chat service or the phone. I noticed that some stores do not offer leggings repair services. Thus, by contacting Lululemon before you take your leggings for repair, you will be informed the stores that you can take your leggings to and have the holes or seams fixed.

In addition, by contacting the company before taking your leggings for repair, the company will inform you whether the leggings are repairable or not. However, in most cases, holes in Lululemon leggings are repairable.

Why Are My Lululemon Leggings Pilling?

To understand why Lululemon leggings pill, we first need to look at the fabrics that make up the leggings and then find out why the fibers of those fabrics pill. The five fabrics used by Lululemon in leggings are Luon, Everlux, Nulux, Luxtreme, And Nulu. However, even if these fabrics are different, they have significant similarities since they are all a blend of nylon and lycra elastane fibers at different percentages.

Since Lululemon leggings are made from synthetic fibers, the pilling is more visible because, unlike natural fibers that easily shed the pilings, synthetic fibers are strong to the extent that the pilings are anchored on the fabric, making them visible.

Lululemon leggings pill since they are made from synthetic fibers that are prone to pilling. The pilling in your leggings is caused by normal wash and wear of the leggings over time.

As you wear and wash your leggings, some of the broken leggings fibers become tangled together, and with time, the threads crump together, forming the lint balls that get stuck in your Lululemon leggings. Moreover, frequent friction on parts of your leggings could cause pilling. For example, if the leggings rub each as you jog or walk. Furthermore, pills will be formed if a purse rubs on the leggings.

7 Methods To Remove Pilling On Lululemon Leggings

Pilling on your leggings can be annoying – right? Worry not! Here are five different methods to remove pilings from the leggings.

1. Using An Electric Fabric Shaver

An electric fabric shaver is also known as a lint shaver or a fuzz remover. The shaver can grind over the fabric and evenly cut down any pilling that could have accrued on the fabric without aggressively pulling or tugging any intact threads. When effectively used, a fabric shaver can make your clothes look new.

To get rid of pilling on Lululemon leggings using an electric fabric shaver, lay the leggings on a flat surface. The flat surface can be an iron board, a craft table, or even a clean floor. Turn the shaver on and use it in small circular motions. To ensure that you don’t damage the leggings when shaving the pills, start by applying minimal pressure to the shaver and increasing the pressure as needed.

2. Use A Sweater, Stone

As its name suggests, Sweater stone is a specific tool that is made for the particular purpose of restoring the appearance of sweaters and knits without exposing the fabric to the rigors of the dry-cleaning process. The stone is made from natural pumice, and when used on fabric with pilling, it quickly lifts away from the pilling and leaves the fabric looking new.  

To remove pilling on your Lululemon leggings with a sweater stone, lay your leggings on a flat surface. Then, lightly rub the stone on top of the pilling and pull all the shaved pills with double-sided tape, lint roller, or fingers.

3. Using A Shaving Razor

A disposable shaver can be used to remove pilling on your leggings. However, to ensure that you don’t damage your leggings, make sure that you place them on a flat surface. Then, lightly shave the pills in an upward direction in small strokes. To start with, use minimal pressure and only increase the pressure if needed.

After shaving the pills on the Lululemon leggings, use a lint roller or double-sided tape to remove the shavings. Ensure that you only use a new sharp shaving razor. If you use a shaving razor that has already been used and is not sharp, you could add more pilling to your leggings since the razor will only rub the fabric and not shave as expected.

4. Scissors

If the pills on the leggings are big, you can trim them down with scissors. However, if there are numerous pills on your clothing, this method will not work well. To trim the pills, lay the leggings on a flat surface.

Pull each pill with one hand and use the other hand to cut down the pill. When trimming the pills, be careful not to damage the fabric.

5. Use Hair Roller

Hair rollers can also be used to remove pills on your Lululemon leggings. Place the leggings on a flat surface and straighten the section with the pills. Then, lightly roll the hair roller upwards and out until all the pills are removed.

The pilling will accumulate in the hair roller as you remove the pills from the leggings. Therefore, before proceeding to other garment sections, make sure that you remove all the pilling on the roller.

6. Use Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are mainly used as an easy solution for organizing and connecting items. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors and are ideal for various applications.

One of the applications of the Velcro strips is removing pills from clothes. To get rid of pills on your leggings, apply the Velcro hook-side down to the area with the pills. Then, lightly pull up the strip and repeat till when the pills are removed.

7. Scrubbing Sponge

The scrubbing sponge normally used to clean dishes is similar to pilling as sweater stone. To remove pilling with a scrubbing sponge, you need a new sponge whose scrubbing part is sharp enough to cut down the pills from the fabric.

Place your leggings on a flat surface. Gently rub the pills with a new scrubbing sponge. Pull all the shaved pills with your fingers, lint roller, or double-sided tape.

How To Prevent Pilling On Lululemon Legging

After spending about $100 on your leggings, the last thing you want is your leggings to look unkempt. To be specific, there are different things you can do to ensure that your leggings do not pill. Here is how you prevent your leggings from pilling.

Wash Leggings In A Gentle Wash Cycle

The agitation in the washer and dryer can contribute to pilling. To ensure that your leggings do not pill in the washer and dryer, wash and dry them in the gentle wash cycle.

Turn The Leggings Inside Out

Before washing the leggings, ensure that you turn them inside out. By turning the clothing inside out, you will ensure that the outer part of the leggings visible when you wear them is protected from abrasion inside the washer and dryer.

Air-dry The Leggings

Even when using a gentle drying cycle, abrasion in the dryer can cause pilling. So just air dry them rather than take a chance with your expensive Lululemon leggings. However, dry them away from sunlight to avoid sun fading.

Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners have lubricating ingredients whose mandate is to coat and soften fibers of fabrics when added to laundry. When you use fabric softener, the fibers of the leggings will be coated, implying that abrasion will be minimized, and as a result, the probability of piling decreases.

Handwash the leggings

To avoid agitation in the washer and dryer, which can cause pilling, you can hand wash your leggings and air dries them. If you don’t have handwashing detergent, you can use dish soap to hand wash your leggings.

Will Lululemon Replace Leggings With Pilling?

On the Lululemon quality promise page, the company states

Quality is the heart of who we are. Quality shows up in our people, our conversations, and of course, our product. We’ll take it back if our product doesn’t perform for you.

The statement above and, in particular, the promise that the company will take a product back if the product does not perform for you might make you believe that Lululemon will replace leggings with pilling.

Lululemon will not replace leggings with pilling since pilling is a non-quality issue. However, you can reach out to the company and find out whether you can have your leggings with pilling fixed. Alternatively, you can also get advice on fixing the pilling from Lululemon customer attendants.

Will Lululemon Replace Stained Leggings?

No Lululemon will not replace stained leggings since the stains are not a quality issue. However, you can remove most of the stains on your Lululemon leggings on your own.

To remove stains on your leggings, soak the stained part of the leggings in a mixture of one cup of liquid laundry detergent and a few ammonia or baking soda for at least 30 minutes. After that, wash the leggings in the washing machine in a normal wash setting.

Ammonia and baking soda are both alkaline and can be used to cut through the stains on your leggings and remove them. On the other hand, the liquid laundry detergent has surfactants that will stir up the activity on the stain being cleaned and help trap the dirt and eventually remove it from the fabric surface.

Do Stains Come Out Of Lululemon Leggings?

Stains can be stubborn on most clothes, especially when you allow them to dry. Therefore, to remove stains from many clothing items, you must remove the stains when they are still fresh.

When treated well, stains can come out of Lululemon leggings. Therefore, make sure that you remove the stains when they are fresh. In addition, do not put your stained leggings in the dryer until you are sure that the stain has been removed. If you put stained leggings in the dryer, the stains might become permanent, making it hard to remove them.

How To Fix A Hole In Lululemon Leggings?

After you have worn your leggings for a while, your leggings will start to wear out. One of the signs that your leggings are worn out is a few holes in the leggings.

Once you have spotted holes in your Lululemon leggings, you can either try to take them to Lululemon and find out whether they will replace or fix the leggings for you or fix the hole by yourself. Here are different methods that you can use to fix a hole in your leggings.

Use Permanent Mending Fabric Glue

Permanent mending fabric glue is a liquid glue specifically developed for repairing and mending stretchable fabrics. Since the glue is flexible, you can use it to fix a hole on a Lululemon legging. If you opt to seal the hole with fabric glue, ensure that you don’t disturb the glue until it has completely dried up.

Fusible Web and Stitching

If the hole on the legging is big, you can employ fusible interfacing on the inside, and after that, use stitches to join the torn edges. To ensure that the repair cannot be easily spotted, you must use sewing thread that matches the color of your leggings. Finally, remember to finish the edges with tiny whip stitches to ensure that the hole will not open again.

Using Clothing Patches

You can use clothing patches to fix holes in your leggings. However, the clothing patch you use must be similar to the color of your leggings. Even if there are people who advise that you cut the patch from the added wide hem of your leggings, I advise against that.

Different readymade patches can be bought online or from local stores, and they can fix the hole on the leggings without requiring you to cut any fabric from your leggings.

Ignore The Hole And Wear The Leggings As Nothing Happened

If the holes on the leggings are at a section where you can still comfortably wear them, I would advise you to wear the leggings and not be bothered fixing them.

Elastic fabrics can get ruined by sewing. Thus, rather than take the risk of damaging your leggings further, you can continue wearing them if the hole does not compromise your confidence.

Why Are My Lululemon Leggings Falling Down?

Whether you have new pair of Lululemon leggings or whether your leggings are old, you might notice that the leggings are falling. Let’s look at why the leggings are likely to fall.

You Bought The Wrong Size

If you the wrong size of leggings and in particular you buy big size, then the leggings will most likely fall as they will run big.

You Lost Some Weight

If you lose some weight and your waist size decreases, the leggings that used to perfectly fit you will no longer fit you well run big, making them fall.

The Leggings Are Worn Out

After wearing your Lululemon leggings for a long time, the leggings will wear out. Specifically, the elasticity in the leggings will weaken, and as a result, they will fall when you wear them.

The Leggings Were Stretched In The Washing Process

Your leggings can be stretched out in the washing process. For example, if you load a lot of clothes in the washer or dryer, the leggings could become entangled with other clothes and be stretched out in the wash process.

How To Keep Lululemon Leggins From Falling Down

If your Lululemon leggings are falling, here are a few fixes to stop the leggings from falling.

Down A Size

If the leggings are new and you haven’t worn them, you can take them back to the store and get them replaced with a smaller size.

Shrink The Leggings

You can shrink the leggings. Even though nylon is resistant to shrinking, Lycra elastane in the blend used to me Lululemon leggings can be shrunk. Thus, you can shrink your leggings 3 – 5%, and they will fit you better.

Wear Layers Beneath Your Leggings

By wearing stockings, underwear, or tights that are thinner under your leggings, you will increase your waist, ensuring that the leggings will not fall.

Concluding Thoughts

Lululemon leggings are just great. They are very comfortable and last a long time. Besides, you can get them fixed or replaced free of charge if they have holes or break down as per the quality policy.

To my understanding, Lululemon has one of the best customer-centric services. For example, you can return jeans and other clothes even when you have already removed the tags and have misplaced the receipt.

I hope that you have found this article informative. I am wishing you the very best with your Lululemon leggings.