Do Adidas Hoodies Run Small, Big, or Perfectly Fit?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

Despite owning and wearing hoodies for a long time, the question of how hoodies should fit is still commonly asked. Hoodies should never be slack or too tight. You should be able to move around when donning one comfortably. Likewise, a hoodie should never bulge around your midsection. To purchase an Adidas hoodie that will perfectly fit you, it’s for you to ask, “Does the Adidas hoodie run small, big, or is true to size”?

Adidas hoodies run true to size. If you are Medium size and purchase a Medium size Adidas hoodie, that hoodie will perfectly fit you.  However, due to the likelihood of your Adidas hoodie shrinking as you wash it, you can up one size so that even when the hoodie shrinks, it will fit you well.

In this article, we look at how Adidas hoodies fit. We consider the views and opinions of different people who own Adidas hoodies, and I also incorporate my experiences with Adidas hoodie sizes to determine how Adidas hoodies fit. I will also provide you with an Adidas hoodie sizing chart.

How Do Adidas Hoodies Fit?

It would be incorrect for me to use my personal experience and conclude whether Adidas hoodies fit or not. Even if I have two Adidas hoodies, I took time and read numerous reviews and feedback on different online platforms on how people thought about how Adidas hoodies fit.

Adidas hoodies are true to size and fit perfectly. However, there are a few types of Adidas hoodies whose sleeves and body are tight. Thus, if you are not sure about the right size, you should always up the size of an Adidas hoodie.

From the Zappos website, I analyzed the reviews given by people who had bought Adidas hoodies, and after wearing them, they provided feedback on how they felt the hoodies fit.

As can be seen from the below image, 57 people who owned Adidas Original Trefoil Hoodie gave reviews on how the hoodie fits. For example, 51 people (89%) indicated that the hoodie felt true to size, while 57 (100%) of the people noted that they thought the hoodie was true to width.

Review of 57 people on how Adidas hoodies fit (Source: Zappos)

From my personal experience, the same is the case since I have an Adicolor Essentials fleece hoodie that was (still is) true to size. The same is also the case with my husband since he has a Camo Graphic hoodie and the hoodie still fits him well.

However, I know of a friend with an Adidas Graphics Original Attribute Pack hoodie, and the sleeves appear to run slightly smaller. Therefore, I always advise up the size rather than have a tight-fitting Adidas hoodie to avoid such challenges.

Do Adidas Hoodies Run Big?

Even though the general observation is that Adidas hoodies are true to size, the best way to determine whether Adidas hoodies run big is to analyze the reviews on different online platforms on whether Adidas hoodies run big.

Most Adidas hoodies are true to size. However, there are selected Adidas hoodies that run big. These hoodies that are likely to run big are; Essentials Fleece Big Logo hoodie, D.O.N X Bel-Air athletics hoodie, and Adidas Classics Crop hoodie.

To find Adidas hoodies that run big, I thoroughly analyzed reviews provided by numerous customers who had purchased Adidas hoodies and had taken their time to give feedback on Adidas online store (See screenshot below). Moreover, I reviewed views on different online platforms. As a result, I found that Essentials Fleece Big Logo hoodie, D.O.N X Bel-Air athletics hoodie, and Adidas Classics Crop hoodie are the three hoodies likely to run big.

It is also important to note that these hoodies run small or big on some people does not imply that the hoodie will run small or big on you.

A review of how Adicolor Classic Crop Hoodie Fitted on one person (Source: Adidas)
A review showing that Adidas essentials fleece big logo hoodie can run big (Source: Amazon)

Even though some Adidas hoodies can run big or small, the best thing for you is to try on the hoodies before purchasing. Many stores stock Adidas hoodies. You can visit any of these stores and try the hoodies before purchasing.

Once you have tried on the hoodie and found the perfect fit, you can then decide whether to buy the hoodie from the store or from online. Unfortunately, even if Adidas has a return policy, it can take a long time before you get your hoodie changed if you buy the wrong fit. To avoid such inconveniences, I recommend first trying on an Adidas hoodie before purchasing if you don’t know your size.

Do Adidas Hoodies Run Small?

When wearing an Adidas hoodie, the hoodie should never be baggy or too tight (run small). However, many hoodies, such as Adidas, come in standard sizes. Since people have different measures, some Adidas hoodies will fit perfectly fit on people while others will either run big or small.

Even though Adidas hoodies should be considered true to size, there are few cases where the hoodies run small. Jeremy Scott Full-Zip and Loungewear essentials logo are some Adidas hoodies that might run small.

If you try on an Adidas hoodie, and the hoodie slightly runs small or perfectly fits, it is better that you up the size. This is because as you wash the hoodie, it will eventually shrink, and if the hoodie you purchased was perfectly fitting or slightly small, it is likely to run somewhat small as it shrinks in the wash.

Do Adidas Hoodies Run True To Size?

From my personal experience, as I have had two Adidas hoodies in the past, Adidas hoodies run true to size. I have also analyzed the views and sentiments of various online users who own Adidas hoodies and found that most of the hoodies run true to size (see below screenshots).

Reviews showing that Adidas hoodies are true to size (Source: Adidas)

Adidas hoodies run true to size. If you wear a Large size Nike hoodie, an Adidas hoodie that is large will also perfectly fit you. As a global fashion brand, Adidas has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the hoodies are true to size.

In the table below, I summarize the findings of my analysis of reviews and feedback given on different Adidas hoodies and how they fit.

