Do Supreme Hoodie Run Small or Big?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 5 min.

For those who love comfort and fashion, there is nothing good than knowing that fashion has increasingly become relaxed over the last few decades. The sportswear that was a preserve for sporting events is now luxury wear. Indeed, a perfectly fitting hoody can now be worn on most occasions.

You couldn’t imagine attending a wedding with a hoodie in the past. However, that is a reality as hoodies have become the symbol of comfort, as evidenced by leading CEO wearing hoodies at new product unveiling events. In contrast, every American movie, drama, or comedy series has actors donning hoodies.

However, your hoodie needs to fit you perfectly. If it runs small, you will be uncomfortable, while it is likely to appear oversize if it runs big. If you are buying a Supreme hoodie, you need to understand whether Supreme hoodies run small, are true to size, or if they run big.

Supreme hoodies fit true to size. The supreme brand is an American clothing company headquartered in New York. The company designs all hoodies in the USA. Supreme had a good understanding of US sizes and uses that understanding to ensure that all hoodies fit true to size and don’t run.

How Do Supreme Hoodies Fit?

For a hoodie to be considered to fit perfectly, it needs to feel comfortable when worn and should not bulge around the midsection. Likewise, when the hoodie is tight enough, it does not sag but can still hold its shape; the hoodie looks good.

To establish how supreme hoodies fit, views of people who own supreme hoodies had to be sought. Therefore, I visited my local shopping mall and randomly interviewed shoppers wearing Supreme hoodies. I managed to interview 6 shoppers. 4 of the shoppers were males, while 2 of the shoppers were females.

From the interviews, all the 6 shoppers (100% of the respondents) that I interviewed agreed that supreme hoodies are true to size and fit perfectly. So, of course, I expected this as my husband has a supreme hoodie, and it fits him perfectly.

However, before I could conclude whether Supreme hoodies perfectly fit, run big, or small, I decided to look at Reddit. I found a Reddit user who had asked the question, ‘how do supreme hoodies fit?’. The question had generated 5 responses, and all the responses were in the affirmative that supreme hoodies perfectly fit.

Indeed, two Reddit users, as captioned below, noted that the Supreme hoodie fits perfectly and does not run. However, the user expressed that he should up the size if he wanted a baggy Supreme hoodie.

Supreme hoodies fit perfectly. However, you also need to consider that your hoodie will eventually shrink in the wash. Thus, it is fine to up your size when buying a Supreme hoodie so that even when the hoodie shrinks in the wash, you will still be able to have a perfect fit hoodie or a hoodie that slightly runs big.

Do Supreme Hoodies Run Small?

Supreme hoodies are mainly made true to size, and as such, they do not run small. However, Supreme Winter hoodies are said to run small. The winter hoodies run small because even though they are thicker and have the ideal length, they tend to feel snug around the chest and waist area.

If you want to buy a perfectly fitting Supreme hoodie, I always recommend that you visit the store selling Supreme hoodies and try the hoodies on before buying one. Then, once you have found a size that fits you well, you can either purchase the Supreme hoodie at the store or purchase it at an online store later on.

Does Supreme Fit Oversized?

No, Supreme does not fit oversize unless you intentionally choose to wear a supreme that is a size up your normal size. If you want your Supreme to look baggy or oversize, you have to deliberately buy a Supreme that is bigger than you usually wear.

Does Supreme Hoodies Fit Small?

No, Supreme hoodies do not fit small. However, if you buy your normal size Supreme hoodie, it might eventually be a small fit as it shrinks in the wash, especially if you wash it with the wrong settings.

If your Supreme hoodie is baggy and you want it to fit small, you can achieve that by shrinking the hoodie in your washing machine and dryer. First, you need to wash the hoodie at high water temperature and dry it with the hottest dryer settings.

What Is My Supreme Hoodie Size?

As I have pointed out, Supreme hoodies are true to size, and they fit perfectly. Thus, if you want to buy a Supreme hoodie, you should buy your regular size. You should never down or up the size.

If you don’t want your Supreme hoodie to fit perfectly, you can up a size. It’s ok to up a size since when you do that, you can be sure that even if the hoodie shrinks in the wash, you will still have a hoodie that fits you well.

Does Supreme Fit Oversize?

Supreme fits true to size. If you need to fit oversize, you have to buy a Supreme that is up to your normal size. Supreme designers are based in the USA. They have a good knowledge of US customers, and they thus design and manufacture Supreme clothes that are true to size.

Does Supreme Come Big?

Yes, Supreme does come big. The Supreme hoodie sizing chart shows that Supreme hoodies come in different sizes from S to 3XL. So if your size is big, you can buy a Supreme that will perfectly fit you.

Supreme Hoodie Sizing

Supreme Hoodie Sizing Chart in CM and Inches (Source: Supreme)

Does Supreme Have XXL?

XXL size is simply the 2XL size. Supreme has the XXL size in most if not all of its products. However, you should confirm with the online store before placing the order.

Concluding Remarks

As with many American clothing brands, Supreme hoodies do not run big or small. The hoodies are made to fit and are true to size. When buying a hoodie, you should buy your size. If you want a hoodie that does not perfectly fit, you should up your size. If you down the length, your hoodie will be too tight, making it uncomfortable.