Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear With Pantyhose?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 5 min.

We have been doing things in life, but suddenly, we seem to wonder whether we have been doing them the right way. One of these things is how we wear pantyhose. Some wear pantyhose with underwear while others wear them without underwear. But are you supposed to wear pantyhose with underwear?

There is no correct answer for wearing pantyhose with underwear or without underwear. It is fine to wear stockings with or without underwear. Thus, it all depends on your preference. You should be free to wear pantyhose the way you feel most comfortable.

This article discusses whether you are supposed to wear underwear with pantyhose. First, why pantyhose should be worn with and without underwear is discussed. After that, a conclusion on whether to wear pantyhose with underwear is made.

What Is A Pantyhose?

Pantyhose is a popular clothing accessory among women worn on the legs. Mostly, pantyhose are worn under dresses and skirts. Among others, some of the style reasons women wear pantyhose are: to match colors, have an outlook of an even skin tone, and reduce the need to shave regularly.

From a health perspective, women wear pantyhose to; keep warm as the fabric used to make pantyhose is effective in trapping warmth, preventing dryness by trapping natural oils and moisture of the skin, safeguarding the varicose veins, and improving the skin and hair outlook.

Are Pantyhose Considered Undergarments?

To determine whether pantyhose are considered undergarments, it is essential first to understand what an undergarment is.

As the name suggests, an undergarment is a piece of clothing generally worn under the outer clothes, and as such, it comes into contact with the skin.

Pantyhose can be considered as both an undergarment and not an undergarment. That is the case because when worn without underwear, pantyhose is an undergarment. In contrast, when worn with underwear, pantyhose is not an undergarment.

Do Pantyhose Keep Legs Warm?

The fabric used to make any article of clothing determines whether the clothing can keep the body warm or not.

Pantyhose are mainly made from a nylon blend. 100% nylon fabric repels water since it has very low absorption levels. Any clothing made from nylon will thus trap heat and end up sweating against the skin.

Even though mainly worn as fashion, pantyhose can keep legs warm. Pantyhose is made from a nylon blend, and since nylon isn’t breathable and traps heat, pantyhose will keep your legs warm.

Reasons Pantyhose Should Be Worn With Underwear

When deciding whether to wear pantyhose with or without underwear, it is essential to consider different factors. Here are various reasons why you should always wear pantyhose with underwear.

Avoid The Pantyhose Been Stained

When you wear pantyhose with no panties, the garment will have direct contact with your vagina. Thus, any vagina and body fluids discharged will be directly deposited on the pantyhose fabric.

Vagina and body fluids can easily stain the pantyhose since they are slightly acidic. In extreme cases, the discharge can even change the color of pantyhose fabric. To avoid those inconveniences, it is better to wear pantyhose with underwear.

You Increase Pantyhose Lifetime

When you wear pantyhose with underwear, you don’t have to wash the garment after every wear. However, if you wear pantyhose with no underwear, you have to wash them after every wear.

When pantyhose are worn as an undergarment, they come into direct contact with your vagina, and as such, you have to wash them after every wear. As you already know, whenever you are washing clothes, the clothes are subjected to the agitation that wears them out.

Thus, the more you wash pantyhose, the more they wear out. By wearing pantyhose with underwear, you can wear them 3 – 4 times before washing. By doing that, you increase pantyhose lifetime.

Pantyhose With Underwear Are More Comfortable

When you wear pantyhose on a warm day, there is a chance that you might sweat. Indeed, even if pantyhose can be worn without underwear, you would feel uncomfortable if you were to sweat on your private parts while wearing pantyhose without underwear.

To ensure that you will not be uncomfortable when you sweat, even when wearing pantyhose, you should wear pantyhose with underwear. The underwear is made with moisture-wicking fabric that is also highly breathable, and as such, you will be comfortable even when you sweat with the pantyhose.

When On Your Period, You Have To Wear Pantyhose With Underwear

When on your periods, you would feel insecure to wear pantyhose without a pantie. Indeed, even if you manage your menstrual with tampons, a heavy blow demands you use pads.

Thus, by wearing underwear with pantyhose, you will be assured that you have suitable protection and that no mess can occur.

Reasons Pantyhose Should Be Worn Without Underwear

There are different reasons why you should go commando when wearing pantyhose. Let’s take a look at these reasons.

Prevents Wedgies

When wearing pantyhose with underwear, you might occasionally pull a wedgie. When on your own, pulling a wedgie is not a big deal. However, when you are in the midst of other people, you will feel ashamed when pulling a wedgie.

To avoid such incidences, you can opt to wear pantyhose without panties. The fact that you will be wearing the pantyhose as lingerie implies that you will not have a wedgie.

Get Rid Of Visible Pant Line Problem

We all hate visible panty lines. They can be embarrassing as people point to us as we walk by simply because they can see the pant line.

One of the best solutions to the visible pant line issue is to wear pantyhose or leggings without underwear.  

Offers More Breathability Around The Private Parts

People prefer to wear pantyhose with no underwear because there is improved air circulation around the private parts when they go commando.

Indeed, when you wear pantyhose without underwear, your private parts are exposed to fresh air. As a result, the fresh air will ensure that your private parts are well aired, even on sunny days.

Pantyhose Have Lining Meant To Act As Underwear

All pantyhose have a lining around the crotch area. This lining serves the same purpose as underwear. Thus, as long as your stockings have the lining, you don’t need to wear underwear since the pantyhose already has underwear.

If you are comfortable, you should not wear pantyhose with underwear since you will be wearing extra clothing for no reason.

Bottom Line – To Wear Pantyhose With Underwear Or Not?

This article has discussed different reasons to wear pantyhose with or without underwear.

As is evident from the discussion, there is no right or wrong way as far as wearing pantyhose with or without underwear is concerned. If you prefer to wear stockings with underwear, you should continue wearing pantyhose with underwear.

On the other hand, if you prefer to wear pantyhose without underwear, you should continue wearing stockings that way.