How Do North Face Jackets Run – Small, Big, Or Perfect?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

It’s a fact that North Face jackets are loved by many, and rightfully so. These jackets and coats are of high quality and last many years. Pretty much everything you want in a jacket, right? Every North Face jacket that I have purchased and worn – still wearing- has never disappointed me. That’s why even up to date, whenever I have enough cash to spare, I always buy myself a North Face. When buying North Face jackets, I ask, “Do North Face jackets run small?”

Yes, North Face jackets run small at times. A small percentage of people who have bought North Face jackets have complained that their North Face jackets run small. Nevertheless, most people who have bought the jackets have indicated that North Face jackets fit them perfectly.

Concluding that a North Face runs small or does not run small without a reasonable explanation is not justified. This article purposes of discuss how North Face jackets run. I hope that you will better understand the issue by reading the article in its entirety.

Do North Face Jackets Run Big or Small?

North Face jackets are generally true to size, implying that the jackets are precisely the size you prefer when purchasing. However, from feedback obtained from my friends who own North Face jackets and from reviews of various online forums and Amazon reviews, North Face jackets can run small or big.

From a deeper analysis of the reviews provided about North Face jackets running small or big, I found that 85% of the reviews believed their North Face jackets fitted as expected and were true to size.

If you are purchasing a North Face jacket and are unsure whether the jacket you are buying will perfectly fit you, you should try on the jacket before buying. Any store selling North Face jackets will allow you to try the jacket to ensure that you do not buy a jacket that will run big or small.

Do North Face Denali Jackets Run Small?

From reading reviews of North Face Denali jackets on Zappos and Amazon, I found that a very small percentage of reviewers noted that their North Face Denali jackets run small. However, even they also remarked that Denali jackets had not run small enough to oblige them to size up.

Summary of 1,738 reviews on how the North Face Denali jacket fits (Source: Zappos)
Customer review showing North Face jacket runs small (Source: Zappos )
Example of a review of North Face Denali Jacket (Source: Amazon)

The review can be considered a clear indicator that North Face is persistently improving their Denali jacket fit so that many customers can perfectly fit the jacket.

By offering different sizes of Denali jackets, North Face has ensured that people of various sizes can fit the jackets.  North Face Denali jacket comes in seven different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. So if you choose the size well, you will find a Denali jacket that perfectly fits you.

Do Men’s North Face Jackets Run Small?

To find out whether Men’s North Face jackets run small, I asked 7 of my husband’s friends who have North Face jackets whether their jackets run small. 6 (85.71%) of them noted that their jackets fitted perfectly, while 1 (14.28%) of them remarked that the jacket runs slightly small.

I then randomly reviewed 10 reviews by men on Amazon on North Face jackets and purposely chose reviews that mentioned the word run. From the Amazon review, I found that 8 (80%) of the feedback was of the view that men’s North Face jackets fit perfectly, while 1 (10%) of the reviews noted that the jacket runs big, and the other 1 (10%) review noted that jacket runs small.

Thus, the fact that 83% of men reviewed that their North Face jackets fitted them perfectly, and 11 % of the men noted that the jacket run small, while 6% noted that the jacket runs big, I conclude that; Men’s North Face jackets fit perfectly and are true to Size.

Example of some of the reviews I analyzed (Source: Amazon)

Do North Face Women’s Jackets Run Small?

As a lady who owns 2 North Face Jackets, I believe I am in a better position to answer whether North Face women’s jackets run small. However, to have a valid response to the question, I sought five other women’s views and purposely sampled reviews by women on Zappos and Amazon.

From the feedback given by the five women who are close friends and own North Face jackets, I found that 87% of the women believed North Face jackets fit them perfectly, while 13% noted that the jackets run big. Likewise, from the Amazon reviews, 90% of the women’s review samples believed that North Face women’s jacket fits perfectly, while 10% had remarked that the jacket runs small.

From the feedback given by the women, it can be noted that the majority of the women were of the view that North Face women’s jackets fit perfectly. From that data analysis, it can thus be concluded that North Face women’s jacket perfectly fits and does not run small.

Are North Face Jackets True To Size?

If you plan to buy your North Face jacket online, you will likely ask whether the jackets are true to size. True to size in this context means that the size of the jackets is 100% accurate as indicated by the manufacturer.

From my experience and my husband’s experience, we have found that North Face jackets are indeed true to size and will precisely match the sizes indicated. Therefore, you can confidently buy your normal fit assured that the sizes indicated is what you will get.

As you can see from the screenshot below, 100% of 265 reviews of North Face on Zappos show that women North Face jackets felt true to size and true to width.

Summary of how 265 women who own North Face jackets feel about the sizing (Source: Zappos)

North Face jackets sizes vary from XS to 3XL. You can therefore choose a size that perfectly fits you.

Are North Face Jackets Unisex?

Unisex jackets are ideal since they make it possible for partners, lovers, and other people of a different gender to 100% match their jackets.

Not all North Face jackets are unisex. However, there are various versions of North Face jackets that are unisex. One of the most popular unisex jackets by North Face is the Unisex DRT Jacket.

How To Tell What Style North Face Jacket I Have

If your North Face jacket is new and it still has its original tag, you can find the style on the label as the name and the number are generally written on the tag. If you cannot find the tag, you should look at the internal label. The style will begin with the letter A or letter C and be followed by 3 different letters or numbers.

If you can’t find the style name on the original tag or internal label, you can take a photo of the jacket and post it on different online platforms. With time, you are likely to find an online user with a North Face jacket similar to yours and find out the name from the tag of that jacket.

You could also contact North Face customer care and determine whether you can get assistance. Alternatively, browse through eBay and other online platforms selling second-hand North Face jackets and find whether you can find a jacket that matches yours. 

North Face Jacket Size Chart

You can get the North Face jacket size chart on the North Face official website. We have provided you with the same chart below.

 ChestHipsSleeve Length
S36 – 38 in35 – 37 in33.5 in
M39 – 41 in38 – 40 in34.0 in
L42 – 44 in41 – 43 in34.8 in
XL45 – 48 in44 – 46 in35.5 in
2XL49 -52 in47 – 49 in36.3 in
3XL53 – 56 in50 – 52 in37.0 in
North Face Jacket Size Chat (Source: North Face)

How To Find North FACE Jackets That Will Run Smaller?

North Face jackets can be expensive. Therefore, when buying the jackets, you want to make sure that you are purchasing the correct size since even if you can return the jacket as per the return policy, the process can be time-consuming.

To get the perfect fit for your North Face jacket, you should use the North Face website or visit a physical store that stocks North Face jackets.

When you browse the North Face website, you can get a lot of information on sizing and fitting. You can also change the measurement from inches to centimeters. You should, however, not depend on the online resource alone. The fact that you cannot be able to measure your chest precisely, the length and width of the sleeve, as well as the hip, means that once you have identified the size that is likely to fit, you should visit a store selling North Face jackets before making the actual purchase.

When you visit the store selling North Face jackets, you can try a specific jacket size that you believe will fit. If the jacket perfectly fits you, you can decide whether to make the purchase in the store or buy the jacket from an online store.

Can I Return North Face Jacket That Didn’t Fit Me?

In most cases, you can return your North Face jacket to the seller you bought it from.

If you bought a North Face jacket from North Face official stores online or offline, you could return the jacket as long as you comply with the North Face return policy.

Final Remarks

When buying your North Face jacket, make sure that you buy your size, and the jacket will perfectly fit you. Many people who own North Face jackets have indicated that the jackets perfectly fit. If your jacket runs big or small, you can return it and have it replaced or get your money back.