Are you supposed to wear underwear with Lululemon leggings?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

One of the commonly asked questions by wearers of Lululemon leggings is whether they should wear underwear with leggings. I remember one of my friends commenting that she would no longer wear undies with her leggings as long as she was in the house. Another friend remarked that she no longer wears underwear with leggings since she is more comfortable when commando.

Whether or not to wear underwear with your Lululemon leggings depends on your preferences. Wear your Lululemon leggings the way you like them. The leggings are professionally designed to be worn with undies or without undies. You should wear them the way you most feel comfortable.

This article looks at whether Lululemon leggings should be worn with underwear or they should be worn without underwear. Both options are discussed in detail, and an informed conclusion is made.

Wear Leggings With or Without Underwear – What Is It All About?

When it comes to wearing Lululemon leggings with underwear, many people have different views and opinions. Some believe that leggings should be worn with underwear when outside, while others argue that one should always wear leggings with no underwear.

Why Lululemon Leggings Should Be Worn With Underwear

There are different reasons why you should consider wearing Lululemon leggings with underwear. Let’s look at these reasons in detail.

You Don’t Have To Wash The Leggings After Every Wear.

If you wear your leggings with no underwear, you will be expected to wash the leggings after every wear. The reason for this is that you want to avoid bacteria and yeast that thrives in a moist and warm environment living in your leggings – if you don’t wash the leggings after wearing them naked, there is a chance that the bacteria and yeast could multiply.

By not washing your leggings regularly, you will be extending the lifetime of the leggings. Clothes wear out in laundry due to agitation. Moreover, washing is also one of the reasons why your leggings pill.

Thus, by not wearing leggings with underwear, you will be reducing the number of times you have to wash your leggings. In addition, you will extend the leggings’ lifetime by not washing them on a regular basis.

Protect The Leggings From Being Stained

Whether you wear your Lululemon leggings when working out or when just in the house, it is evident that your leggings are likely to be stained. Even if you don’t sweat, vagina discharge, or other bodily fluids can be discharged directly to your leggings.

You surely don’t want to pay high prices for your Lululemon leggings and then find yourself with stained leggings. You can avoid such inconveniences by wearing underwear. In addition, you will agree that removing stains from underwear is less stressful than removing stains in leggings.  

Underwear Gives You Extra Comfort

Assuming you wear your leggings for working-out sessions, the leggings will be sweaty. Even if Lululemon leggings are made from revolutionary fabrics that are moisture-wicking and have high breathability, we all know that as long as you work out, you will sweat.

Having underwear with moisture-wicking abilities will ensure that any sweat produced will be wicked by the underwear and make you comfortable during the workout sessions. Lululemon and other underwear manufacturers have developed innovative underwear that is lightweight and great for moisture-wicking. You can wear such undies with your leggings and have that extra comfort.

Underwear Covers You If Leggings Were To Tear

When wearing the leggings, particularly when working out, there is a chance that the leggings could tear as you rigorously stretch, especially if the leggings you wore are more petite. Also, if the leggings were to tear in the crotch area when you were working out with others, it could be embarrassing if you didn’t wear leggings with underwear.

Even if it can be argued that Lululemon leggings are durable and will not easily tear, anything can happen. Rather than be ashamed, I would prefer to wear underwear with leggings. Moreover, holes in leggings are a common problem with Lululemon leggings.

Thus, there is a chance that your leggings could get a hole as you wear them. Therefore, it is better to wear underwear to avoid the embarrassment that could ensure after your leggings have developed a hole in the crotch area.

You Can’t Wear Leggings Without Undies During Periods

Very few women, if any, will willingly wear leggings without underwear while on their period. Even if you manage your menstrual with tampons, you have to use pads when you have a heavy flow.

Besides, during periods, you are not sure what will happen next since anything can happen. By wearing underwear with your leggings, you are assured you have an extra layer of protection on you.

Why Lululemon Leggings Should Be Worn Without Underwear

There are various reasons why leggings should be worn commando. Let’s review some of these reasons.

Gives You More Breathability Down There

Many people prefer to wear leggings with no underwear since air can circulate well in the crotch area. Undoubtedly, wearing underwear involves adding a layer to the private part, which increases heat down there.

Thus, by wearing leggings with no underwear, there is more air circulation in the private part area, minimizing sweating.

Protects Male Sperm

According to an article by Wong featured in New Scientist, tight underwear can lower sperm count among men.

When men wear tight underwear, everything is pushed to the abdominal section. This increases the heat around the testicles and negatively impacts sperms that are heat sensitive.

By wearing Lululemon leggings without underwear, the stretchable fibers used to make the leggings ensure that the private parts are comfortably held without being pushed inside. Likewise, sufficient air circulation in the crotch area ensures that the private parts are well aired.

Leggings Have Linings That Act As Underwear

Some leggings by Lululemon have lining around the crotch area. Thus, there is no need to wear underwear when wearing such leggings since the lining is supposed to act as underwear.

Considering that Lululemon leggings have linings, it is not a must for you to wear the leggings with underwear. However, if you are comfortable wearing the leggings without underwear, you should not wear the leggings with the underwear.

Averts Wedgies

It can’t be pleasant if you have to stop your workout session to adjust your underwear. It can even be worse to pull a wedgie among people. However, you can avoid all that by going commando.

Instead of interrupting your workout sessions to do a wedgie, you are better off wearing leggings without underwear.

Avoid The Visible Panty Line Issue

No one likes visible panty lines (VPL). It can be embarrassing when everyone points at you as you walk past them due to a visible panty line.

One of the approaches to addressing visible panty lines in leggings involves wearing a long top that covers the pant line. However, that can be inconvenient on a sunny day since the long top will add heat to your body.

The best solution is to wear leggings with no underwear to avoid the issue. Indeed, even if some might advise wearing a thong or very thin lingerie, underwear won’t be comfortable for you as you work out in your leggings.

Enhances Your Flexibility

When working out, you need to be free to do any exercise that you need to do and stretch muscles that you want to stretch.

When you wear underwear with leggings, the underwear will to a certain extent, limit your flexibility. Therefore, you should wear your leggings without underwear for maximum flexibility, key to your workout sessions.

Should You Wear Lululemon Leggings With Undies

From the review of arguments for and against wearing underwear with Lululemon leggings, it is evident that there are valid reasons why to wear and why not to wear underwear. Thus, the decision should be left to individuals to make up their minds on how they want to wear the underpants.

Lululemon leggings should be worn how one wants to wear them. If you’re going to wear leggings with no underwear, it is perfectly fine to do that. On the other hand, if you want to wear leggings with underwear, that should be fine. Most probably, you will find that there are times when you wear leggings with underwear while at other times, you wear leggings with no underwear.

The following features of Lululemon leggings make them ideal for wearing with or without underwear:

They are made of moisture-wicking fabric – nylon, lycra, and elastane are all good moisture-wicking fabrics

The leggings have been sewn with seamless technology to ensure they have no uneasiness

Lululemon leggings are stretchy and form-hugging. They conform to the unique shape of most bodies.

Concluding Thoughts

There is no right or wrong answer when wearing leggings with underwear or without underwear. Wear the leggings the way you feel comfortable.

Personally, when in the house, I wear leggings with no underwear. However, I wear leggings with underwear when I go out since I feel more secure. Wear your leggings as you wish to wear them. Lululemon leggings are comfortable when worn with underwear or when worn without underwear.