How Do Moncler Jackets Run – Small, Big or Perfect Fit?

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When you are just about to buy an expensive jacket, you always do your best to ensure that you buy the perfect fit jacket. Otherwise, you could be better off not buying the jacket since if you buy an oversized jacket, you will either have to return it, gift it to someone, or just wear it even if it is running small or big. Therefore, when buying a Moncler jacket, you must ask, “Do Moncler jackets run small”?

Nearly all Moncler jackets run small. Thus, it is always wise to buy a size up when buying a Moncler jacket. By purchasing a size up of the Moncler jacket, you will have a jacket that perfectly fits you. A jacket that runs small will be uncomfortable. To avoid that, make sure that your buy a size up of your Moncler jacket.

This article delves into Moncler jackets and how they run on men and women. Moncler, which is an Italian brand, is very expensive. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a jacket only to find that the jacket won’t fit perfectly. Read the entire article and be better positioned to buy the right size of your Moncler jacket.

Do Moncler Jackets Run Small?

To be able to answer the question of whether Moncler jackets run small, I reached out to two of my friends who have different Moncler jackets. I have the Women’s Star Blazer, which perfectly fits me. However, one of my friends who has a Men’s Lemoine Short Down jacket said the jacket runs slightly small, while the other friend who owns the Women’s Brunelle Jacket noted that the jacket runs small.

I contacted one of the sellers selling Moncler jackets on eBay and asked him whether the jackets run small or big. Below is his response;

 ‘I recommend my customers to buy a size that is slightly above their normal size since Moncler jackets mainly run small. It is better to up the size instead of having a too-tight jacket. Remember that Moncler is an Italian brand and European cloth size tend to run small in the US”. 

Moncler jackets can run small when you buy Moncler, just up a size. The reason why Moncler jackets run small is that Moncler is a European brand.

In general, European sizes have been somewhat smaller than US sizing. Thus, even if USA sizes of Moncler jackets have their matching European size, you are likely to find that in most cases, Moncler may still run slightly smaller than you expected.

Does Moncler Run Small Or Large?

In most cases, Moncler runs small. Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that in some instances, Moncler runs big, or it is just a perfect fit. The small run can be attributed to the differences in Europe and US sizing. 

In Europe, where Moncler is based, clothes are based on the actual size of people, while in the USA, clothing size tends to be generous, and some allowance is always given. For example, while the chest size of the XL jacket is 42 – 47 inches in Europe, the chest size for the XL jacket in the USA is 45 – 48 inches.

Thus, when buying a Moncler jacket or any other European brand and you want a jacket that will not run small, you have to up the size. If you’re going to be sure that the Moncler jacket you buy ideally fits you, just visit a store selling Moncler jackets and try the jacket on before purchasing it.

Are Moncler Jackets True To Size?

True to size means that Moncler jackets’ sizes are similar to other jackets’ sizes. So, for example, if you have a Medium-sized North Face jacket, the jacket will be equal to a medium-sized Moncler jacket.

In general, Moncler jackets are not true in size. That is the case because Moncler is a European brand, and in most cases, the sizes of European clothing tend to be smaller compared to US sizes.

For example, if your size is large and you fit US Large sized North Face jacket, the jacket will perfectly fit. However, if you fit a Moncler jacket whose label indicates a large size, the jacket will most likely run small.

I posted a question on an online forum. I requested people who own Moncler jackets indicate whether their jackets were true to size, run small, or run big as you can see in the table below, out of 10 respondents, only one person (10%) indicated that a Moncler jacket was true to size. The other 9 (90%) respondents indicated that the Moncler jacket runs small. This was a clear indicator that Moncler jackets run small.

Moncler Type of JacketWhether Jacket Run Small, Big, or is True to Size
Moncler Men Bournard JacketRun small
Moncler Men Maury Short Down JacketRun small
Moncler Women Star BlazerTrue to Size
Moncler Women Maury Short Down JacketRuns Small
Moncler Men Synthetic Star Print JacketRuns Slightly Small
Moncler Women’s White Silk Star JacketRuns Small
Moncler Genius Gollinger puffer JacketRuns Small
Moncler Women Brunelle JacketRuns Slightly Small
Moncler Men Coutard Short Down JacketRuns Small
Moncler Nicaise Long Down JacketRuns Small
How Different Moncler Jackets Run

I also researched online and found a platform where an online user had asked a question on how Moncler fits. As you can see from the below screenshot, many of the replies on the post asking how Moncler fits were that Moncler jackets run small.

Reviews showing Moncler Jackets run small (Source: Purseblog)

Moncler Jacket Sizing For Men

When you look at the jacket sizing chart provided by Moncler, you might be confused since the chart has numbers instead of sizes from Extra Extra Small (EES) to Extra Extra Large, as is the case in the US. Don’t worry, though; here is what those sizes mean:

00 – Extra Extra Size

0 – Extra small

1 – Small

2 – Medium

3 – Medium Large

4 – Large

5 – Large Extra Large

6 – Extra Large

7 – Extra Extra Large

For men’s sizes, check on the table below; you will be able to identify what would be your best Moncler jacket size. The size has been retrieved from Size Depo.

Moncler SizeUSAChest SizeWaistHipJapanChinaUKItalyGermany
Moncler Jacket sizing chart for men

Moncler Jacket Sizing For Women

Below is the Moncler jacket sizing chart. The chart has been obtained from Size Depo.

Moncler SizeUSABustWaistHipJapanChinaUKItalyGermany
Moncler Jacket sizing chart for women

How Do I Know What Size Moncler To Buy?

To know the size of Moncler to buy, you first need to know your actual size. Once you have known your size, you will then be able to find out the size that will perfectly fit you and not runs small or big.

If you look at the left side seam of a Moncler jacket, you will find the size tag. Read the size tag and find out your size. A number will usually indicate the size. By using the Moncler jacket sizing for women chart or the Moncler jacket sizing for men, you will be able to identify your perfect size.

If you can’t be bothered figuring out the size of Moncler that will perfectly fit you, just visit a store that stocks Moncler clothing. The attendant will attend to you and allow you to try on the Moncler. Once you have tried on a Moncler jacket and identified the best size, you can either buy the jacket from that store or you can just buy it online.

How Should A Moncler Fit?

The answer to the question asking how a Moncler will fit is based on personal preferences. Some people prefer clothing that perfectly fits while others prefer clothes that run slightly bigger.

Moncler designers design the clothes, purposing them to fit perfectly. However, your preferences and choices will determine how your Moncler will fit.

Are Moncler Jackets Unisex?

Moncler jackets are not unisex. However, some Moncler jackets can be worn by both males and females.

What Size Would I Be In Moncler Jacket?

After deciding to buy a Moncler jacket, you are likely to ask, ’’what is my size in Moncler?’’. Your size and your dressing preferences will determine your size in the Moncler jacket.

For example, if you prefer your Moncler to run big slightly, you will need to increase your size. Use a Moncler Jacket sizing chart for women or a Moncler jacket sizing chart for men to determine the size that you would be in a Moncler jacket.

Concluding Remarks

When you wear a Moncler jacket, you convey a message of success and good things in life. However, if your Moncler jacket runs small or runs big, you will not effectively communicate that message. Therefore, if you want your Moncler jacket to fit you well, you will have to up your normal size.


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