How Does Champion Hoodies Fit – Are They True To Size Or They Run Big?

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Established in 1919, Champion clothing brand has evolved to become a leading fashion brand worldwide. Both professional athletes and ordinary people love the brand. Indeed, you will find many Champion branded clothes in most wardrobes. Hoodies are among the most common clothes made by Champion. A common question asked about Champion hoodies is whether the hoodies are true to size or whether they run small or big.

Most Champion hoodies are true to size. However, a few types of Champion hoodies run slightly bigger. If you want a Champion hoodie that fits you well, then the best size of your hoodie will be your standard size. The hoodie is likely to be quite baggy if you up a size.

In this article, I discuss in detail how Champion hoodies fit. I hope that by the time you finish reading the article, you will have a good idea of how Champion hoodies fit and the size of Champion hoodie that you should choose.

Does Champion Hoodies Run Big Or Small?

From my past experience with Champion hoodies, I can say that my hoodies fit well since even if there is one hoodie that runs slightly bigger, it is not baggy in any way and doesn’t feel as if it’s oversize. However, I know that my views alone cannot be used to sum up, whether Champion hoodies run big or small. Therefore, I collected opinions of different people I found wearing Champion hoodies in the shopping mall.

Champion hoodies are mainly true to size and will mostly fit perfectly if you buy your size. However, if you are unsure about your size, you should up your standard size. Even if the hoodie might slightly run big when you up a size, that should not be a concern since the residual shrinkage on the hoodie means that the hoodie will shrink in the wash and eventually fit you.

I interviewed 5 people who all have Champion hoodies. Out of the ten,2 were ladies while 3 were men. 4 (80%) of the people interviewed believed that Champion hoodies are true, while 1 (10%) noted that the hoodie runs slightly bigger.

I also visited two stores that sell Champion hoodies and interacted with the attendants. From the interactions that I had with the attendants, I understood that the country where the hoodies are designed is a key factor in determining whether hoodies are true to size or they will run small or bigger.

Specifically, even if the attendants I interviewed worked in different stores, they all agreed that American-designed hoodies are mostly true to size or will slightly run big. In contrast, European and Japanese designed hoodies tend to run small on US customers. I found it interesting that those observations were valid as they matched the conclusions made in earlier articles discussing how Bape and Adidas hoodies fit.

From my analysis, I thus concluded that Champion hoodies are true to size. If your hoodie runs slightly big, you can shrink the hoodie with a washing machine or a dryer, and the hoodie will eventually fit you. However, for hoodies that run small, you should up a size.

How Do Champion Hoodies Fit?

In the table below, a summary of how different Champion hoodies fit has been presented. To determine how different types of Champion hoodies fit, views and opinions were collected from interviews and various online platforms.

Type of hoodieHow it FitsGender
Champion Powerblend Fleece Pullover HoodieTrue to sizeMale
Champion Powerblend Fleece  Zip HoodieSlightly BiggerMen
Champion women cropped-cut hoodieSlightly small – But I believe Champion has done that on purposeWomen
Champion Middleweight HoodieTrue to sizeMen
Champion powerblend fleeceCan feel small – it’s ok to size upWomen
Powerblend Fleece HoodiePerfectly fitsWomen
Organic Cotton Blend Tie-Dye HoodieSlightly bigWomen
An overview of how different Champion hoodies fit

What Size Champion Hoodie Should I Get?

When you want to buy a Champion hoodie, you can use the size of another hoodie to determine the hoodie that you should buy. For example, if your regular size hoodie is large, then a large-sized Champion hoodie would be the right size for you.

However, if your standard size hoodie feels slightly small, you will need to up a size. Champion hoodies are mainly true to size. You can buy your standard size or up the size if you want your hoodie slightly baggy.

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie Sizing

I don’t have a Champion reverse hoodie. However, from the reviews from friends who own Champion reverse hoodies, the hoodies are true to size. Nevertheless, you must note that for the reverse weave hoodie to have the iconic boxy look, its length is short while the width is larger.

If you are not sure about your size, I always recommend that you check the size of another hoodie designed and made in America. Normally, American-designed hoodies do not differ in size a lot. Once you have found the size of your American-sized hoodie that fits you well, then a similar size Champion reverse weave hoodie will perfectly fit you. You can up a size if you want the reverse hoodie to be slightly baggy.

You can also use the champion reverse weave hoodie Sizing chart (below) to determine the best size for your hoodie. You need to take your measurements and then use the measurements to determine the ideal size of your reverse hoodie.

Champion Hoodie Sizing / Champion Hoodie Size Charts

If you are not sure about the size of the Champion hoodie that will fit you well, then a sizing chart that is also referred to as a size guide would be ideal for you. Below is a sizing chart that you should use to find out the best size for your hoodie. In addition, I have also included an image that shows how you should take the measurements.

Champion Hoodie Sizing- All sizes in Inches (Source: Champion )
How To Measure Hoodie Size (Source: Champion)

Do Champion Hoodies Shrink?

The primary determinant of whether any piece of clothing will shrink or not is mainly the type of fabric used to make that clothing. Indeed, if your clothes are made from a material that can’t shrink, then irrespective of the efforts you put into shrinking the cloth, it will not shrink.

For most Champion hoodies, they can shrink. That is the case because hoodies are made with cotton-polyester blend, and as I already discussed in another article, the blend can shrink.

If you don’t want to shrink your champion hoodie, make sure to wash it as per the care label. Please do not wash the hoodie in hot water settings, and also don’t dry it in very high-temperature settings.


When hoodies are perfectly fitting, they are appealing and comfortable. Most Champion hoodies are true to size. They will fit well if you wear your standard size. If you are unsure whether your usual size will be perfect, you can up a size.

If you mistakenly buy an oversized Champion hoodie, you can either return it and have it replaced with the ideal size or shrink it. Champion hoodies are made of a blend of cotton and polyester, and this blend can shrink from 2 – 5%.