Adidas Hoodie Product CodeAdidas Hoodie Product NameFitting of The HoodieHoodie’s Gender
H64915Trae Young X Icee HoodieTrue To SizeMen
GK9220Essentials Fleece Big Logo HoodieRuns Slightly BigMen
H51143Future Icons 3 -StrippedTrue To sizeWomen
GV1993D.O.N X Bel-Air Athletics HoodieRuns BigMen
H13475Camo Graphic HoodieFit To SizeMen
H34652Adicolor Essentials Trefoil HoodieRuns Slightly BigMen
H10250Brand Love Slanted Logo relaxed hoodieTrue To SizeWomen
H39765Adidas Sportswear Colorblock HoodieTrue To SizeMen
HN1568Allover Print Cropped HoodieTrue To SizeWomen
H15768Essentials Logo Fleece Hoodie (Plus Size)Runs Big – It’s plus sizeWomen
H18827Loungewear Cropped Full-Zip HoodieTrue To SizeWomen
GM5567Essentials Fleece 3-Stripes Full-Zip HoodieTrue To SizeWomen
H06719Adidas Sport Shark Sweater HoodieRuns BigMen
HF9906Pharrell Williams Basics Hoodie (Gender Neutral)True To SizeMen / Women
HD7124Adicolor Essentials Hoodie (Plus Size)Runs BigWomen
HK2840French Terry Hoodie (All-Gender)True To SizeMen / Women
HB0483Studio Lounge Fleece HoodieTrue To SizeMen
HP1899Adidas Sportswear Fleece Hooded TopTrue To SizeMen
GM6965Essentials French Terry Big Logo HoodieTrue To SizeMen
HC5249Adidas Sportswear Future Icons 3-Stripes Full-Zip HoodieTrue To SizeMen
H06666Adicolor Classics Trefoil HoodieTrue To SizeMen
Fitting of different Adidas hoodies

The table above shows that nearly all Adidas hoodies are true to size.

Adidas Hoodies Fitting

Adidas hoodies fitting can be classified as slim fit, regular fit, and loose fit.

Slim Fit

Slim-fit hoodies are slim fit. There is not much space between your hoodie and the skin when wearing slim-fit hoodies. Indeed, when wearing a slim-fit hoodie, your body is well highlighted.

If you decide to slim fit an Adidas hoodie, you will most likely feel the hoodie is tight and probably too short. To slim-fit Adidas hoodie, you have to buy a hoodie that is a size down from your standard size.

Loose Fit

A loose-fit Adidas hoodie means that when you wear your Adidas hoodie, the hoodie will have adequate clearance to allow free play. The hoodie will thus run big.

This fit can also be described as a relaxed fit. It usually is ideal when indoors.

Regular fit

A regular fit is the standard fit and is also known as the perfect fit. When you regularly fit the Adidas hoodie, it will be comfortable, tight enough to retain its shape, and will not wilt.

To regular fit an Adidas hoodie, you should buy a hoodie that is your standard size since Adidas hoodies are known to be true to size.

Adidas Hoodie Sizing

If you want to be 100% sure that you buy an Adidas hoodie that will perfectly fit, you can take your measurements and use an Adidas hoodie size chart to determine the ideal size of your hoodie.

Here are Adidas hoodie size charts for both men and women. The charts have been obtained from the Adidas website.

Adidas Women hoodie size chart

All sizes are in Inches

2XS28 ½ – 29 ½22 – 23 ½31 ½ – 33
XS (0-2)30 – 3224 – 2633 ½ – 35 ½
S (4-6)32 ½ – 34 ½26.5 – 28.536 – 38
M (8-10)35 – 3729 – 3138 ½ – 40 – 43
L (12 – 14)37 ½ – 4031 ½ – 33 ½41 – 43
XL (16 – 18)40 ½ – 4334 – 3743 ½ – 46
2XL (20)43 ½ – 46 ½37 ½ – 4146 ½ – 49
Adidas Women hoodie size chart (Source: Adidas)

Adidas Men Hoodie Size Chart

All sizes are in Inches

XS32 ½  – 3427 ½ – 2932 – 33 ½
S34 ½ – 3629 1/2 – 31 1/2 34 – 36
M36 ½ – 3932 – 34 ½36 ½ – 39
L39 ½ – 42 ½35 – 3839 ½ – 42
XL43 – 46 ½38 ½ – 4242 ½ – 45 ½
2XL47 – 5142 ½ – 4746 – 49
3XL51 ½ – 5647 ½ – 5249 ½ – 53
Adidas Men Hoodie Size Chart (Source: Adidas)

Are Adidas Hoodies Unisex?

Even if not all Adidas hoodies are unisex, the company offers gender-neutral hoodies. Some of the unisex hoodies by Adidas are; the French Terry hoodie, Pharrell Williams basics hoodie, Adidas Allover print hoodie, Skateboarding 4.0 Logo Hoodie, Corduroy Hoodie, and Allover Print Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Concluding Remarks

Adidas hoodies are mainly true to size. However, to ensure that you have the perfect fit, you should either take your measurements and use a hoodie sizing chart to determine the best size for your hoodie or visit stores selling Adidas hoodies and try the hoodies.

It would help if you also remembered that Adidas hoodies could shrink in the washer and dryer.  Thus, always allow considering shrinkage when buying a hoodie. Even if the hoodies are preshrunk and won’t shrink when washed as specified in the care label, you might use a high water temperature and a hot dryer setting to shrink the hoodie.