Returning American Eagle Jeans – What You Must Know

  • By: Tiffany Peris
  • Time to read: 7 min.

We all love buying new clothes. Whether we buy our clothes online or from a physical store, the clothes come with tags. When we get home, we tend to tear up the tags and keep the clothes in the closet, waiting for those special occasions to wear our new clothes. At times, when we try on the clothes at home, we find that they are either running big or small. If the jeans are long and we don’t want to hem, we ponder whether we can return the clothes without tags to the fashion retailer that we bought from.

You can return American Eagle jeans without tags as long as your jeans are in the right condition. Right condition, in this case, implies that the jeans are not torn, have not been worn, and have not been washed. If you have tags but the jeans are in bad condition, you cannot return the jeans to American Eagle.

In this article, I delve into the American Eagle jeans return policy. By reading the article, you will understand when you can return AE jeans and when your jeans cannot be returned.

Can You Return American Eagle Jeans Without Tags?

After buying your new pair of jeans, you might have removed the tags and thrown them away in the bin. However, later on, when you wear your jeans, you find that the jeans are running big or small, and as such, you realize that you need to return the jeans to American Eagle. However, the fact that you already threw away the tags means that you are not sure whether the jeans will be accepted back or not.

American Eagle is one fashion retailer that offers a customer-centric return policy. You can return American Eagle jeans without tags if the jeans are not damaged. However, if you have washed or worn your jeans, you cannot return the jeans since American Eagle cannot sell jeans that you have already washed or worn as new jeans.

However, if the jeans are in good condition and only the tags are missing, American Eagle accepts the jeans since the company can replace the lost tags and put the jeans back on sale.

When you buy any piece of clothing, it is essential to take good care of the clothing until you are sure that it fits you well. Indeed, don’t take off the tags and if you do, keep them in a safe place to take them back to the seller if needed.

Moreover, wear the clothes inside the house and determine whether you will keep them or not. If you step outside with new clothes and the clothes get dirty, you will not be able to return the clothes since all clothing retailers do not accept dirty clothes or clothes that have been washed.

Can You Return Things To American Eagle Without Tags?

American Eagle Outfitters sells different trendy fashion products and accessories, and, to a great extent, the products and accessories sold are affordably priced. As a result, the company’s products have been popular with many customers over the years.

It’s normal for people to buy clothes and other accessories from American Eagle and return them for various reasons.

Among others, one of the reasons why people return things that they have bought from American Eagle is that they hurriedly buy the clothes only to, later on, find that they purchased the wrong size that doesn’t fit them well. In addition, in some cases, people buy clothes for their friends or families only to state that they prefer something else.

If the things you bought from American Eagle have tags and are in good condition, you can return the things and either get your money back or have something else to replace the things you had bought. However, if you don’t have tags on the items purchased at American Eagle, you won’t be sure whether you can return the items or not.

You can return things to American Eagle without tags as long as the items are in good condition. The items should not be used and should not have any signs of damage on them. When you return your items with no tags, American Eagle will inspect them, and once the attendant confirms that they are in good condition, the return will be accepted.

However, you will need to produce a receipt when returning items to American Eagle since the receipt acts as proof of purchase. If you bought the items online and you don’t have a receipt, a confirmation email can be used as a receipt. If you made your purchase online, you could also return the items to American Eagle stores if the item is eligible for in-store return.

Can You Return Old Jeans To American Eagle?

After wearing your jeans for many years, the jeans will get old. Unfortunately, they are also likely to be torn, and you might be wondering what to do with the worn-out jeans as you plan to replace them with new trendy pair of jeans from American Eagle.

You can return old jeans to American Eagle and get $10 off your next new American Eagle pair of jeans. In addition, you can also return other old jeans to American Eagle and get a $10 discount if you buy new American Eagle jeans.

American Eagle has been involved in a jeans recycling program dubbed In-Store Jeans Recycling Program for many years. In this program, anyone can return old American Eagle jeans or other old jeans from a different brand to American Eagle stores and get $10 off the next American Eagle pair of jeans.

The old jeans are recycled to make natural fiber insulation, thus using many old jeans that could have gone to landfills. This initiative by American Eagle has enhanced the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices. In addition, by making sure that old jeans do not go to the landfill, the company has reduced green gases emitted through decomposition in the landfill.

American Eagle Jean Warranty

A thorough review of American Eagle’s return policy and the entire company’s website does not mention the word warranty. Thus, I believe that the company does not have any warranty specifically meant for jeans. In addition, there is no jeans lifetime warranty.

Nevertheless, from a close review of the company’s return policy, it can be noted that the company offers a warranty on jeans and other products bought from American Eagle stores. In that view, the American Eagle jean warranty is:

i. If you are not happy with the jeans bought from American Eagle, return the jeans in good condition, and you will get a full refund

ii. If you want to return American Eagle jeans but don’t have proof of purchase, the company will allow you to exchange your jeans or give you store credit for the current jeans price.

iii. If you paid more than the advertised or posted price, American Eagle would refund the difference.

iv. If you received damaged jeans, you can return the jeans and receive a full refund

v. You can return clearance or sale items

vi. Refunds will be processed immediately the company receives jeans from you and confirm that they are in good condition

Vii. If the company identifies that the return policy is being abused, the company has the right to reject the return

Viii. If the jeans are defective, American Eagle will accept the return

ix. There is no limit on when you can return American Eagle jeans after purchasing. As long as you keep the jeans in good condition, you can wait as long as you want

Return Time Limit From Date Of PurchaseNone – Keep the items in good condition and return them when you want
Return worn and washed productsNo
Sales receipt neededYes – to receive money back No – To receive a credit to purchase something else.
Return Items without tagsYes – items have to be in good condition.
Conditions for returnItem to be in good condition Clothes must not be washed. Clothes must not be dirty Clothes must not be torn.
Return damaged itemsYes
Summary of American Eagle Return Policy


American Eagle’s return policy and the jeans warranty can be said to be customer-centric. Indeed, the company is dedicated to ensuring that it satisfies its customers since it does not limit when to return items from online or physical stores.

However, to be able to return your American Eagle products to the store, you need to make sure that the products are in good condition and similar to how they were when you bought them.

If you can’t find the tags, the company will still accept the return. Likewise, if you don’t have a receipt, your return will be accepted even though you will only get a credit that you can use in the stores.

I hope the article gave you a good understanding of whether you will be able to return your jeans to American Eagle even when your jeans do not have a tag.