Do Bape Hoodies Run Small, Big, or Are They True To Size?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 5 min.

You have probably heard or thought that the best way to find out the perfect size of the hoodie to purchase is by noting the size of your hoodie that fits you well and then buying a hoodie of a similar size. If you have tried that in the past, you most probably found that different brands of hoodies fit differently.

When contemplating buying a Bape hoodie, you will probably seek to know whether Bape hoodies run small or true to size. Bape hoodies are expensive. You thus want to make sure that you buy the right size since if you end up buying the wrong size, returning the Bape hoodie and getting your money back or having it replaced can be time-consuming.

For both men and women, Bape hoodies run slightly small. So unless you need a slightly smaller and tighter hoodie, you should always up your standard size when buying a Bape hoodie.

Do Bape Hoodies Run Small?

To decide whether Bape hoodies run small or big, I collected reviews and opinions from people who own Bape hoodies. Indeed, even though I have one Bape hoodie, my views alone would not be used to make a rational conclusion on whether Bape hoodies run small or big.

Fortunately, I was able to find a small online community of Bape hoodie owners who had already expressed their views and opinions on whether Bape hoodies run small. This was a big plus to my quest since all that I had to do was now analyze the feedback and reviews given by the Bape hoodie owners.

In a forum post that had asked whether Bape hoodies are true to size, there were 13 replies. However, 3 of the replies could not be considered as the responses were not related to the question asked. From the 10 responses that were taken into consideration, 8 (80%) of the responses noted that Bape hoodies run small, while the other 2 (20%) responses were that Bape hoodies were true to size. Interestingly, one of the responses was clear that women’s hoodies were tighter than men’s (see below screenshot).

Screenshot of a Bape hoodie owner noting that Bape hoodies run small (Source: Bape Talk)

The analysis of the responses of Bape hoodie owners indicated that Bape hoodies run small.  Bape is a Japanese clothing brand. Even if the company makes an effort to customize hoodies sizes for the US markets, Japanese sizes are known to be slightly smaller than US sizes. When buying a Bape hoodie, up your standard size.

Do Bape Hoodies Run True To Size?

A piece of clothing that runs true to size means that you don’t even have to try on that clothing since by knowing your size, the exact size of another brand of the same piece of clothing will perfectly fit you.

For example, if a Supreme hoodie that is medium size is perfect for you, a Medium size of Bape hoodie would also be fine for you. However, that is not the case for Bape hoodies most of the time due to different reasons.

Bape hoodies are not true to size. If you wear a Bape hoodie of your normal size, the hoodie will be slightly tight. To be comfortable when wearing your Bape hoodie, you should always up a size when buying a Bape hoodie.

The key reason why Bape hoodies are not true to size is that Bape is a Japanese brand, and most of the design and manufacturing is undertaken in China and Japan, with the hoodies then being shipped to the USA. In addition, Japan clothes are known to be slimmer and shorter when compared to US and European clothes. Thus, as long as Bape hoodies are designed and manufactured outside the USA, they will likely run small and will never be true to size.

How To Know My Bape Hoodie Size

Many people would advise you that the best way to know your Bape hoodie size is by taking measurements. However, you might not have a tape measure, and even if you have a tape measure, it might be challenging for you to accurately measure your chest, hip, height, and waist.

To know your Bape hoodie size, you need to know the size of your hoodie that perfectly fits. For example, if your North Face hoodie is Medium size, the best Bape hoodie will be Large. However, since Bape hoodies run small, you should not buy a Medium-sized hoodie as the hoodie will be tight.

If you are confident that you can take the correct measurements, I will explain in the next section how you can take the measurements and use the Bape hoodies sizing chart to know your Bape hoodie size.

Bape Hoodies Sizing Chart

Bape hoodies sizing chart indicates the measurements for the size range of Bape hoodies. In most cases, the size chat has four measurements: height, chest (bust), waist, and hip.

When you want to find hoodie measurements, here is what you will do:

Chest/Bust – Measure around the full part of the chest while still wearing other clothes.

Waist – Measure the waist.

Hip – You should measure below your waistline.

Height – Measure the ideal height.

Below are the Bape hoodies sizing chart for both men and women. More detailed Bape hoodies sizing chart can be found on Bape’s official website.

Bape Hoodies Men Sizing Chart

Measurements are indicated in inches

S31 – 3580 – 8829 – 3135 – 37
M35 – 3880 – 9631 – 3337 – 39
L38 – 4196 – 10433 – 3539 – 41
XL41 – 44104 – 11235 – 3741 – 43
XXL44 – 47112 – 12037 – 3943 – 45

Bape Hoodies Women Sizing Chart

Measurements indicated are in inches

S5’3’’ – 5’ 5.’’   
XS5’1’’ – 5’4’’31 – 3425 – 2834 – 37
XXS4’12’’ – 5’4’’28 – 3123 – 2533 – 35

Sizing charts have been obtained from Bape Website

Bape Hoodie Weight

Different Bape hoodies have different weights. Thus, it is not possible to specify the weight of every Bape hoodie. However, on average, most hoodies mainly weigh anything from 16 ounces (450 grams) to 25 ounces (700 grams) for a 2XL-sized hoodie. Mainly, the type of fabric and the size of the material are the two factors that determine the weight of the Bape Hoodie.

Do All Bape Hoodies Glow In The Dark?

One of the main features of Bape hoodies and what made the hoodies popular is their feature to glow in the dark. However, not all Bape hoodies can glow in the dark since various Bape hoodies do not glow in the dark feature incorporated into them.

Do All The Bape Hoodies Have Zippers?

Yes, when publishing this article, all Bape hoodies have zippers. A YKK zipper manufacturer makes the zippers of Bape hoodies, and the famous YKK abbreviations are visible on the zipper.

The zip is one of the best ways to differentiate between an authentic Bape hoodie and a fake Bape hoodie. Original Bape hoodies have YKK zip, while fake Bape hoodies have plastic zip.

Final Thoughts

Bape hoodies are expensive. You thus can’t afford to buy the wrong fit of a Bape hoodie. To know the correct Bape hoodie size, you should up your standard size so that the hoodie does not run small. For example, if your normal hoodie size is medium, the ideal size for your Bape hoodie will be large.