How Do Gildan Hoodies Fit? Are They Perfect To Size?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
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If you love Gildan clothing, you are likely to have thought about sizing different Gildan clothes. For example, hoodie lovers are likely to have pondered whether Gildan hoodies run big or small or whether the hoodies are true to size.

Gildan hoodies fit true to size even though, in some cases, a few hoodies run slightly small, especially after they have shrunk from washing and drying.

This article focuses on Gildan hoodies sizing. I have spent a lot of time compiling the article. I have included views and reviews from different people who own Gildan hoodies to ensure that the opinions expressed here are valid. I hope you will find the article informative.

How Do Gildan Men’s Hoodies Fit?

Even if my husband has owned his Gildan hoodie for almost a year now, I realized that I could not just conclude how Gildan Men’s hoodies fit from his experience only. Thus, I spent some time online and carefully analyzed reviews given by people who bought Gildan hoodies (See screenshots below).

I have summarized my findings on how different Gildan hoodies fit in the table below.

Product CodeHoodie NameGenderHow Hoodie FitsOther Remarks
G 18600Gildan Fleece Zip Hooded SweatshirtMenTrue to sizeIt is made with a cotton-poly blend. It can shrink slightly if washed with a very hot water setting.
G 18600FLP1Gildan Full-Zip Hooded SweatshirtWomenTrue to sizeIt is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It will not shrink in normal wash conditions.
G 18500Gildan Fleece Hooded SweatshirtMen/WomenTrue to sizeIt is made from a cotton-polyester blend. Wash it as per the care label, and it will retain its size.
G 465Gildan Performance Hooded T-ShirtMenTrue to sizeIt is made from 100% polyester. It will not shrink quickly.
G 125Gildan DryBlend Pullover Hooded ShirtMenTrue To SizePreshrunk with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. When washed with the correct settings, it will not shrink quickly.
Overview of how different Gildan hoodies fit

Gildan men’s hoodies are true to size and fit perfectly. However, it would help if you also considered that the hoodies could shrink. Even if Gildan hoodies are preshrunk, there is always residual shrink in the fabric. If you wash Gildan hoodies in very high-water temperatures and dry them in very hot dryer settings, the hoodies will shrink.

Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie Fit

I have a friend who owns a Gildan heavy blend hoodie. I, however, decided to review at least 50 reviews on Amazon and probably then integrate my friend’s views with the reviews I found online about the sizing of Gildan heavy blend fit.

The Gildan heavy blend hoodie fit is true to size. Therefore, you should not up or down a size if you need your hoodie to fit you perfectly. However, you might also have to consider shrinking since, in the long run, Gildan hoodies shrink. If you don’t want your Gildan heavy blend to be too tight once it shrinks, you could up a size.

I painstakingly reviewed and analyzed 50 reviews that mentioned the term fit on Amazon reviews. Of the reviews, 41 (82%) of the reviews believed that the hoodie was true to size. 9 (18%) of the reviews noted that the hoodie runs small – See examples below.

Examples of a few customers noting that Gildan hoodies run slightly small (Source: Amazon)

Do Gildan Hoodies Fit Unisex?

Gildan has unisex hoodies. This is a good thing since if you want to wear matching hoodies with your partner, this affordable hoodie would be a good choice.

Gildan unisex hoodies have a perfect fit as they are true to size even though, at times, the hoodies can run small. For example, a friend of mine who wears large-sized hoodies bought his hoodie online but later complained that the arm of the hoodie was slightly small.

If you doubt the correct size of your Gildan unisex hoodie, you can up the size. This will not make you have an oversized hoodie. The hoodie might slightly run big, but that should be fine instead of having a too-tight hoodie. Remember, the hoodie will most likely shrink when washed.

To be on the safe side, you should just up the size. Even if you can return your Gildan hoodie if you buy the wrong size, replacing the hoodie can take a lot of time and other inconveniences. Avoid the inconvenience by making sure you up a size.

How Do Gildan 18500 Hoodies Fit?

My hubby has had a Gildan 18500 hoodie for a few months now.

Gildan 18500 hoodie is true to size, and it fits well. However, I know a person who owns this hoodie, and he has remarked that the hoodie can slightly run small on the length and sleeve.

When you compare Gildan hoodie sizing with other hoodies such as Adidas or Bape hoodies, you will note that Gildan hoodies are slightly smaller. For example, when Gildan Extra Large size has a width of 25.20 inches, Adidas Extra-large hoodie has a width of 25.50 inches.

The slight difference of 0.30 inches can be what makes the hoodie run slightly small on some people. As you can see from the table below, which compares Gildan XL-sized hoodies with the size of other popular hoodies, Gildan hoodies appear to be somehow small in size even though they are true to size in most cases.

All sizes are in inches.

Adidas XL Hoodie43 – 46 ½38 ½ – 4242 ½ – 45 ½
Bape XL Hoodie41 – 4435 – 3741 – 43
Gildan XL Hoodie413541
Comparison of Gildan XL hoodie size with Adidas and Bape hoodie

Gildan Hoodie Sizing Charts

To know the ideal size of your Gildan hoodie, you can take your measurements and then use the Gildan hoodie size chart to guide you on your hoodie size. The charts below have been obtained from Gildan official website.

Gildan Adult Hooded Sweatshirt Sizing Chart

All measurements in the chart are in Centimeters. This chart should also be used by those looking for a Gildan youth hoodie size chart. The chart also applies to the Gildan zip hoodie and Gildan heavy cotton hoodie.

Gildan adult and youth hoodie size chart in inches

SizesWidth (INLength (IN)Sleeve Center Back (IN)

Gildan adult and youth hoodie size chart in CM

SizesWidth (CM)Length (CM)Sleeve Center Back

What Size Gildan Hoodie Should I Get?

Just up your standard size. If you need a hoodie that you can comfortably wear for a long time without tight, it is best to go up a size. A hoodie that perfectly fits you will, in the long run, slightly run small as it shrinks in the wash. So upping a size is the best option to ensure that Gildan hoodies fit you well even after the residual shrinking.

How Do Gildan Hoodies Shrink?

The key factor in determining whether a fabric will shrink or not is the fibers making up the fabric. Thus, to answer whether Gildan hoodies will shrink or not, we need first to understand the fabric used in making Gildan hoodies.

The majority of Gildan hoodies are made of cotton blends and polyester blends. Gildan hoodies will therefore shrink as both cotton and polyester can shrink.

You can read this post on how to shrink or unshrink polyester.

Concluding Remarks

Gildan hoodies are affordable and cheap to all. However, the sizes might be inconsistent at times since even though a majority of the people find Gildan hoodies true to size, some people have found that Gildan hoodies run small.

If you are not sure about your Gildan hoodie size, just up a size, and you will have a hoodie that fits you well.