Vlone Shirts Sizing – 9 Things You Should Know

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

What’s interesting about T-shirts is that even if they are the essential piece of clothing in our wardrobes, they are also the most complicated items for fitting. Initially, it appears you can pick any T-shirt and wear it. However, if you wear a tight-fitting T-shirt, you will be uncomfortable, while wearing an oversized shirt will probably make it look like you are wearing a nightdress. 

Vlone shirts are mainly true to size though a few shirts can run big. To have a Vlone shirt that perfectly fits, buy your standard size. Even if the shirt runs big, the shirts can shrink in the washer and dryer. So by sticking to your normal size, you can be sure that it will still not run small even if the shirt shrinks.

In this article, I discuss the fitting of the Vlone shirt, how it runs, whether Vlone is true to size, whether the shirt shrinks, whether it fits big, and how it should be washed. I hope you will find the article informative.

1. How Do Vlone Shirts Fit?

I have a VLONE x Pop Smoke The Woo T-Shirt that I purchased a few months ago. The shirt fits perfectly, and it is true to size. However, I believe that my personal views are not enough for me to conclude how Vlone shirts fit.

Thus, I decided to reach out to different people who have Vlone shirts and contacted a few people who sell Vlone shirts and sought their views and opinions on how Vlone shirts fit.

Vlone shirts somehow run slightly big, even if some Vlone shirts are true to size. Therefore, if you want a Vlone shirt that will fit you for a long time, it is ok to buy your normal size so that even when the shirt shrinks in the wash, it will still fit you well.

Personally, my Vlone shirt is true to size and fits me as I expected. However, a few individuals who have Vlone shirts have noted that the shirts are slightly big. For example, as you can see from the photo below, the Vlone shirt is beefy at the back (See Photo Below).

Vlone shirt running big at the back (Source: Reddit)
Mixed reviews of how Vlone shirts fit (Source: Reddit)

However, it is also important to highlight that personally, and many other people who own Vlone shirts, the shirts are true to size and fit perfectly. The difference in fitting Vlone shirts is mainly due to the body build-up difference as different people have different bodies.

If you buy a normal size Vlone, the fit should be ok since even if the shirt runs big, you can shrink it when washing and stop it from running big.

2. How Do Vlone Shirts Run?

The majority of Vlone shirts will run true to size. If you try a Vlone shirt at the store and find that the shirt runs slightly small, then you should up a size. If the shirt runs somewhat big (which is likely to be the case), the shirt should be fine as Vlone shirts are known to shrink when washed.

When you wash your Vlone shirt, it will eventually shrink, and you will soon find that the shirt that was running slightly big is now true to size. You, therefore, should never drop the size of a Vlone shirt simply because the shirt runs slightly bigger.

In the table below, I have summarized how different Vlone shirts run

Vlone Shirt NameGenderHow It Runs
Juice Wrld x Vlone T-ShirtFemaleTrue to size
Nav VLONE x Pop Smoke The Woo T-ShirtFemaleTrue to size
Vlone Tide Big V Letter Printing T-ShirtFemaleTrue to size – Back part feels slightly big
Vlone L Cotton Ax Ss Tee Blue Cotton Fashion T-ShirtMaleTrue to size
Vlone x Tupac Thug Life Tattoo Black T-ShirtMaleRuns slightly big
Vlone Forgiato Black T-ShirtMalePerfect fit – True to size
Laugh Now Cry Later T-ShirtMale/FemaleRuns slightly small
Overview of how some Vlone shirts fit

3. Are Vlone Shirts True To Size?

Most Vlone shirts are true to size. However, some known Vlone models run slightly big. However, even if these models run slightly big, you should never down the size since Vlone shirts eventually shrink when washed.

A new Vlone shirt might appear to run slightly big. That should, however, not get you worried. The shirt will eventually be true to size as the cotton blend used in making Vlone shirts shrinks when washed.

4. Do Vlone Shirts Shrink?

The primary determinant of whether the Vlone shirt will shrink or not is the fabric used to make the shirt. If you read your Vlone shirt care label, you will find that the shirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% Polyester.

As discussed in this post that has explained in detail whether polyester shrinks, a cotton-polyester blend is susceptible to shrink.

When Vlone shirts are washed in high water temperatures and dried in hot drying cycles, the shirts will shrink. Specifically, the cotton and polyester fibers will relax immediately when Vlone shirts are exposed to high temperatures and moisture. The shirt will shrink as the fibers relax and go back to their original position. The shirt can shrink 2 – 3%.

If you don’t want your Vlone shirt to shrink, ensure that you wash the shirt as indicated on the care label. Specifically, warm or cold water should be used in a gentle wash and dry cycle.

5. Do Vlone Shirts Fit Big?

Vlone shirts can slightly run big. However, others might not necessarily notice that the shirt is somewhat oversize. In the past, Vlone shirts were true to size; however, I think the company has, for the last few years, purposely made the shirts run big so that even when the shirts shrink, they will still fit.

I found a fan of Vlone shirts who was also of the view that the latest Vlone shirts are purposely oversized by the company (See screenshot below)

Views of a Vloney shirt owner that Vloney shirts are now running big (Source: Reddit)

However, even if there is a chance that your Vlone shirt might fit big, I would still buy my regular size since even if the shirt might run small, I know for sure that the shirt will shrink as I wash it.

6. How Can You Tell If A Vlone Shirt Is Real Or Fake?

Due to high prices and high demand for Vlone shirts, some unscrupulous people have faked Vlone shirts and marketed the shirts as if they were original. Thus, you need to be careful when you are about to buy Vlone shirts since you might buy a fake Vlone shirt.

Here is how you can be able to spot a fake Vlone shirt easily

Dent in the V print usually are big in the fake shirt

The V is placed in the wrong place

The font used in the fake Vlone shirt care label is usually less thick, while the V lacks the white spots (holes)

7. Vlone Friends Tee Sizing

Vlone sizing chart (Source: Vlone)

I love Vlone because if you need to get a shirt that perfectly fits you, you can take your measurements and then use the sizing chart to determine the correct size of your Vlone shirt. For example, the chart above can be used to decide on your ideal Vlone shirt size.

8. How To Wash Vlone Shirt

Vlone shirts are made of a fabric that has 95% cotton and 5% Polyester. If you take your time and check the care label on your Vlone shirt, you will find that both cotton and polyester are specified on the label.

You can either machine wash or hand wash your Vlone shirt. Standard laundry detergents should be used, and when need be, you can use a fabric softener. When machine washing Vlone shirts, you should use a cold water setting. For drying, use a gentle drying cycle.

If you don’t want to risk shrinking when drying the Vlone shirt on the dryer, you should air-dry the shirt. By air drying your Vlone shirt, you will be protecting your shirt from fading or shrinking. You can use clothespins to hold your Vlone shirt on the clothing line or just put the shirt on a hanger and hang it on a clothesline. Vlone shirts should air dry within 2 – 4 hours.

9. Why Are Vlone Shirts Famous

Vlone means to live alone and stand alone. Through innovative marketing campaigns, Vlone has been positioned as a brand for people who want independence in their lives. As such, many people have related well to the brand, making the brand famous. Apart from that, Vlone clothes are well designed and of high quality.


Vlone shirts are true to size. If the shirt feels slightly bigger, that should not cause alarm. You will either intentionally or unintentionally shrink the shirt when you wash it.

If the shirt feels slightly running small, you should up a size to be on the safe side. On the other hand, no one wants a too-tight shirt. I hope this article has been beneficial to you, and it has made you at least understand how Vlone shirts run.